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COMMENTARY · 1st March 2013
Merv Ritchie
Almost without exception all North American Mainstream Media covered the resignation of the Pope and his final presentations as a celebratory event. If any mentioned any controversy it was cursory without depth. Over the course of the past three decades the exposure of the corruption, pedophilia, sodomy, buggery and outright physical and emotional assault of the innocents, the children, has been the mainstay of News world wide. Even this recent Popes involvement with Hitler and the genocide had previously been exposed. Late last year the government of Australia had had enough and initiated a full scale investigation. Why then was the general population exposed this past week to so much hype and manufactured pleasantries regarding such a foul institution?

Is it because so many of our good citizens have been beguiled by the trickery of this Church? Because so many have invested so much of their self worth by belonging to it, with so many of their friends and neighbours; this chamber of shame? Why? we must ask. What is it about our personalities that allow us to continue to forgive the unforgivable?

Why is it that so many can stand tall and proud when the very institution they enter has a history replete with despicable activities. Activities that continue to be exposed today.

Why will friends and neighbours not shame those who attend?

Believing in Jesus and God does not mean you must attend a building which represents a history of genocide, abuse and pedophilia. There has been no change in the foundational structure of this assembly of folks claiming to be the intermediaries to Christ that which Jesus stated very clearly he held the only authority for that position. Forgiveness cannot begin until the activities stop and clearly, they have not stopped.

This is the same foundational pattern behind the bully behaviours we recently wrote about. Group, pack, animal mentality. Who will be the first leader to stand up and say ‘no, I will no longer support this vile organization?’ My dollars to donuts guess is not a one of ‘em! Everyone will make excuses on how their little local church is not responsible. Yes, they will all attack anyone who dares challenge their indentured stature as a good “God fearing Catholic.” Run that hippie little bastard outta town will be the mantra. Then they can all go back to live in their comfortable delusion.

And this is why all the Mainstream Media will not dare to raise alarm bells and write scathing editorials and news reports on the extensive corruption and child abuse within the ranks of the Catholics, officials and non-officials. Almost all ‘holy than thou’ Christians are abusers. I was raised in it, lived with it and have family members who still participate in it. It is the best place to hide. All sorts of down and outters talk about these people. It is the reason they are down and out. They either refuse to participate, have exposed others and are now shunned or are so damaged they simply hide in mental anguish or substance abuse.

It is the Catholic Church that is at the foundation of almost all the worlds’ social problems. They teach people not to think and accept the abuse as if it was God’s will.

And how dare anyone challenge them!

They have amassed such a huge number of misguided followers who will refuse to even consider the truth behind this writing that they know the chance of real exposure in the mainstream is all but impossible, and more likely forbidden, as a serious hit to the pocket book will result.

Hence the Citizens Court which started a legal action many months ago, followed by the the serving and filing of proper documents, following commonly accepted legal principles and time reference periods for response. Finally the Court was held after a Jury was selected. Then after the presentation of the evidence, out of respect for due process, a further ten days was allowed for the defendents to present their defense before the Court would be forced to make a decision in absentia. This is common practice in all Courts. If the defendent does not appear the court still proceeds. A final time period is allowed to give the defendents a last opportunity before an in absentia decision is rendered..

In this case, during that ten day period, prior to the sentencing and issuance of arrest warrants, the Pope resigned.

One doesn’t really believe a Church and Queen sanctioned Court would hold a trial against themselves? Of course not, it is up to the common people to stand up for the common people. Cripes it is like pulling teeth!

It is not surprising to those of us who study and pay attention to the news and world affairs without predispositions to dogmas and social norms.

The majority will smile at pictures of the waving pig of a man, the representative of all that is horrendous. He represents nothing of God. Pure good spirit, health of mind, body and soul, has nothing in common with these people who stand in the house of ill repute.

Do I expect it to change, hell no. Fifty-four years of witnessing people eagerly complying to anyone and anything that will allow them to hide with their own immorality has proven my fellow men and women will all be Judas’s faster than the blink of an eye.

Jesus died on the cross for nothing. Pray to mother Mary (or the pope), isn’t that what Jesus told you to do? Let see now, what chapter and verse was that in, Matthew? No, Mark? No, Luke? No, John? No. Jesus man, Revelations? No but it does talk about where the Catholics are leading us.

Oh, How Dare I, For Shame!

Court case with 150 exhibits proving the Canadian genocide will be broadcast on California TV - starting tonight March 1st, 2013 at 11:30 pm pacific time, and every Friday night then after throughout March.
Watch Here

Comment by mbw on 3rd March 2013
Why are we so angry?

Why can't we find the good instead of looking for the bad?

I am not a Pope-fan but that doesn't mean I am going to throw the baby out with the bath water. Not everything about the Catholic Church is bad.

Can't we be kind, and tolerant? Can't we forgive, and move forward? Is that not the "Christian" way?

I know for me if I don't take that approach I will die very unhappy.

God bless.
Let's all pull the hokey pokey...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 2nd March 2013
So this 'Court' orders the Pope, the Queen and the Prime Minister to surrender by March 4/13 or they will face Citizen's arrest and all their assets seized?

Are you kidding me? A CITIZEN's ARREST?!

Okay. 'Sounds kinda hokey to me.

Well...two days left. I gotta keep glued to the TV on the news all day March 4/13 to watch this all transpire.
Status of a country
Comment by Terry on 1st March 2013
You've got to look at the history of the Vatican Merv. The Catholic Church did a deal with the devil last century . They got their status from el duche ( Benito Mussolini ) in return for looking the other way while he murdered anyone not catholic , not fascist and the murder of North Africans on a grand scale .
Genocide in Africa
Comment by David on 1st March 2013
Much of sub-Saharan Africa, which has the highest rates of AIDs on Earth, is Catholic. The Catholic Church under this latest Pope has held steadfast in its position that the use of condoms, or any form of birth control, is contrary to the doctrine of the Church. In practice, it means millions of Africans avoid birth control to avoid being sent to hell.

The actual numbers of lives which could have been saved, had the Catholic Church reversed its position on birth control, is academic. However, it must be in the millions:

"More than two-thirds (69 percent) of all people living with HIV, 23.5 million, live in sub-Saharan Africa—including 91 percent of the world’s HIV-positive children. In 2011, an estimated 1.8 million people in the region became newly infected. An estimated 1.2 million adults and children died of AIDS, accounting for 71 percent of the world’s AIDS deaths in 2011. - See more at:"

So, in that sense, the Pope does indeed have blood on his hands.
Just a curious note, a question actually.
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 1st March 2013
Just why is the 'Vatican', the Papal Kingdom, providing the Pope a place for immunity from prosecution? They announced this with great fanfare. Does no one ask questions anymore?
Couldn't agree more
Comment by Jules on 1st March 2013
As an atheist I couldn't agree more.

That entire club of pedophiles and sexual perverts should be drawn and quartered.
Comment by Terry on 1st March 2013
You should have heard a famous catholic this evening telling it like it is . Bill Maher On real time with bill maher On hbo you can still catch it this weekend . .Compared to him joe , Merv is mild at best .
Revelation 17:16
Comment by Bible Thumper on 1st March 2013
The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.

It is up to fringe media like to report on the dirty deeds of the Pope and the Queen.

Mainstream media panders to mainstream christians that have lost their faith...

It is your duty Merv to expose corruption where ever it lies...
Comment by Joe on 1st March 2013
Isn't it snivelling commentaries like this that led you to have to beg people to support you like your workin' the Variety Club telethon? Good riddance if your site folds - you used to report news for Terrace in a timely manner... now you've reduced your self to pissng in the wind.

From a former faithful (pardon the pun) reader