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NEWS RELEASE · 24th January 2013
Terrace RCMP
Has your vehicle recently had a Crime Prevention Notice left on its windshield? If so, it has been checked by the Terrace RCMP Crime Reduction Unit as part of its initiative to reduce auto crime.

Car shopping is a term used by some people in our community that refers to the practice of checking vehicles for unlocked doors. Usually a parking lot, street, or area will be targeted by thieves. In 2012 there were 148 thefts/attempted thefts from vehicles and 52 stolen/attempted stolen vehicles reported to the Terrace RCMP. Locking your vehicle is the first step and the most effective way to deter thieves,” says Cpl Mike Dame, Non Commissioned Officer in charge Terrace RCMP General Investigation Section/Crime Reduction Unit.

Over the next few weeks uniformed RCMP officers from the Terrace Crime Reduction Unit will be checking vehicles at various locations around town and leaving notices on windshields. These notices will tell you what they observed wrong. If your vehicle was found unlocked it will be locked up for you.

These notices will also be telling you what you did right. If you have a notice that has a positive box checked, bring it in to the Terrace RCMP detachment and you will get a coupon for a free coffee at McDonald’s.

Some tips to deter thieves:
• ALWAYS close windows and lock doors
• Choose will lit areas to park, and near pedestrian traffic
• Install an anti-theft device and advertise it with a window decal
• Engrave your driver’s licence number on items like auto stereos and cellular phones and keep an inventory of marked items.
• Display a sticker indicating that your valuables are marked for identification
• Report any suspicious persons around a vehicle to your local police
• Leave nothing in sight - absolutely nothing
• Remove garage door opener
• Keep your spare key in your wallet, not in the vehicle

Picture of Sample Notice Shown Below
What a perfect score might look like.
What a perfect score might look like.
To wow and martin
Comment by James Ippel on 27th January 2013
If something were to be stolen from your vehicle you would be the first to bitch to the Police that are not doing a proper job. They should be patroling parking lots to prevent theft from your vehilces.
Give your head a shake. They have better things to do than look try to rectify your ignorance. If your door locks don't work get them fixed. We do have excellent locksmiths in Terrace.
locking doors
Comment by wow on 25th January 2013
"If your vehicle was found unlocked it will be locked up for you. "

I used to have a truck that the locks were broken on..Oh sure I could lock the doors, but I wouldn't be able to use the key to unlock them. I'd hate to come along and find that my doors had been locked without my consent!
don't open my door
Comment by martin on 25th January 2013
Another example of how government auto insurance has gone too far: "If your vehicle was found unlocked it will be locked up for you."
How do the authorities know if the car is locked without them trying to open the door? I never lock my car because I choose not to. I don't have theft insurance so back-off.