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COMMENTARY · 3rd March 2013
Merv Ritchie
UPDATE 8:15 pm over four hours after the meeting began The latest is Clark has come out and stated she will lead the Liberals into the next election. She says the right thing to do is make it right.

“I think when you make a mistake, when somebody in your organization makes a mistake, the right thing to do is to own up to it and to make it right.”

Political commentators see this as a victory for the NDP only.

Kieth Baldrey has tweeted - Premier Clark and her cabinet are saying she will lead party into election. I think I hear champagne corks being popped at NDP HQ.

It is now approaching three hours since Christy Clark began meeting with her team of Cabinet and caucus colleagues. Like a Jury room in a trial the longer the meeting the more serious the discussion, and the likelihood of a split, hung jury.

Both Martyn Brown, Campbell’s long time Chief of Staff and John Cummins the leader of the Conservative Party of BC mused on how this might not look good for Clark.

We are staying tuned with all our contacts and sources and will bring you the decision as soon as we hear.

Will there be an immediate election called by a spurned leader in retaliation? Will she storm out of the meeting and retreat to hiding again? Will they all come out and pretend nothing is wrong?
What a hypocrite!
Comment by Catherine on 4th March 2013
Merv, didn't she just apologize for the " language" in the document? How can someone carry around a bible and then blatantly lie like this.

I can't wait until she and her bunch of robber barons (insiders included) are jailed for an eternity!

PS Thanks for the Alex Tsakumis link - he's another "Voice of Reason" blogger!
Did only Clark speak in favor of herself?
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 4th March 2013
From all the presentations outside her Cabinet seclusion last evening, all we were permitted was Clark presenting herself. Four hours of behind closed door talks and only she came out to tell the media they were solid?

One would expect a team of ministers flanking her and boldly stepping up to a microphone to field questions, to present a joint statement.

One could suspect, after four hours, somebody advised her, 'well, it's been four hours and the media are outside waiting, you'd better go tell them something!'

So she did and mustered the brave face to go out and do what liberals do best, lie.

Later, when the other rats scurried forth many blustered words of support in their rush to escape.

With all that media, the advantage of free media attention to get out a message, one would think a united team would all line up to take turns, smiling and hugging each other.

Rather they were all beaten down by a psychopath and just wanted to get out and get a drink as fast as possible, to go see their spouses, kids and get a shower in an attempt wash away the filth they just endured.

She couldn't even apologize properly, because she herself can never acknowledge she does anything wrong, ever. It is classic psychopathic personality. Note she apologized for the actions of others, not herself.