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CONTRIBUTION · 2nd March 2013
My question is when will it end? When will the people of Canada put their foot down and say enough is enough? Every new road, every powerline, every project which could mean something to the economy of the area is put on hold, and held ransome until the First Nations people have had their say, and generally until they have the pay-off they desire.

It is about time that we as a community, get on with our lives and get on with what is best for the area involved.
If this means an environmental study, get it over with, and forget making one group of people rich and leaving the rest of us to wait till they are satisfied.

Really, we all could use a $200,000,000 boost into our economy. Why is it just given to the one group. Most of us have lived in this country for generations, and we are all just as concerned about the welfare of the area, we too will be handing it off to the next generations, we too are affected by how this all works out.

I don't want to have a government or corporate handout to me personally, but it would be nice to see a boost in the infrastructure of the area, developement and renewal of existing tourism facilities, getting proper road maintenance,etc.

We are on the right path, but I would hate to see it all "dry up" because of the wants of one group.

We are a community, and as such, we should be looking at the concerns and needs of all of us. We want to prosper, we all have the same concerns,...yes, do your studies, satisfy the concerns of the area, and if that is not possible, scrap the project or projects, and quite wasting the money that is being spent on "reviews".

If these projects are going to be a reality, get it started, let the people who want to find jobs find them, and let us all benefit...we are all in this TOGETHER!