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COMMENTARY · 25th January 2013
Ron Wilton
Prime Minister Harper's malevolent 'leaking' of Attawapiskat finances at the beginning of Theresa Spence' world alerting fast, has done the most harm to Canadian unity, between ourselves and First Nations, that one could ever have thought possible.

He unlocked the gates to the pens of every racist, howling, red necked condog from his compound, and unleashed their assault on the public conscience. This has been the most destructive, meanest, most cowardly act by any politician ever in our history.

Clearly, this 'person' and his minions are unfit to hold any office in this land or in any other way, shape or form be allowed to influence others.

We have laws against overt racism in this country and Harper should be legally held accountable for his criminal action and intent.

How this 'person' usurped the highest office in the land is beyond human comprehension.

Ron Wilton

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Freudian slip?
Comment by Ron Wilton on 30th January 2013

"Rodneck", hmmm....very telling.
Rodneck condog?
Comment by Rod on 29th January 2013
Lol. I wonder which race this blinded fool is referring to. As it sounds a lot like racism to me. What kind of ignorant fool would type such a pathetic halfwit opinion. The woman starved and abused her own people as well as mishandled tens of millions of dollars and you make her a hero????!!!! Lol. I hope this belief is not shared by many on her side as it would make her side look pretty pathetic. Oh wait...........................too late.
How much?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 27th January 2013
How much of that 8 billion is used to fund the huge bureaucracy (formerly named the D.I.A.) that deals with all things Indian, in Canada? How much of that 8 billion is paid to non-Native "stakeholders," like consultants, landlords for many of the necessary office space (Canada-wide), treaty implementations, health, etc?

Some bigots carry on like every Canadian Indian is getting an equal cut of that 8 billion, and most of us are lazy drunks!

Welcome to Tsimshian Territory. Feel free to be yourself.
Tainting the Media
Comment by CC on 27th January 2013

Journalists and writers write from the heart, their job is to stir the pot, get people to see their side, raise readership, putting forth their interpretatios and thoughts. Here are some facts put forth by a journalist. Keep in mind anyone can base an opinion based on what you like or don't like about what you've read, or about what you see but when you are presented with a fact, then we are dealing with the truth. Genocide happened, assimilation happened, rights were taken away. Racist feelings have no basis in fact - they are all about FEELING more righteous than someone else.
How's that koolaid tasting Rudi?
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 27th January 2013
Cheap at the cost.
Comment by Terry on 26th January 2013
I'd say Canada got the best of the bargain . Take most of the land , all the resources , subject them to genocide , destroy their family structure through church run residential schools ( concentration camps for children ) . Shove the Inuit into towns and to keep them off the land kill all their dogs which was how they fed their families for thousands of years . Then make treaties that are always broken by the crown . If I were a native you would have much more to worry about then paying your dues . You bigots worry about the natives survival money while harper is selling the rest of the country out from under us . It's an amazing thing that any of them survived at all .
Thans Mr. Peters
Comment by ron wilto on 26th January 2013

Thanks for confirming my statements.

Actually the most recent(2011) census information reveals that there are 1,172,790 aboriginal people who call Canada home.

703,674 (and counting) are First Nations people.

54% of those live off reserve, leaving 323,790 on reserve.

If your $8 billion figure is correct, that allows $21,600.00 of government funding for all necessities for each on reserve resident annually.

In contrast government spending for every Canadian is currently $41,506.00 for every non native man, woman and child in Canada.

Once again institutional racism revealed, and thank you once again, for confirming my statements.

The Racism of low expectations
Comment by Mr. Peters on 25th January 2013
Since when is it racist to hold Indians to standards of accountability. According to the federal governments published numbers Here's a rough breakdown of the funding as stated by our federal government we spend about $8 billion every year spread over 631 reserves = 12,678,288 per reserve and Statscan says approximately 225,000 natives reside on reserves that would make $8 billion spread over 225,000 men, women and children = $35,000 PER INDIVIDUAL...OR $140,000 for a family of four. How many citizens' taxes are needed to support these 225,000 people? Why is it racist to ask for some accountability when tax payers money is used.

The greatest racist thing in Canada is the Indian Act itself. The idea that they somehow need us whites to hold their hands and tell them how to live I find nuts. The best thing that could be done for natives and Canadians at large is to scrape the Indian Act.