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COMMENTARY · 3rd February 2013
Merv Ritchie
For over a hundred years, in some places in BC two hundred years, the Indians complained about white people attempting to measure (survey) their lands.

Then the white people committed genocide.

Just like in after the Second World War and the claims of genocide against Jews, the Indians should get reparations. The Jews got Israel, their own country.

I say all the land that has been surveyed belongs to those who own the title. All the rest, all the land presently, as of today, un-owned, un-surveyed land, called Crown Land, now becomes Indian Land.

In effect Terrace becomes a reserve, as do all other communities surveyed with boundaries, incorporated and registered, they become reserves. All the rest belongs to the Indians who never gave up their ownership.

In 1910, James Tate travelled the interior of BC and assisted the Indians to proclaim their title and rights. The white British surveyors just ignored the claims. Then Dr. Helmken attempted to kill off all the Northwest Coast tribes by spreading Small pox. Genocide.

There is no animosity here as we all need to live and prosper together. There just needs to be reason, logic and compassion applied. What makes guys like me, the white guys, more rightfully entitled to the land and resources the Indians had occupied for thousands of years?

What, just because I am bigger and tougher?

Are we not beyond that?

I say Terrace is as big as it needs to be. If it needs to grow more, expand to meet the needs of the people living there, Indians and non-Indians, then ask the Indians if they agree.

Maybe they will prove to be more compassionate than we have been.
open your eyes,whitey
Comment by croft woodruff on 24th February 2013
There are more indians in government care today than during the residential school era.Is that what the writer means by equal?Society has adopted a definition of sanity which is totally insane.
turn over all crown land
Comment by eric on 4th February 2013
This idea is absolutely ridiculous.

How about we are all equal, same rights, same obligations etc.

Creating divisions along the lines of race is not the way to go.

Enough is enough, we are equal all of us, end of story. How far do we have to go to make up for mistakes made in the past. How much more money and resources do we dump into a plan the clearly does not work. At what point will all be equals.

The divide forced upon on us by wasteful government handouts needs to end. I am all for helping out any citizen of this country but there has to be some accountability, I for one want to know that my money is going to help those who need it and not just lining the pockets of those in charge.

This brings me to my next point.
If one chooses not to be a Canadian citizen should we be obligated to provide support or services to those people?

Is it feasible to break up the country into large sections of essentially privately owned/ privately governed republics.

I know this is going to piss off alot of people but it is time we have this discussion and start putting aside all of the hatred and bigotry that goes along with it.