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COMMENTARY · 5th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
The adored President of Venezuela died. Like Canada claims to desire to be, Venezuela is an oil resource economy. The difference is the leader spurned the advances and corruption of corporate USA and used this oil wealth to help the citizens of his country. Hugo Chavez even delivered free heating fuel to the poor districts of the United States, much to the chagrin of George W Bush.

He built new homes in the poor districts, provided free education and health care and instituted the most progressive democratic reforms. Canada has elections interfered with by the ruling government.

In Canada, particularly in Alberta, citizens are even being told they do not have money for education, health care or housing. And yet the government tells us we need to accept pipeline and oil exports to be more prosperous, when we can’t pay the bills even now.

Right . . . .!

Canadians are so asleep. Is it the fluoride they put in our water?

CBC stated on their news he leaves behind a deeply divided Nation - more lies - Chavez united his people in a way every other world leader could only dream of.

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Money Money Money
Comment by Moe Naguib on 8th March 2013
The country of Canada should be Oil self sufficient, Harper has failed to deliver on this, but what about all the money that come from the sale of oil? Why can that not be used to refine and generate the the products that are made from oil here in Canada? is it because Harper hates to re-invest in this country? Is it because he has nothing but contempt for anyone other than a few executives?
Or is that he lacks the ability to imagine a country that is prosperous and well managed and therefore can't lead the country to reach its full potential . He probably doesn't have the imagination to be jealous of any leader who can generate the kind of respect within his own country that Hugo Chavez had.