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P.S.A.'S · 14th February 2013
Sacred Circle Productions
To be able to vote in the upcoming referendum on the acceptance or rejection of the AIP (Agreement In Principle) you must be registered. You cannot just show up on the day of the vote and believe you will be allowed to vote. It is a two staged process. First you must show up at the Band Office, or in some other approved manner, and register to be registered to vote. This might sound complicated and to be sure, it is. But you must be aware of this if you intend to vote.

Attached below are a series of Videos by leaders, Matriarchs and Chiefs of Tsimshian and all surrounding Nations, including Ta’Kaiya Blaney who speaks about the treaty documents her people signed. All these people are asking you to join them in resisting the push to sign Treaty giving up your traditional rights and territory.

As the BC Treaty Commission and the Treaty teams are the only people with money to pay for expensive media and information campaigns, and as they refuse to provide any information or funds to anyone wishing to offer an alternative perspective, all the widely distributed information has been one sided.

Please take the time to listen to the passionate voices of those who refuse to give up on their Indigenous status, their ancestors and their pride as Indian people, to be assimilated into mainstream Canadian culture, in essence to become a Ghum see wha.

Please think twice, think about your children, their children, and the unborn. Please consider the ancestors who have gone before; before you vote. And vote - You must - Only those who vote will be counted in the decision!

Reverend Sam Lewis from Kitkatla delivers a demanding message. Short and Sweet
Sam Lewis delivers another plea for unity. Now is the time to stand together. He clearly demands all those who claim to be Chiefs, to be real leaders and stand with their people who are standing already.

President of the Council of the Haida Nation, Peter Lantin;
Newly elected President of the Council of the Haida Nation, Peter Lantin, offered his unqualified support for the grassroots efforts of the people of the Northwest. This his first public speaking engagement, off of the Island of Haida Gwaii, since being elected, he took it as an honour. Lantin reference the All Native Basketball Tournament taking place at the same time next door speaking to the unifying nature of all the Nations of the North Coast.

An Inspiring Speech by Twelve Year Old Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Henry Clifton on the Unity and Strength of the Young People and Idle No More

Tlingit - Tahltan Charlie Carlick at the Idle No More Gathering in Prince Rupert, Feb 11, 2013

Wet'suwet'en Chief Namox, John Ridsdale
Chief Namox speaks about holding a unity feast soon on their territory to unite all peoples of the Northwest.

Gitxsans; Audrey Lindquist and Marlene Clifton stand with Haida Jennifer Davidson
A plea for unity and a show of support for the Idle No More Movement. Audrey speaks about their combined ancient history.

Chief Mountain at the Idle No More Gathering in the Prince Rupert Performing Arts Center
Nisga'a Chief James Robinson, Chief Mountain spoke about the treaty process and called on all Chiefs to stand behind their young people.

After the opening prayer by Reverend Sam Lewis, Gerald Stewart provides context and a history lesson.
Should one wish to learn about the heart of First Nations Culture and History, Gerald Stewart demonstrates there is much to learn. he clearly shows how the culture is still very alive.

Kitkatla Tsimshian Leena Minifie addresses the Foundations of the Governments extermination plans
Also from Kitkatla, Tsimshian Leena Minifie urged all listening to get informed and expressed how serious she saw the problem, answering questions from the crowd.

Ta'Kaiya Blaney on Earth Revolution;
After describing her personal young life, her family and her Nations Treaty struggles, which divided her people, Ta'Kaiya talks about her world travels and corporate encounters. She uses all of this to introduce her new song, a song about change, Earth Revolution. Listen to the song here;

Brigette de Pape Former Page to the Canadian House of Parliament
She held up a stop sign in front of the cameras and was fired, Brigette DePape, held her hand made sign up again to the overwhelming cheers of the Audience in Prince Rupert, February 11, 2013.

Amazing Grace by Ta’Kaiya Blaney

Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Bridget de Pape and Crystal Olson deliver their first ever public performance - together, Acapella.

United Northcoast Native Peoples March together with all British Columbians on the BC Legislature, October 22nd, 2012
People of all ethnic groups stand united to support the Indigenous people

Voters must also be aware that every speaker at the first meeting following the announcement of the finalized plans for the AIP vote, every Band Member who stood to speak, save one, spoke against the Treaty Process. This is information the Treaty Teams are not delivering to the voters.

Here are but two;

Eagle Chief Nisgitloop - Rick Miller

Albert (Joe) Brooks

Listen to Interview with Gerald Wesley, the Chief negotiator for Kitselas and Kitsumkalum, here
Vote Registration!
Comment by Murray McCarthy on 15th February 2013
1. On Reserve Voters have to register to vote.

2. Off Reserve Voters have to register to vote.

3. If you do not register on reserve and off reserve. Then you cannot vote on reserve or off reserve.

4. Register to Vote is the only way to exercise your vote for the Treaty?

What a load of BS!

The Tsimshian Treaty Team wants us to settle a treaty for us to privatize our land. For major economic development Natural Resource Extraction.

The next generation has to pay the price $$$ for who? You get this message!

Voter registration
Comment by Alfie McDames on 15th February 2013
Off reserve members of Kitselas have been mailed ballots and they have been returning daily. The important thing is to vote and exersise the right to vote.
Off Reserve Voting
Comment by david dickinson on 14th February 2013
Failure to accommodate off-reserve voters would likely jeopardize the legality of the vote. I would think there would be a duty that all off-reserve members are notified by mail, well in advance of the vote. If this is not the case, then off-reserve members should organize, get a lawyer, and challenge the vote.

You may want to contact the UNN regarding the implementation of the Corbiere decision.

Here's a link to the case:

Off Reserve Voting?
Comment by Don Camsell on 14th February 2013
How are all the citizens who live off reserve to vote?
This is rediculous
Comment by Davy on 14th February 2013
We wouldn't accept this even in a highschool elction for student council. We all know who the students are. what gives? First you expect them to show up in advance of the vote to come again later and actually vote? Who designed this system Harper? The Band Councils must know who all the members are, they get paid for each one don't they?

Oh this smacks of serious white man trash trickery.

We should all be crazy in rage. What a bunch of slimy trickery