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P.S.A.'S · 28th January 2013
Terrace Daily News
From Facebook
A warning to anyone who can see this. One of my elder eagle sisters was attacked and nearly abducted in Terrace. She was walking up towards the arena area on that long stretch, a dark grey car stopped and the guy asked her where she was going, she said ' to grandsons' he asked if she wanted a ride, she said 'no', he immediately jumped out of his car, grabbed her arm and twisted it, even though she was freaked out she had the good mind to wrap her big purse around her other arm, she swung the purse and smacked him right in the face which must've hurt because he bent over moaning, she started running, he screamed at her and said ' I'm going to get you, I'm going to get all of you damn Indians, your all going to disappear!’

Omg! My elder is in her 70's and she managed to get away! She even screamed back at him and said 'if you try, I'll beat you up next time!’

This is serious stuff people, there's a crazy person out there who wants to kill native people and he lives in Terrace. She described him as a tall, skinny k'amsiiwa. (white person). She managed to flag down a cab that came along just then.

Please, young people and anyone in general, don't be alone in areas where no one can see and help you, try to be with friends or family. Please pass this post along to all your contacts especially if they live in Terrace. Mind you with all our peaceful protests going on in Canada, this could happen anywhere. My prayers for you all!

And an additional update not from Facebook but from the reporting staff at the Terrace Daily.

A young 14 year old native girl was also approached by a grey vehicle near George Little Park and she ran to a family member’s residence. The mother brought her in to the Terrace RCMP last evening, Sunday January 27 to report this incident.

There is likely to be a news release on these incidents shortly.
Attempted Abductions
Comment by Manion Denise on 3rd February 2013
I saw the facebook posting you've advertised above and I am glad to finally learn it was reported to the police. When I first saw it posted on facebook, nobody seemed to know if she'd reported this to the police. I hoped she had. What confuses/concerns me is later that same day, this report was filed by the RCMP via another media source....

Suspects sought
John Crawford
Terrace R-C-M-P are on the lookout for three men suspected of attempting to abduct a young woman.

Corporal Sean Hall says at around 3:30 this afternoon (Saturday), a woman was found on Highway 37 South near Old Lakelse Lake Road, who says she'd picked up near the four-way stop in Thornhill.

"The female was involved in an incident in which she was hitchhiking, and was picked up by three males in a white pickup truck of unknown make and model," said Hall. He adds "the truck was described as a quad-cab, four-door, with a longbox, no canopy on it; there was an altercation between the males and the female, the female was able to exit the vehicle and the three in the vehicle continued southbound on Highway 37."

There's word the three may have picked up another female earlier, and police would like to speak to her too.

The three suspects are described as native -- and Hall says the two passengers were possibly intoxicated."

So I'm just wondering where the RCMP report is for her attempted abduction? Regardless, I am glad she escaped without injury and I hope all of these callous men are apprehended.
Comment by Bobby on 28th January 2013
Can Terrace afford a few video cameras at major intersections??? Why are these not already here??? You could have it so no car can enter or leave the downtown area without getting on video at least once. Even if you could not see the license plate, identifying make and model is a pretty good way to start. I wonder how much money it would cost the town to install some surveillance for our collective safety?
Comment by Terry on 28th January 2013
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