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P.S.A.'S · 28th February 2013
Terrace Daily News
Most readers of our services will be aware we have suffered serious attacks. Although we have identified China as being behind some of the attacks, it is the resource extraction business in our specific region, and our coverage of the issues and concerns of the general public, that has attracted this attention.

Further we have been informed local business people have been specifically instructed not to advertise with us. These instructions are buttressed with the suggestion of a boycott of their services should they support our news, information and community website.

Of course we have known about this for many years as many who have advertised with us have told us directly about the visits they have had from those opposed to the information we make public. However today it has been stepped up with personal visits to businesses. This along with the recent costly attacks to our website and server has become a serious issue for our survival.

All newspapers used to cost the readers money. We all used to pay for the paper to read it. This is no longer true. Advertisers pay to produce newspapers and almost all papers are now free. Advertisers withdraw advertising when they do not approve of the message contained within the pages. Therefore almost all news consumed today is news approved by those paying for it.

This makes real independent news very difficult and it is what is behind our personal plea today. We need direct financial support to continue. This recent attack, though we have gotten through it, has been very costly.

To survive, to continue to provide this service - including our printed publication, at a minimum, we need to find 100 people who are willing to commit to supporting us with direct payments of $100 per month.

"Keep us alive, donate today from the front page link" Think about and remember this - China, Harper and the local Chamber will be pissed if we continue to report the truth

The base minimum we have been charging for businesses to have their business card displayed on every page of the website, which includes an internal webpage, links and a display in our ‘yellow pages’ is only $200/mth. The tragedy is we have had some business people smile and agree when we advise them we could place an blank card on the site with a note, “Another anonymous business supports the Terrace Daily” just so they do not suffer consequences from their major industrial and corporate clients.

We really enjoy providing this service. We want to continue. But without support it is clear we will not be able to.

So we ask you, the reader, to consider supporting us. We need to find enough support, committed monthly, to be able to continue. One hundred readers at $100/mth ($25/week) would be great - and 200 people who could commit $50/mth would provide the same. This does not provide wages for our reporters and staff, it just covers our basic costs to maintain what we provide.

"Keep us alive, donate today from the front page link"

If you have a business and wish to display your business card and take advantage of the internal website services, we would gladly entertain you on our site. If you want to be anonymous, well, we can do that too.

Since January 2007 we have been committed to providing this service. Readers today can search for content and details of events all the way back to the beginning, 2007. Our site is fully archived to provide a historical service as well as current news from today.

If we can achieve this level of support we will begin to provide an app for hand held devices so the site can be viewed anywhere you happen to be with your smart phone.

There is a paypal link on the front page of this site or you can email us at sales,,, to get more details.

This is a critical time for us, and for our readers. The news should be independent. The news should not be subjected to approval by governments and industry. And only by supporting independent news can we ensure this happens.

"Keep us alive, donate today from the front page link"

Thanks for taking the time to consider this. We do not like to ask, however, it has become obvious today there is a concerted effort to remove all our funding sources.

Please, above all else, support the businesses who risk their own revenue stream by supporting us. Please stop in at Sight and Sound, Terrace Chrysler, MediChair, Deviant Fibres; Call HawkAir, Skeena Wild and Acadia Plumbing & Heating. If you are in Kitimat, stop by and thank Phil at Phils Mobile. Even RTA deserves a call for there recent support. Without the support of these people and their business advertising dollar, we would have faded into the sunset long ago.

It is only due to the good graces of these people and the personal assistance of others such as the very recent support of Bob Erb, the Terrace Daily is alive today. Please thank them on our behalf.

"Keep us alive, donate today from the front page link"
Not to stoop, but....whose business is more important?
Comment by Manion Denise on 2nd March 2013
I know I would like to know who the "bullies" are because I certainly wouldn't want to give them my support. And in turn, if any businesses give in to these "bullies", I know I wouldn't want to give them my business and support as well. So to the local businesses who are allowing themselves to be "bullied", whose support is more important?
Corporate advertising strategy
Comment by David on 1st March 2013
I would argue that only some businesses would be susceptible to pro-pipeline pressure. If anything, most businesses in Terrace would be helped by being characterized as "environmentally-friendly." Tourism-related businesses, in particular, will not be harmed by taking an anti-pipeline view.

Still, a "public interest" business like this requires support from readership as well as business. As a model, public interest radio stations like CKUA, KPBX, and Vancouver Co-op Radio rely on both corporate sponsors and listener support. You might consider an annual fund-raising drive. Hold fund-raising dances featuring alternative music. Alt. musicians are often activisits. Partner with environmental groups to hold seminars about local environmental issues. Expand the Daily's presence at public events, like music festivals.
You're doing something right
Comment by Jules on 1st March 2013
There can be no doubt you're doing something that no one else is and that's telling the truth about things you're protesters want kept silent.

Kind of sounds like our government at work doesn't it? There's no doubt our current government members are the biggest scammers and liars we've ever had in the parliament buildings. And they'll do anything to stop those who would stop them.

Keep up the excellent work! This is a site I visit every day and always enjoy the news you report.
Just a thought.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 1st March 2013
The only way this kind of behaviour flourishes is by remaining secretive. It works because people don't know who the bullies are.
Don't Quit!
Comment by Bobby on 1st March 2013
Do not give up Merv and Associates!!! Your doing a valuable public service, even if most of the citizens are to busy drooling all over themselves to realize. Merv is one of the last existing journalists within BC, it would be a shame if he quit and your only source for news was a purchased corporate controlled and censored discourse. You'd never get the truth about anything other then hockey scores! Northern BC is already chalk fully of ignoramuses, lets not see it worsen by allowing this great resource to fade. Please donate and support the Terrace Daily. This is YOUR paper and news.
What gives?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 1st March 2013
Who can walk into any business in Terrace, and bully them about their business decisions? I think it is a copout. It reminds me of an elementary, school yard event when a big girl named Giselle demanded that me and my best friend Linda stop being friends with Arnold.

Linda "liked" Arnold, and that little, red-haired girl was my best friend since grade one. Arnold was a waif, from the wrong side of the tracks, but me and Linda's world did not stop at the tracks.

Giselle made a big deal out of not inviting us to her birthday party, and told all her friends not to invite us neither. One day, in Grade five, Giselle gave my little, red-haired friend a little push on our way to school......."Ew! You touched Arnold!" she mocked.
Well, my best friend Linda snapped, and threw big Giselle into a big holly bush. (Heh, heh).

Pink tee-shirts will not stop bullying. Good, sound intervention will.....or, Mom used to tell me to ignore them.

If this is what is going on in Terrace, then those business people are allowing themselves to be bullied!

That little, red-haired best friend of mine is now a retired, elementary school teacher who never lost her (evolved) knack for dealing with bullies.

Who's running your life/business? Bullies require exposure, truth and intervention. Without that, young bullies become old bullies.
This reminds me of...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 28th February 2013
This reminds me of when the Independent schools rec'd notices that their funding would be reduced, as the Gov't couldn't support the Private schools who were teaching children 'against the social norm'.


So TD has the nerve to report 'against the social norm'. Good for them!