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P.S.A.'S · 27th February 2013
Terrace Daily News
The Terrace Daily has been completely re-worked. The entire program was reassembled from the core template with each file segment checked and re-installed.

A new server has been employed to remove the potential for the infection to carry on.

You may notice some changes as the original styles were modified to our desires. These may or may not be rearranged to what we previously changed them to.

Please, once again, if you discover any issues, let us know as soon as you see them.

We also have a secondary virus and hacker protection system installed to provide even more security.

During this work it was discovered the primary source of this attack was from China.

Small wonder as our service allows the most coverage of the issues and concerns regarding the resource activities related to China from western Canada.

Enbridge is just one issue which might attract the attention of their communist government.

Welcome back and we'll see what they try next.
Welcome Home!
Comment by Pat#1 on 27th February 2013
missed you! keep the lines of freedom open..
international espionage
Comment by david dickinson on 27th February 2013
I hope you will let CSIS know about this apparent attack by foreign governments on independent Canadian journalism. As you are probably aware, China takes a dim view of non-government sources expressing their views to the public. In China, all media, including the Internet, is under the complete control of the Central Government. Journalists who criticize the government end up in jail or worse. The Chinese government labels these free thinkers as "dissidents and trouble-makers."

We can only hope that CSIS has not been infiltrated by Chinese government officials. Unfortunately, if they don't take your concerns seriously by conducting an international investigation into these hacking attacks, this may be a sign that it is too late and that foreign governments have already compromised CSIS to the prejudice of Canada's national security.

Whose interests will CSIS protect -- those of Canadians or those of Communist China?