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COMMENTARY · 1st February 2013
Merv Ritchie
Update: End note with video attached.
Neither the Government nor the Treaty Team released or revealed the text of the document prior to the signing ceremony on Thursday of the Incremental Treaty Agreement (ITA). The text version is now posted online here. What was previously released were the details of a bribe being offered.

Cutting through all the rhetoric, the proclamations of benefits and cooperation, the announcement comes down to a simple blatant bribe.

The Provincial Government has stated they will give each of the two local Indian Bands, the Kitsumkalum and the Kitselas, parcels of land. However this offer is contingent upon the Band membership accepting the Agreement In Principle (AIP) being presented by the Treaty Teams and the BC Treaty Commission.

To call this an inducement would be just the same as believing Basi and Virk, the two BC Government aids who were convicted of accepting bribes, as actually just accepting an inducement. The difference here is we know who is making the bribe; it is the BC Government. In the Basi Virk example the Government and the Court refuses to release the name of the individual or government that offered the bribe.

During the Kitsumkalum ceremonies the Band representatives spoke about how this new territory will provide more access to the rock for the Kalum Quarry, of which former Liberal MLA Roger Harris is the President. CN requires much of this rock and the Band has committed to repay the cost of installing the tracks across the highway into the quarry by providing CN the rock. If the Band cannot produce the rock fast enough and/or to CN’s satisfaction, CN has the right to take over the entire operation.

Just like the Basi Virk example, CN is at the foundation of more claims of bribery. CN acquired BC Rail through this corrupt practice and now they are engaged in benefiting from yet another bribery scheme.

If the Kitsumkalum Band does not accept the AIP they don’t get the additional land. The treaty talks stop and the Chief negotiator also stops receiving his 6 digit salary. CN would likely not get all the rock it requires to make good on their costs, therefore forcing the Band to default on their obligations. CN could then take over and the Government would likely provide them access to the land presently offered as a bribe.

And all this from just the tidbit of information released at the public ceremony.

What many Band members are proclaiming is how offended they are in being bribed by their own land. What is most offensive is how this is being offered in advance of the AIP vote. The Treaty team will now be able to use all these details to coerce the membership into signing. The Provincial Government has just turned the Band leadership and the treaty team into co-conspirators in a Bribery scheme.

This entire affair should be offensive to all.

End Note:

Watch the very short video clip attached below where Alex Bolton states the "Good Rock" is across the IR boundary. Kalum appears to have set themselves up in check, and CN along with the BC Government and the President of the Kalum Quarry, who negotiated this deal with CN on behalf of the Kitsumkalum people, has positioned themselves for a check-mate.

Further to this, the President used to be the local Liberal MLA. Kitsumkalum has actively promoted for the Liberal Party of BC. Both at this ceremony and at the official opening of the CN Rail spur line into the Quarry, the Liberal nominee for the next provincial election was featured. Repeatedly and embarrassingly getting her position wrong (she has none other than being nominated) Haisla Ron Bartlett, Tsimshian Gerald Wesley and the Minister Ida Chong all promoted the Liberal Candidate. See Video Below.

And of further interest to all nations of the Sacred Circle
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 2nd February 2013
The BC Liberals, Fortune Minerals and CN are all interested in completing the Rail line through the Klappan and Sacred Headwaters past Dease Lake to Alaska. Might this be the new rail corridor they are considering the transport the bitumen from Alberta? Fortune Minerals needs it as they plan to dig up the coal at their Klappan/Arctos coal mine project.

And this new rail line needs more rock to rehabilitate the work already completed and buttress up the wash-out locations.

Has Roger Dodger and the Kalum family sold out the Klappan in their rush to please? CN needs the quarry and the rock.
Comment by Maureen on 2nd February 2013
This is all for Kalum and Kitselas people to decide. If you have an opinion, and are a member to vote, then exercise it. It is that simple.
Corruption and more cover ups
Comment by Nisga' on 2nd February 2013

What will it take to over-turn leaders who are supposed to protect your best interests? This is going from bad to worse!

It is like our Nisga'a Treaty, the NLG was served a Write of Summons on November 2012, why did they not tell the Nation that they were being sued?

I look forward to the day when all of these so called leaders are criminalized, that will be a sweet, sweet day for us.
Did They Also Just Sign Away Their Right to be Consulted?
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 2nd February 2013
From the text of the ITA;

8.1 Other Kitsumkalum Covenants.

Kitsumkalum further acknowledges and covenants that:

a) during the term of this Agreement, it will not initiate any court action or proceed to challenge any Governmental Action associated with the Lands to be transferred to Kitsumkalum as a part of this Agreement, on the basis that the Province has failed to fulfill any duty to consult or accommodate in respect of such matter or that any such matter constitutes an unjustifiable infringement of any aboriginal rights or title of Kitsumkalum.

b) any of the Lands that may be transferred to a Designated Corporation in accordance with this Agreement will not be “lands reserved for the Indians” within the meaning of section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867 or a reserve within the meaning of the Indian Act and after Closing Kitsumkalum will not at any time seek to add any of the Lands to its reserve lands;

The devil is in the details
Does this mean Kitsumkalum has signed away their right to sue the government if the government choose to infringe on their rights? Is it only applicable to these transfered lands or does the underlined portion (my underlining) mean "On Any Issue"?