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NEWS RELEASE · 4th March 2013
These Persons have been convicted by the International Common Law Court of Justice of committing Crimes against Humanity and Children

Elizabeth Windsor: GUILTY of abducting ten children on October 10, 1964 from the Kamloops Indian residential school, all of whom vanished

Joseph Ratzinger: GUILTY of ordering the coverup of child rape and torture by Catholic priests, and of destroying evidence of Genocide by his church

Stephen Harper: GUILTY of lowering the mandatory sentence for child rape in Canada to ONE YEAR, and of covering up the Murder of Indian children

An International Citizen Arrest Warrant has been issued against these guilty persons - YOU ARE OBLIGATED to aid in the detention and public banning of these criminals and their organizations

CONTACT The Court's Sheriff's Office C/O itccscentral,,,

Posted by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State - Brussels - 4/3/2013 -

For an earlier report and contextual background - click here
hop on the bandwagon, and miss your train.
Comment by Jamesw on 5th March 2013
The problem with this scenario, is the courts enacting these decrees have no legitimate means to enforce these laws. I'm not sure about Harper, but legal systems and barriers ensuring relative immunity have been put in place to prevent this kind of scenario from overdeveloping for both the queen and pope. the worst these accusations will do is hand out some bad PR.. oops! pope did a rapey again! watching the pope resign, the head cardinal of Briton, and queen Beatrix, only add to the clearly visible "effects" of interactions behind the scenes between global power mongers. the real questions that need to be asked are the ones that never will be. classic misdirection. who wants the pope out of power? what power factions are fighting? why? what caused it? "whom" had "what" motive? there is no doubt a long web of events "caused" the final "effects" which are visible to us on our 60" propaganda boxes, and found on scantily substantiated reports of alternate media. still, there is always some truth in fiction ;)

also.. i have found "the benjamin fulford report" to be one of the more informative alternate media outlets of the bunch to those so inclined to check such things out.. MJ

Comment by david dickinson on 4th March 2013
Unfortunately for Mr. Annett, I just don't have the guts to enter churches and arrest church personnel. I'm not ready to face jail time for kidnapping and unlawful confinement. The world is filled with cowards, no doubt. But I'd rather be a coward than a criminal. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how many church personnel are arrested in Terrace and who is not too cowardly to do it.
War crimes
Comment by david dickinson on 4th March 2013
I'm a little disappointed that no warrant has been issued against George W. Bush for the 116,903 documented and verifiable deaths in Iraq.
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 4th March 2013
Just outta curiousity....does the ITCCS financially support Terrace Daily?

Thanks but no.
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 4th March 2013
During the course of human history, citizens have taken it upon themselves to stand up against the Church, Kingship and governments. It is what created the French revolution, the Magna Carta, the end of slavery and recently, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of South African Aparthied. Essentially it is those who stand against abuse - those who created what we believe to be Parliamentary Democracy.

Those who were cowards and supported the corruption and obvious abuse of the accepted leadership have been exposed in historical documents for being traitorous to humanity. Welcome to some of our commenterís.

Yes, I too do not expect to see an uprising of brave independent thinkers. But this will not stop us from giving brave people a forum for a voice.

But please donít use my name because I know how this town works. cowards
Comment by Bobby on 4th March 2013
Even if this was legitimate, which its almost certainly not, exactly how would one go about making a citizens arrest against the prime minister?
Are you guys for real?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 4th March 2013
You guys really need to get a better quality of drugs if you think that your kangaroo "court" actually means anything. I would pay to watch you try and serve this "arrest warrant" on her majesty, the Royal Marines would have a hay day with you.

There is nothing as ordinary as a no-body trying to be a some-body. That about sums up this group, ITCCS.
The only whereabouts question now is Harper
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 4th March 2013
Joe has claimed sanctuary, asylum in the Vatican City. Liz is apparently being treated in seclusion in a hospital. Where is Steve?