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Negotiatiors Gerald Wesley and Mark Stevenson have made their careers at the Treaty table.   This was published in 1996, seventeen years ago.   The vote yesterday was to tell them to continue.
NEWS RELEASE · 21st February 2013
Min of Aboriginal Relations
Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Ida Chong released the following statement today in response to Wednesday's 'yes' vote by Kitselas First Nation members regarding the ratification of their Agreement in Principle (AIP):

"I would like to congratulate Kitselas First Nation members and their leadership on achieving a yes vote in favour of the Kitselas Agreement in Principle. Community support is important as we move toward a treaty that will bring many benefits to the community and see Kitselas become a full, self-governing treaty nation.

"The next step in treaty negotiations is for the AIP to be signed by all three parties and for Final Agreement negotiations to proceed."

For more information on treaties in British Columbia, visit:
Couldnt have said it better myself
Comment by Well said on 23rd February 2013
Whatever happened to the Tsimshian Nation?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 22nd February 2013
The nation of Canada is in the process of completely assimilating the once magnificent Tsimshian Nation.....200 people at a time. One little village at a time.

The proposed treaty(s) are invalid at many levels. As a Tsimshian matriarch, I find this all very sad. Kitselas and Kitsumkalum ARE NOT NATIONS.

Also, too many NON-TSIMSHIAN people are influencing and voting on this surrender of land and resources. Tsimshian ancestry is determined through your Mothers....and your Mother's Mother!

You non-Tsimshian who have had your say, and have influence over "treaty" outcomes know who you are. You should be mindful that we also know who you all are. We have witnessed Nisga'a, Sto:lo, Tahltan,Gitxsan....and yes, even Caucasion people manipulating and voting in Tsimshian business.

Next up.....the mighty nation of Kitsumkalum! Then, the mighty nations of Kitkatla, Port Simpson and Hartley Bay! Oh, and don't forget the esteemed and mighty nation of Metlakatla!

Quite a farce. Indian negotiators and lawyers keep getting richer and fatter.

(A few thoughts emanating from the nation of Terrace).
Comment by Bob Drake on 21st February 2013
Let the lawsuits and legal wrangling begin. Lawyers and negotiators, order your new Audi's now
The vote
Comment by facebook on 21st February 2013
Unofficial numbers: 434 eligible voters. 225 cast. 64 mail. 161 in person. 149 yes 76 no. 1 rejected.