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NEWS RELEASE · 7th February 2013
Senator appointed by Harper and known for controversy to sit as Independent

Senator Patrick Brazeau is in police custody following an alleged domestic assault, sources tell CBC News, and has been removed from the Conservative Party's caucus.

Brazeau, who has weathered several controversies since his appointment in 2009, will continue to sit in the Senate as an Independent.

It's not clear whether any charges have been laid. Brazeau was arrested at 9:10 a.m. ET Thursday at his residence in Gatineau, just across the river from Ottawa.

Marjory LeBreton, the government Senate leader, sent a letter to Brazeau's office and caucus members in the morning informing them of his removal.

"In light of the serious nature of the events reported today, Senator Brazeau has been removed from the Conservative caucus. As this is a legal matter, I cannot comment further," LeBreton said in a statement.

Read the Rest from CBC Here

Timmins James Bay MP Charlie Angus calls on the Conservatives to clean up the senate and hold Senators Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau accountable.
Oh contrare James!
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 9th February 2013
I must confess that I am confused by James' definition of civility during question period. I watch the same clip from Question Period and found nothing distasteful about it. Referring to Mike Duffy as "The Senator From Away" or making fun of the fact that he does not live in the province he is suppose to represent is fair political comment. A lack of civility would be to call another MP some derogatory name of hurling insults across the floor as has happened. The speaker would quickly rule that out of order.

I think Charlie Angus is a good opposition member doing his job and making the Harper Government look evasive and caught with their collective lower apparel below the knees. Who appointed these senators? should they ( the appointer) not be held accountable? A good opposition opposes vigorously and with facts.

If Harper wanted a First Nations person he could have found someone older more seasoned and with credibility - a First nations "statesperson". But Harper wanted loyalty and nothing more so this is the result.

As for making a mockery of question period, don't you think that every time a question is asked there should be the expectation that the question is answered directly? All the ministers do is skirt around the issue, parrot the message they have been given and never give a strait answer. I guess that is why it isn't called "Answer Period" and yet you are critical of Angus and Julien for asking direct and uncomfortable questions of the government. As I recall the incident that raised the issue of civility for Cullen was something created by a conservative member.

Don't you remember the conservatives when they were in opposition? Where was the civility then? As the man once said, "People who like laws and sausages, should never watch either being made."

Right now with the Harper administration and their last Omnibus Bill rammed through legislation which was never debated or went through any consultation. I would hope that the opposition is vigorous in their work scrutinizing and holding the government to account. That is their job! They are not there to socialize and have a good time with everyone patting each other on the back.
Patsy Patrick
Comment by Terry on 9th February 2013
The way I see it now . I hope he does stay in the senate . A conservative senator with a harper knife in his back looks perfect to me but only if he figures out which side of the fence he is on .
Comment by Terry on 9th February 2013
Either the harper government is the most incompetent at vetting than another . They would have had all his records . From school records to Boy Scouts to police records and opinions from associates , every thing in the press . Then they would have asked about any skeletons that could bite the cons party in the future . Does anyone think they are so stupid to not notice the warts . OR is this exactly the out come they engineered years ago ? What did they gain ? They have brought by their carefully chosen senator the senate into disrepute . And made the First Nations hang their heads in shame . And eroded the trust of Canadians of all stripes in First Nations . This senator looks more and more like a patsy for the harper government . Will Pamela Wallen and mike Duffy get away with their expenses ? There are more dirty white folks in the senate than native ones . They just don't get the light shining on them as brightly . Why ?
Brazeau still a Senator
Comment by Karen Dedosenco on 9th February 2013
Brazeau will continue to collect his base salary of $132,300.00 per year - he has only been kicked out of the Conservative caucus. Unless he is found guilty and is given more than a two year prison sentence he will continue to retain his position in the Senate.
Charlie Angus
Comment by James Ippel on 8th February 2013
Anythng this man says should immediately be filed in the round filing cabinet.
Read in this weeks Standard that MP Cullen is calling for civility in the House during question period. A good idea Nathan, but please reign in your own MPs first. Charlie Angus, Peter Julien for starters, I watch Question Period every chance I get and when I see these two plus a few others stand up and make a mockery of question period I get absolutely livid. You sit in the front row with this vacant stare as if nothing is wrong. Of course, when you were the Energy Critic your ravings were something to behold as well.
I am glad to see that you refer to Mr Brazeau's missteps as "alleged" Helmut, but deep down I must agree that the allegations may well prove to be true.
Maybe we should take into consideration that PM Harper wanted an Indian representative in the Senate, and Brazeau was a good candidate. Remember that all his past were allegations, not provern facts, so err on the side of caution before making judgements.
If in the end the allegations prove to be true the individual in question(and I am being polite, because the words I would like to use may not be acceptable to some tender ears) should be forced to repay all monies he supposedly misspent.
In my opinion the end result will be that this man will not be penalized because he is Indian. If the Gov't were to prosecute him in a court of law, his first supporters would be Thomas Mulchair and the NDP, and right behind him would be Bob Rae and the LIBERALS. Their arguement would probably fall along the lines that sometime in the past Brazeau or his ancestors were exposed to the Residential Indian School System,,,,Maybe his grandmothers cousin 5 times removed.
Judge not lest you be Judged.

Respectfully submitted............

PS. For your information I neither support or deny the actions of this man. I will await the court decision. Unlike some I know, I do not prejudge, from experience I have learned the Court System does'nt give a damn what the ordinary citizen thinks.
From the Tyee
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th February 2013
(Quote) "Controversy has dogged Brazeau, the youngest of Canada's 105 senators, since his appointment to the red chamber in December 2008.

He was criticized initially for his intention to serve as a senator while remaining national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

He eventually resigned from CAP in January 2009 after news broke that a CAP employee had filed a sexual harassment complaint against him with Ontario's human rights tribunal.

He was also linked to allegations of CAP misspending of federal funds that were supposed to pay for aboriginal health programs. Conservatives argued, at the time, that the misspending happened before Brazeau took over as congress chief.

Over the years, reports have surfaced repeatedly of Brazeau being in arrears on child support payments.

He made the bigggest headlines last March when he fought a charity boxing match against Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, now front-runner for the federal Liberal leadership. Although bigger, heavier and allegedly more experienced in boxing than Trudeau, Brazeau lost the match.

More recently, Brazeau has come under fire for allegedly claiming his father's home as his primary residence in order to receive a Senate housing allowance. He's also alleged to have used his former father-in-law's address on a Quebec reserve to claim an aboriginal income tax exemption."(Unquote)

From the CBC link one can see the government's response is very lame. What does a senator have to do before it becomes clear to Harper that he (Brazeau) is no longer fit to sit in the Upper Chamber at our expense. Shouldn't integrity be a qualification?
Yay, got rid of 1 more corrupt politician....
Comment by Nancy on 7th February 2013
Only a few hundred more to go....! The tides are changing....