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CONTRIBUTION · 3rd February 2013
Dave Jephson
Well in our quest for provincial gold our boys where at it again in Prince Rupert.

The Prince Rupert Midget Rep team stepped up to the plate and hosted a region tournament this weekend in Rupert. The Terrace boys who really need to play more hockey just couldn't turn down the invitation.

Friday night saw Terrace taking on the Host, Rupert, and won with a decent margin; 6 to 2.

On Saturday morning Ft St James faced the Terrace boys and again, with a united team effort and solid goal tending, Terrace triumphed with an even greater margin; 10 to 3.

Later during the same afternoon, with the help of # 5 and his 5 goals, Terrace destroyed any concept of a margin and beat Houston 13 to 0.

Today, Sunday, Terrace matched up against the ‘ever hard hitting’ Rupert boys and beat them 4 zip. With this win the boys again took 1st place.

This may be the 5th straight gold along with a total game count of 48 so far this year.

The boys are preparing to head to zones in Smithers Feb 22 to 24.

The winner there will head to Port Alberni to represent the Northwest for the Midget Tier 3.

Hockeyville Indeed!
What a nice team!
Comment by Thomas Hogman on 4th February 2013

I would like to pass on a note of thanks to the players, coaches, manager of your Totem Ford Midget Rep hockey team. They spent this past weekend in our city at the "Battle of the Ice" Midget Rep (mini) tournament. The other visiting teams were from Fort St. John and Houston. While the final outcome of the tournament is still in doubt as I am writing this note, I can honestly say the classiest team of the tournament is not in doubt.

In your teams second game of the event, against the team from Fort St James, they showed a level of sportsmanship seldom seen and sadly seldom heard about.

Fort St John had an autistic player and while his skill level was not up to that of his team mates, he made up for it in determination and enthusiasm. Your team had the game "well in hand" and in the third period, they "allowed" this fellow to "work" the puck to the front of the net and eventually score a goal. Well that young man gave a reaction that lit up the whole rink. He gave it his best "Selani, Yakupov, Flurey" all rolled into one. Both benches, players and staff, all the fans and "off-ice" crew all gave him a standing "O." The only thing missing was a microphone to announce his "un-assisted" goal. It definitely was a moment I will remember, and retell, for a long time.

After the goal, as my linesman partner lined up for the face-off , he overheard someone on the F.S. J. bench say, "what a nice team."

I passed on my own comments to Darren and Darcy in person. Further thanks to Darren for assisting me in finding an Official to work the tournament. Without Tyler Noble making the trip the event would not have gone on. I have worked games with Tyler before and always enjoy doing so. My only wish is that he wear some protective gear. A couple of times I thought I was going to lose his services due to him getting hit with the puck. His is one "tough cookie."

Thank you again and good luck in Zones!

Thomas Hogman

Prince Rupert, BC