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NEWS RELEASE · 31st January 2013
Min of Aboriginal Relations
The Kitsumkalum and Kitselas First Nations have signed agreements that will bring economic and cultural benefits to B.C.'s Northwest, as well as marking a significant step forward in the treaty process.

The two First Nations, members of the Tsimshian First Nations Treaty Society, have signed Incremental Treaty Agreements (ITAs) with the B.C. government that will create near-term economic opportunities in the community of Terrace and surrounding area, as well as offer lands for community and/or cultural purposes.

Kitsumkalum and Kitselas will own the lands in fee simple. They will remain under the jurisdiction of municipal government until a final treaty is reached with each First Nation. Post treaty, the ITA lands will become treaty settlement lands.

The signing of the ITA agreements follows the initialling of treaty Agreements-in-Principle (AIPs) by chief negotiators for Kitsumkalum, Kitselas, B.C. and Canada. The AIPs lay the framework for final negotiations toward legally binding treaties.

The next stage will be community votes in which Kitsumkalum and Kitselas members will vote on whether they wish to proceed with the AIPs. The ITA lands will be transferred following successful ratification of the AIPs by each of the communities.


Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Ida Chong -

"Land is an important component of treaties and allows First Nations to plan far earlier than they would otherwise be able to. Incremental Treaty Agreements provide a key tool for First Nations to take advantage of economic and cultural opportunities in the shorter term, while laying the foundation for a treaty and providing greater certainty for the whole region."

Kitsumkalum Chief Donald T. Roberts -

"We've reached a crucial moment in our Kitsumkalum history and future. This signing of the Incremental Treaty Agreement will support Kitsumkalum in immediately regaining some of our land rights that we've striven to retrieve for decades. This is a chance for "Su-sit' Aatk" (a new beginning) of a mutually respectful relationship with the Province of B.C. Our negotiators will continue to work towards achieving what our community strives for - a push forward in positive development, economic growth and social progress. We look forward to continuing a healthy relationship with B.C."

Kitselas Chief Judy Gerow -

"I'd like to thank the provincial government for entering into this Incremental Treaty Agreement with Kitselas. This will provide a foundation for the rest of treaty negotiations and allows Kitselas the potential to begin developing our lands before final negotiations are completed. With these ITA lands, Kitselas will have the opportunity to expand and increase our ability to progress in our economic initiatives."

Quick Facts:

* ITAs provide benefits and create immediate opportunities to First Nations in advance of a final treaty while building trust between the parties, building momentum toward further milestones and providing increased certainty over land and resources.

* These benefits are considered an advance by B.C. of a portion of the provincial share of a future treaty settlement package.

* In 2011, B.C. signed Forest and Consultation Revenue-Sharing Agreements (FCRSAs) with both Kitsumkalum and Kitselas that allow the communities to see more direct economic benefits from harvest activities taking place in their traditional territory.

Learn More:

For more information on Incremental Treaty Agreements, visit: or

A backgrounder follows.


Kitsumkalum and Kitselas ITAs:

Under the terms of the Kitsumkalum ITA, the First Nation will receive two parcels of provincial Crown land, totalling approximately 148 hectares. Under the terms of the Kitselas ITA, the First Nation will receive three parcels of provincial Crown land, totalling approximately 250 hectares.

Both ITAs will support the BC Jobs Plan by increasing certainty and facilitating immediate development opportunities for the First Nations.

The Kitselas ITA lands will be used to anchor a partnership with the City of Terrace for industrial development adjacent to the Terrace Airport. The ITA also includes land parcels for community, cultural purposes and for recreational tourism.

Kitsumkalum has partnered with CN Rail to develop a spur line on one of the parcels that will expand their markets and support the expansion of an existing Kitsumkalum quarry operation. Housing will be built on the other land parcel.

Kitsumkalum and Kitselas AIPs:

The Kitsumkalum AIP includes provisions for approximately 44,809 hectares of provincial Crown land and a capital transfer of $44.2 million, once a final agreement is reached.

The Kitselas AIP includes provisions for approximately 35,090 hectares of provincial Crown land and a capital transfer of approximately $34.7 million, once a final agreement is reached.

Robin Platts
Government Communications and Public Engagement
Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Gerald Wesley
Chief Negotiator
Tsimshian First Nations Treaty Society
Benefits under the Proposed Treaty
Comment by withheld on 7th February 2013
What bothers me the most about all this economic development so far on these lands, is the amount or lack off first nations people being employed by the companies. And when by chance they do get a job, they are offered a much lower rate of pay then someone who is non-aborginal. This says to me not only does the non-aborginal think we not worthy of the same rate of pay, but also the Band Council who employs people do do the hiring.
My question is why are we not employing our people, Its like the Crab Bucket syndrome in our communities. Putting road blocks up so our People have limited success to move forward. And if u have any doubts about jus look at how many First Nation ppl were employed with Vallard, the Cn Rail project, the Health Building , etc. could count them on 2 hands, which is so SAD.
So if someone in Vallard, the Cn Project, and other projects can explain there hiring or lack of hiring First Nations from Kitsumkalum, and Kitselas, feel free to do so, As I know for a fact, the skilled ppl were available.
Again please withold my name, as I have a home on the reserve, and have to interact with ppl at various levels in the band office.
One Big Lie! For the History of Kitsumkalum!
Comment by Kitsumkalum Member Vote No! on 1st February 2013
You want to know who Agreed to Private Sector Operations behind closed doors. Hyper Link this website link you will get the list.


These are the projects they agreed to. When our Chief Councilor took office. He promised to protect the rivers and oceans. That was the promise everyone voted for him. A Heroic approach. Then our Chief Councilor stood in front of the community Skeena Mall ,,, Idle No More said "No To Enbridge".

The agreement for little Private Fee Simple Lands is only for the "Economic Development Kitsumkalum Corporation".

The whole entire Idea of 1987 Su-Sit Atk Feast was a culture social experiment. To regain the traditional momentum back into Kitsumkalum.

Gerald Wesley was raised by Department Of Indian Affairs. People were skeptical if he should take the highest ranking Chiefs Name. Cause he wasn't raised the traditional way. The IANC team insisted.

Since the moment in history. There has been a change in "New Beginning Culture Experiments of redefining First Nation".


- Stephen Harper "Becomes a Blood Hereditary Adopted Chief". So happens were Natural Gas Fields are.

- Gordon Campbell - Becomes a "Blanket Head Piece Chief with his Reps in Vancouver Olympics

- Christi Clark - Becomes a "Blanket Head Chief"

- There we have Roger Harris Liberal Agent in Kitsumkalum who call Don Roberts there Chief.

This is a one big lie. Its all for right away of Industry "Pipe Lines, Mines, Water".

Absolute Shame.

I hope the Kitsumkalum members stop being passive and lets this continue. We have been so passive and peaceful don't want to make a sound. Nobody wants to say anything but a few.

Well Its one big lie. Everyone knows its a lie. The people will decide the fate of the next council election.

Hopefully we get a new Indian Act Chief and end the corruption.

I heard its so bad from real business members of Kitsumkalum. That a law suit can take place there can be jail time.

Lets have a talk about "Aboriginal Engagement Officers" Who are they? There private sector agents for Liberal Party of British Columbia. Our officer for Kitsumkalum is Roger Harris behind who is the Director of Kitsumkalum Development Corporation.

In the AIP it clearly say's

"Kitsumkalum Institutions - Kitsumkalum Corporations & Kitsumkalum Band Members. Will not have the authority in Kitsumkalum Law to pervail Federal - Provincial Laws.

So right now we are being run and operated by Kitsumkalum Development Corporation directed by Province Private Sector Roger Harris. Who is the President of Kalum Rock Quarry. Now with AIP. There all going to be mega rich $$$$$$$$$

With Kitsumkalum AIP it clearly says " No Indians reserves left".

Read the Kitsumkalum AIP.

Of course it will be good for Terrace Economic Development Corporation Services too.

There selling out Terrace BC Too.

Everyone should be pissed off!

Thank you,