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CONTRIBUTION · 9th February 2013
Ann Parker
Is this our new landfill site?
Should Wal-Mart be responsible for its customers and clean up the mess they leave behind?

You can see from the pictures that most of this stuff comes either from Wal-Mart’s shelves or McDonald’s tables.

It is absolutely disgusting for me to walk by this garbage with my dog along Skeena River these days.

All this garbage is flying down the trail and ending up in our “pristine” Skeena River where the fish we catch get a first bite on it.

Ann Parker
Downtown Clean Up & Garbathon
Comment by George Little House on 13th February 2013
Terrace Down Town Improvement asscociation downtown clean up will be held this year on March 24th ,,, 10:00am

Greater Terace Beautification Society annual Garbathon will be on on April 21 ,,, 12:00pm, The Beautification Society have been holding the Garbathon for over 25 years.

Lets make these clean up events of our town the best ever.
Fence it
Comment by Ray Hallock on 13th February 2013
A 10 ft fence would keep the crap on the McDonalds/Walmart side.
To Holycrackers,
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 11th February 2013
A company that pulls as much profit out of the community as WalMart does, could be a good corporate citizen and do as much as any other business in making the community a tidier, cleaner place. McDonald's downtown shop does it. That is what being a good corporate citizen is all about.

Merv, I thought you were going to stop anonymous posts for this very reason?

Ed Note: Yeah, sure shows how ignorant people can be when they get to hide behind anonymity eh? I miss the days when no one could get published anywhere on anything without using their real verifiable name. Now we have paid forum watchers who insite hatred and conflict purposefully dividing our peoples in to groups in fear. Ah, for the days when politicians, like to old Socreds, who got outed for using fake names.

Now they all just incite stupidity, spreading false stories and we can't identify them, like Hammish Marshal and the entire conservative spin machine.

I better stop now. Okay, once again, everyone has had their silly fun, now lets get back to using real names, thanks.
Is it cleaned up?
Comment by GThorhaug on 11th February 2013
I have a crew willing to clean this on Tuesday if its has not been done already.
Think before judging
Comment by Lloyd Parker on 11th February 2013
Thank you to anonymous and co. for doing such a beautiful clean up of our Skeena trail.

Tim and Sally, I see that you both have jumped to some very fast conclusions. If you knew how many hours Ann has devoted to cleaning this linear walk you would surely retract your harsh comments. She has been cleaning this trail for several years and in fact she stoops to pick garbage on every trail she's on. Whether it is Gruchy's, Howe Creek, Ferry Island, or our neighborhood, the list goes on but it is not her job as you suggest. Furthermore I believe that Ann is a more responsible citizen of this community than you.

The key is to find a solution. This is a public place and it is still illegal to litter in this country as far as I know, (shards of broken glass, needles, dirty diapers, etc. don’t have a place in our greenspace). People actually clean out the backs of their pickups and cars throw their unwanted things over the bank as well. The people with the free overnight RV campers are also adding to the mess. There is no question that all these products come from the parking lot. I would imagine that some of the refuse comes from snow removal. These pictures help to draw attention to the problem at hand to find online community resolution not online community bashing.

Maybe a chain link fence, or a more accessible dumpster or maybe some signage regarding fines for littering could be answers. I understand that some of these products are biodegradable but a substantial amount is not and it should be kept from floating in our river.

Lloyd Parker
In all fairness
Comment by Walter on 11th February 2013
I do have to point out, MacDonalds participates generously in the spring clean-up by donating their parking lot for the dumpster and giving away treats to participants. Unlike Timmies, KFC, DQ, A&W and all the convenience stores that sell edibles in take-out disposable packaging. All businesses in a community should keep the area around their establishments clean and litter free. It only enhances the look of the business and makes good business sense.
Comment by Sally Peters on 10th February 2013
C.Arnold, A lot of people do litter when they dont know they do, for instance when it is very windy out you open your car door and litter falls out and blows right by the river. You say I'm judgemental, people who say Oh Walmart should clean it, whose behind the Walmart name, Terrace and Kitimat residents, I thought we were a communtiy, that worked together, obvisoulsy not.. Walmart shouldnt be ashamed at all, If I went in to someone yard and littered I should be the one who is ashamed. PS. Next time someone says something bad about Walmart, its not Walmart itself your dissing, its people in your own community.....
Comment by Holycrackers on 10th February 2013
Ok, I am no fan of McDonalds or WalMart... But no way are they at fault for the slobs that litter. You people criticizing the store out out to friggin' lunch

Blaming WalMart and McDonalds is extremely ignorant. You sound like the people that sue McDoanlds for making them fat.
Another question.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th February 2013
When someone leaves litter in front of my property and on the city right-of-way who cleans it up? Answer: I do. I don't expect anyone passing by to do it. So the real question is: If other property owners do it then, ...... I think you get my drift. Nothing is ever as cut and dry as some would have it.
Answer To Question
Comment by Bill Compton on 10th February 2013
Its a community issue so then it needs a community solution.

Why not an initiative called #LitterNoMore
or #OccupyTrashCan

Use social media for once with a set goal in mind and then accomplish it.

If you want it clean then clean it up.

If you squabble about it then leave the trash where it is and let it be a symbol of how little care the people have for their own community and tourists can come away with the same view.

OK here's a question.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 10th February 2013
If this mess were outside on the sidewalk or around the perimeter of any other local business in town, who would be responsible to clean it up?

We know people litter and they are long gone. Now what?
From the pictures...
Comment by Tim on 10th February 2013
from the pictures so far i see Tim Hortons cups, used needles, safeway containers. I didn't know walmart carried these?

,,,C. Arnold this pet owner may be resposible pet owner but by no means a responsible resident of Terrace. Pick up a few pieces of litter and stop bitching is what should be happening.

Comment by Bill on 10th February 2013
Don't go blaming Walmart or McDonalds for peoples laziness and lack of respect for the world we live in. There is litter all over the place which proves that there still are a lot of people who still don't get it. Makes me wonder how many of these litterbugs are against pipelines because they care so much about the environment.
Re: Seriously
Comment by C. Arnold on 10th February 2013
Wow, Sally, pretty judgemental comments. Just to clarify a few things - yes there is always lots more noticable garbage at this time of yera but there certainly isn't garbage like this everywhere! Next, it most cetainly is not EVERYONE who put it there... I assure you that I've never once tossed or dropped any garbage anywhere near WalMart - it is lazy thoughtless people that litter. Why on earth should you expect a lady who is out getting some exercise and being a responsible pet owner should have to stop and pick up Wal Mart's mountain of litter?? And finally, why should it be the customers' fault (unless they actually littered) for a business to be an irresponsible community memeber by allowing this litter to pile up like this. It wouldn't take much effort or time if they just made that part of some employee's job descriptions every day or every week.
To Bob
Comment by Grateful Walmart Shopper on 10th February 2013
Walmart has helped my organization I am a part of to help raise money by letting us fund raise at their store. Also for people on limited income their prices sometimes make the difference if we eat or not, so to us it's not a waste of a store to me. I have seen Walmart and McDonalds employees spring cleaning their surrounding area in the past so maybe it's the early spring is why it's still a mess. It's nice to see citizens of Terrace who made the mess pitch in to help clean it up.
Comment by Sally Peters on 9th February 2013
There is liter everywhere since the snow has melted, it may be outside of Walmart but its EVERYONE who put it there, so next time you think of littering think of this picture. Also instead of taking pictures and putting it on Terrace Daily site, maybe you should of used your time to help clean it. Bob Douglas you probably even shop there, so you "Support" the so called " Trash" that puts money in the community.
city of terrace's responsibility
Comment by fp on 9th February 2013
the City of Terrace should of thought about this before they allowed Walmart to move in next to the Skeena River. maybe put in some garbage cans and needle disposible containers.
cleanup crew tomorrow at noon!
Comment by anonymous on 9th February 2013
copied from Facebook

Hey to all the WALMART SHOPPERS! .... I took my children down to the river by Wal*mart where i used to play while i was a child before walmart was even there" :) .... Today was the most SADDEST day ever! .... AS my daughter & I looked around my heart broke there was a OVER LOAD OF TRASHHH! that can blow in to the river where my family and i fish for food SOoo ... I am taking my kids there again tomorrow to *CLEAN IT UP* ... I know tht sitting on my ass isnt gunna help make a difference in this lazy world of ours "I know not very many" of you facebook friends will help" but i thought i should ask anyways if you would like to ill be there around 12pm tomorrow trash bags an all! :) ..... I hope some of you guys see this as unexecutable and help our Mother Earth out as she gives to us plenty!
Not Wal-Marts Issue
Comment by Bill Compton on 9th February 2013
Wal-Mart is not responsible whatsoever. They simply provide the goods and service & once they leave the store it is up to people to know better in how they discard the purchases.

Do you people expect Wal-Mart to have to play babysitter to folks and clean up after you?

Get real.
trash from a trash store
Comment by Bob Douglas on 9th February 2013
when you let trash like Walmart into your town, what do you expect? For sure they should be cleaning this up this is awful.
Disgusting indeed
Comment by C. Arnold on 9th February 2013
Absolutely disgusting and YES this should be WalMart's responsibility for sure! That river bank was never like that before WalMart moved in, so they should certainly be sending their staff out there to clean that mess up! Thanks for posting these pictures and shame on Wal Mart and McDonalds for such a mess.