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P.S.A.'S · 22nd February 2013
Terrace Daily News
Over the course of the last year our website has been the target of serious attacks. We do not know the source of these hacker intrusions but have been advised by our server host and by various visitors, our website was infected by a rouge entity.

Earlier last year we had to shut down our servers and reinstall all our programs. As we host numerous websites this was costly and extremely time consuming. Earlier this month we became aware of yet another intrusion.

Today we hope we have found a solution. We have installed a new routing service which will identify, remove and clear any hackers, redirects and virus threats.

A substantial benefit from this new service may be an increase in speed for your enjoyment and a better uninterrupted surfing experience.

If you see anything suspect, anything you are uncomfortable with, please let us know. We strive to be the best community and information service in the Northwest. We have broken internationally recognized lead stories, such as the full meltdown and radiation exposure from Japan and the Enbridge disappearing Islands.

We plan to continue to be the most reliable source of breaking news for potentially the most prosperous region on the globe.

Thanks for your time,

The staff and crew at the Daily News
On the bright side.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 23rd February 2013
As the man once said, "Nobody shoots at a dead duck". Small consolation, but you must be a threat to someone's hidden agenda.
Harper hackers
Comment by Terry on 23rd February 2013
Wouldn't surprise me if its harper . He hates B.C . If he doesn't get his pipeline he's going to be even more mad at us than he already is .maybe he will take more away from us than our kits beach coast guard station . He's pretty smart . He can sell the water front property that the station sat on and have more than enough to pay the six and a half million for the one he's building the newfies . If that isn't the biggest slap in the face I don't know what is . Now he's turning the employees at ei into spy's coming unannounced to the doors of the unemployed to see if they are cheating . What next ? Turn the young conservatives into The Harper Youth . What the hell is happening to our country ? First they came for the unemployed . I was not unemployed so I did nothing . Then they came for ................. Sound familiar?
Comment by Pat#1 on 23rd February 2013
As always... you know who I am and I will continue to be your faithful and constant reader. Keep up the great work.