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CONTRIBUTION · 5th March 2013
Terrace Skating Club
The Terrace Skating Club has recently come back from the Cariboo North Central Region Championship figure skating competition. The Snow Valley Skating Club in Kitimat hosted the event, during the weekend of February 15-17, 2013. The competition rounded up skaters from Prince George, Quesnel, Williams Lake, Burns Lake, Smithers, Houston, Prince Rupert and Kitimat. It was a challenging competition but most of the Terrace Skaters came home with medals to show off!
Results are taken from Skating BC, and are as follows;
Gold Dance Solo
1st place Jorden Hendry with 12.31 points
Junior Silver Dance Solo
1st place Hannah Jay with 11.76 points
Junior Bronze Dance Solo
1st place Maya Lecuyer with 8.76 points
Gold Elements
1st place Jorden Hendry with 11.62 points
Bronze Elements
2nd place Jessi Thandi with 7.42 points (Group 2)
2nd place Julia Bowles with 7.19 points (Group 1)
Preliminary Elements (Group 1)
1st place Maya Lecuyer with 6.08 points
3rd place Cricket Elliott with 2.85 points
Preliminary Elements (Group 2)
1st place Katherine Peters with 5.05 points
3rd place Nisha Nijjar with 3.44 points
6th place Tristen Morgan with 2.15 points
Primary Spins (Group 1)
1st place Brianne Monsen with 1.86 points
5th place Mikayla Beaudette with 1.62 points
Primary Spins (Group 2)
45th place Jayci Peck with 2.17 points
5th place Alexis Cooper with 1.73 points
Primary Spins (Group 3)
2nd Place Cricket Elliott with 4.01 points
3rd place Camryn Monsen with 2.42 points
5th place Kaytlin Gingles with 1.73 points
Primary Spins (Group 4)
3rd place Tristen Morgan with 2.50 points
5th place Nisha Nijjar with 2.16 points
Preliminary Spins
1st place Christine Heideman with 3.83 points
7th place Emma DeCario with 1.70 points
Bronze Spins
3rd place Julia Bowles with 4.92 points
4th place Jesse Thandi with 4.43 points
Star 4 13 and over
2nd place Julia Bowles with 13.97 points
4th place Jesse Thandi with 11.79 points
Gold Women
2nd place Jorden Hendry earning 24.34 points
Pre-Intro Women (Group 2)
1st place Maya Lecuyer earning 22.37 points
4th place Cricket Elliott earning 13.91 points
Pre-Intro Women (Group 3)
1st place Nisha Nijjar earning 16.40 points
Introductory Women
4th place Christine Heideman earning 18.21 points
6th place Emma DeCrio earning 14.98 points
Introductory Women
1st place Katherine Peters earning 22.02 points
5th place Laura Dale earning 16.82 points
Bronze Interpretive
1st place Julia Bowles earning 35.15 points
2nd place Jesse Thandi earning 31.56 points
Gold Interpretive
3rd place Jorden Hendry earning 41.64 points