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NEWS RELEASE · 1st February 2013
It's not often that a small, rural region of communities declares victory against one of the largest corporations on the planet, so when it happens - WE NEED TO CELEBRATE! (By "we" I mean you!)

Today, February 2nd, We Celebrate!

We GOT THE SHELL OUT of our Sacred Headwaters. (By "we" I mean the entire northwest and our supporters from the South)

Come celebrate with the First Nations, communities and citizens of the Northwest who stood united for nearly a decade in defense of the birthplace of wild salmon rivers, the Stikine, Nass and Skeena AND WON!

Bring your cameras, drums, regalia, water from your rivers or ocean to pour into the Mixing of the Waters ceremony, bring your cousins and your dancing boots - because this will be a celebration like you've never seen before! Northern style. We're going to party it up the only way we know how - with cowboys, first nations, hippees, farmers, miners, drillers, fishermen, politicians, elders, oldtimers, youth, kids, etc.

Kitsumkalum Hall:
Ceremony & Celebration 1pm-6pm - FREE, all welcome
Dinner 6pm-7pm - Free, all welcome

Best Western Hotel:
Dance party & jam session 9pm-2am $15 cover charge at the door
Featuring: Wes Quock, Rachelle van Zanten, Andy Louie and closing with the greatest northern jam session this side of the rockies!

CELEBRATION BUSES from Smithers & Telegraph Creek- picking up folks along the way. Sign up ASAP to get a spot on the bus from Smithers or the bus from Telegraph Creek

Discounted Hotel Rates in Terrace at Best Western Hotel or the Inn of the West
Sacred headwater celebration
Comment by Vera on 4th February 2013
The celebration was powerful..many thanks to the organizers & especially to those who could make it. We will celebrate with our nations with one victory at a time...we are so looking forward to the next:)
Comment by Paul Repstock on 3rd February 2013
Merv is right! Don't mistake one small win for final victory.
In the far past, it was smallpox blankets.
This time I expect the poisons will be cheap drugs and worthless paper money.
To win this war we must disconnect ourselves from all the garbage that the corporate empire offers. If not, there will always be that hook in our mouths and minds to bring us back into line.
Thanks wish we could be there too
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 3rd February 2013
The Terrace Daily was covering an event in Prince Rupert happening at the same time. A Raven feast with Tsimshian, Haisla, Nisga'a, Gitxsan and Haida Ravens from BC and Alaska with witnesses from as far away as Hawaii. It was the raising of an ancient house. A celebration of the rebuilding of the true laws and culture.

We were acknowledged at the Sacred Headwaters celebration for our seven years of efforts reporting and support for the Klappan and we thank the Tahltan and the Gitxsan for that. We had others taking pictures and video and will post items when we receive them.

Now is the time to gather all the energy of these people celebrating to stop all the corrupt practices in the Northwest. The Klappan is threatened even more. As people cheer in celebration, the Liberals in BC are planning to build a rail line direct to Klappan Mountain for Fortune Minerals and the other planned projects.

I am afraid if I were present I would have put a damper on this temporary high.

As everyone is distracted thinking all is now good . . .

The only truly good thing is the saving of the true Indian people, those who protect their land and culture, not the Band Councils and Treaty Societies who are actively taking money in exchange for their ancestry.

Hence our preferred attendence at the Ghanada Feast. This is where the future is. The celebratory mood of the Shell victory will be short lived and hollow. The saving of the entire Sacred Circle Nations is the war to win. I personally believe the Shell win is considered the loss of only one pawn for the industrialists. They played a strategic move. Watch for the Bishop, the Knight and the Queen waiting to see your next move. We won a battle but the war is still underway.

Best be ready to regroup.

THIS was worth covering
Comment by Kathy on 3rd February 2013
I couldn't believe you weren't there Terrace Daily! There was a massive turnout at Kitsumkalum Hall yesterday with so many nations in attendance.
Now THIS would have been a worthy article for you to have highlighted. It was totally incredible. Almost no words to describe solidarity among people who fight and care for our Skeena, Stikine and Nass Rivers.
Many humble, yet very impassioned speeches, songs and dance...Had to be there to experience the momentum of POSITIVE energy.
If I must say so myself.....
Comment by Janice Robinson on 3rd February 2013
It was a darn good event! Maybe about 600 of us. Dance groups from all the northern territories, lots of music, lots of hugs and smiles....and a ton of excellent food. So much! Kudos to Verna, and to her cadre of accomplished cooks....again.

We seen old friends, met new friends, and it was truly an "international" affair. Good news for the Sacred Headwaters.
Comment by Reader on 2nd February 2013
No date given. When is this event?

Today Feb 2