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COMMENTARY · 6th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
Todayís media fanfare regarding the extreme right wing media owner, David Black, demonstrates the failure of the education system. Journalists and commentators write about this clear ridiculous concept in terms insinuating it is reasonable. Any person possessing even a minimal education of reason and logic with critical thinking skills would immediately recognize the idiocy of the concept.

The first consideration of any business venture is to determine a market for the product one wants to sell and the cost of the materials to produce the product. None of this is even discussed in Blackís Black (unclean) proposal. What idiotic financier would pay enormous extra expenses to build infrastructure to transport the raw bitumen to BC for processing when these costs could be saved by building the refinery in Alberta, right next to the source of the product?

And then where would Mr Idiot sell his product?

Well, letís start with China. Why would China pay more for a refined product when they just finished building 10 new refineries to refine the raw Alberta Bitumen. It doesnít stop there. Chinaís Dalian arm of the COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Corp.) just finished building 15 new double hulled VLCC (Very Large Crude Carriers) to ship the raw product to China from Canada. If the desired sale for this new source is to America, why would anyone first ship it to Kitimat for refining?

Details and links here

No, this is a joint idiocy proposal by the extreme right wing corporate crowd of the Terrace Kitimat consortium of Socred/Liberal/Conservative supporters who all fall under the banner of KTIDS (Kitimat-Terrace Industrial Development Society).

All these business and political elite from BCís Northwest have been supporting the monopoly publication ownership position of David Blacks, Black Press. There is no newspaper published west of Prince George owned by any other media. If the media is the message, then the message everyone gets is the narrow minded, unintelligent perspective of David Blacks publications.

According to the legal owners of the territory the proposed pipelines are to cross, there will be no pipelines allowed. Not one.

The proposed natural gas pipelines are primarily stock market speculation plays, where individuals profit by the rise and fall of stock values. Those who pay attention understand the world now has an excess of natural gas and the price has plummeted making the sales of the product from Canada less likely. In fact today there is no financial model which will support the cost of constructing a pipeline and the associated power generation facilities to compress the gas to a liquid to meet any cost effective market demand. It is all hype for stock market manipulators.

Everything being proposed is to encourage the construction of pipelines only. Nothing else should be thought about. All these news releases, media manipulation tactics are to promote the construction of pipelines to the west coast of BC.

These will then be used/converted for one purpose only. To ship the raw Bitumen to China via their new VLCCís to their new refineries.

Everything else, all other schemes and diversions are just that, diversions.

The continuing promotion of idiotic news to the uneducated public proves one thing only.

The information age has failed us just as the general population has been failed by the Canadian education system to produce a population with critical thinking skills.

Criminality foundation of BC
really...msm media baron shilling for whom...
Comment by crazy eh on 18th March 2013
Far be it from me to enter the dark shadow world of Black's media empire, and lately the blossoming empires new poster child...the Kitimat Refinery.

For one, these things, the refineries need vast quantities of cooling water, land, capital, manpower and a host of other...vast "things" to operate and turn a profit. No to mention environmental reviews and such.

Exactly why would a right wing "baron" in the twilight of his career, take on the next big thing....

Hmm...if the "media is the message" then perhaps this "corporate" cheerleader, is promoting his own corporate agenda...and the BC liberals...not to mention the "harpertista" big oil agenda.

Perhaps the reality of the need to make more money to the end of all else, for these types, is really beginning to cloud their judgement. If you want to build a refinery, what's wrong with Alberta?

All of the expertise, capital and raw materials are there..why would you do it here....hmmm, one has to wonder, if there's a little more to his agenda eh?
I did not miss the point Richard
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 9th March 2013
As you admitted, you failed to even read my response. I am not a British Columbian or a Canadian. I am a free thinking person who happens to live in an area a corporate crowd designed imaginary boundaries around. Many others feel exactly the same way. I am a human being attempting to bring and provide a better life for everyone on the planet.

Now you may want to wave a flag and claim to belong to a corporate structure but I, like almost all traditional Indians who respect their ancestors, do not. To be Tsimshian, Gitxsan, Tahltan, Haisla, Nisga'a etc is to be part of an ancestry, not part of a corporation, that which BC and Canada are.

You need to take the time to read all the words to understand the issue. Not reading means you have already made up your mind, hence I would be wasting my time attempting to enlighten you. And I hate wasting time, there isn't much of it.
woke up a long time ago
Comment by Catherine on 8th March 2013
Ask yourself who's paying all this $$ to foment these issues in order to divert our attention away from what they're really doing??? ie destruction of free speech, rule of law, making a farce out of our political system with the likes of Christy Clark and her CORPORATE backers. Indeed, when government and corporatism merge, it is hard for anyone to trust what is going on.

Harper's threat is what the Americans are already doing - ie drones and the new language of calling protesters terrorists ie. eco-terrorist etal. When a country is deemed to have an excess of democracy the powers that be will deliberately " traumatize" their own people to fulfill their selfish agendas - ie Newton Shooting ...

One only has to look to what the Americans and their allies have done to the 3rd world countries " in the name of democracy" Chossudovsky details all of the dirty dealings including the "color wars" in his "Globalization of Poverty" or even Engdahl's "Full Spectrum Dominance". Those same tactics are visually apparent in North America today.

If you don't believe - look around - North America has been stripped of its industrial base. The good jobs have been or are being offshored. We are working harder and longer at service sector jobs for less pay and fewer to no benefits. Our EI system turned into an ATM machine for government while disallowing us the benefits. National history is rewritten depending on who is in power and we are being dumbed down in public and private schools, universities and colleges. Our only worth now is as consumers of mainly foreign made goods and we are kept in check by religion, sports, idiotic "reality" TV, video games and anything else that turns off thinking.

It all boils down to CAPITALISM and the fact that money corrupts all - government, honor, morality - nothing is immune to purchase!

Comment by Ann on 7th March 2013
Merv - you have support from academics -those are the people who think and care, and Iím one of them. I canít believe how much stupidity and ignorance we have lately in the media. Your newspaper is the only one I can read without feeling that Iím being treated like an idiot. It seems to me that every other journalist in Canada have some sort of brain hiccup. Well maybe not, perhaps they just got a reminder that they may not keep their jobs if they ďdonít behaveĒ.Nevertheless I find your articles very informative and certainly I like the passion..
Comment by richard on 7th March 2013
again you miss the point we are all british columbians trying to make responsible decisions for generations to use a long winded explanation that we quit reading half way through because it is useless to the point i am trying to make.
Thanks my my
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th March 2013
There are two classic definitions for 'ad hominem attacks', neither which I can see apply to my arguments.

1. directed against a person rather than against his arguments
2. based on or appealing to emotion rather than reason

I do not direct my arguments against the person, but directly, succinctly to, the subject at issue and I use 'reason' extensively, removing emotion from the debate.

Oh, sorry, now I get it, calling the media baron Mr. Stupid? Yeah, suppose you're right. Should have developed an extensive discussion paper on how he is worse than the guy's who manipulated all of Britain with the News of the World fiasco, the Murdochs, the infiltration of the politicians into the media message. Black is as unclean as they get. Calling his refinery "clean" what idiocy!

I am too tired it seems to want to waste any energy on such unethical people. But you are right. Though I address the issues clearly, I did resort to an ad hominem attack also.

No appologise from me to him. His use of his duty as a media mogul to spread false and misleading information is a crime all in itself and he should be tarred and feathered as well as called names.
my my
Comment by martin on 7th March 2013
Merv, I don't challenge you because mostly you're right (not to mention brave), but being as you taught me the word 'ad hominem', I'm worried that you are now using the tactic yourself.
I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, but please do not stoop to their tactics.
And as a footnote to Indians - Native - BCr's
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th March 2013
The reason the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is so ineffective and despised by so many is it does not represent Indians. It is an organization funded by the Federal Government and supported by Band Councils (also funded by the Federal Government) whose entire objective is to extinguish the legal rights and protections afforded to Indians.

This is what the mainstream media does not tell people, 'specially not Indians.

And this topic is so off topic to the associated story!
On point re: Native vs Indian vs British Columbia
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th March 2013
Indian refers to Indigenous. The original people. It comes from a spanish/latin root. It is what the laws initiated by the explorers (primarily the British) refer to when they speak about Indians. There is no legal framework or precedence to apply the laws designed to protect "Indians" to protect 'First Nations' or 'Natives'. The laws enacted apply to protect the rights of Indians only. It is why the Indian Act is called the Indian Act, it applies to Indians.

Hence the claim to the validity of the Royal Proclamation of 1763, it states "Indians" are to remain the owners of their lands and territories until such time as the lands are bought or are negotiated for through a treaty. This applies to Indians, not First nations or Natives. The words are not just important, they are critical.

British Columbians are people who desire to consider themselves subject to the laws of the land the Canadian Government inappropriately (some say illegally) claim jurisdiction over with the corporate name of British Columbia. BC and Canadian corporate administrators are trusting people will forget, will fail to learn or understand the truth, the history. And in all likelyhood, they will be gambling on a reality. I will argue for compassion and truth, real knowledge and education. Others will remain active raiders into others lands, believing a whole raft of lies and misinformation.

Most Indians I know, although they understand the claims of Canada and British Columbia, do not respect or resign their ancestors claim of right to their territory, their Indigenous right, the original inhabitants, Indians.
Comment by richard on 7th March 2013
why do you use indian instead of native, and for everyone else is british columbian,we like to consider ourselves british is like you enjoy the stir you cause. you should be thankful when we protest, we are trying to save you from yourselves.
And further, more than anything
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th March 2013
I want to be challenged. I do everything I can to get challenged. To have anyone show me where, what I state is incorrect. Please, someone, tell me, prove with some source, some evidence, what I have been alleging is incorrect.

That is what debate is. Not what social media has caused to be the normal debate pattern, "f you - no f you"

That is where people go when they cannot admit they have nothing further to add to justify their false beliefs and assumptions.

Debate is the intelligent exchange of differing thoughts and opinions on issues. This I desire most of all.

So please, on any issue ever presented, please.....

I sometimes make people unhappy when I continue to respectfully challenge them on their opinions and information, but never would I resort to insults or name calling. Except to David Black here and his ignorant idea, he is fair game as far as I am concerned
Maureen, please slow down a little
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th March 2013
First we need to be accurate with the terms we employ. My words were regarding what you call "support" I stated "seem to talk with me in encouraging and thankful terms". These individuals are from both the Terrace and PG campuses of UNBC, the NWCC campus as well as Secondary School teachers from both Terrace and Kitimat. Many state they use our articles in their class rooms to teach about freedom of the press and unbiased reporting. Actually, even an indentured University professor from Japan regularly comments and provides source material. I am flattered to say the least after never writing until I was nearing 50 years of age.

I am concerned with your statements regarding your perception that I 'bully;

"supposed to feel guilty or stupid or bullies if we question Merv on sources or opinions."

I am truly sorry if you feel this way. I wish to express myself in clear unambiguous terms. I almost always reveal my sources, except where they are confidential. I never name call or insult but will respond to erroneous allegations. Such as this one.

If you feel threatened or bullied due to my responses to clarify a situation I will look for nicer ways to put things.

In one of the earlier comments in this thread I "stated 'we are all fools if" and then provided a link. Now I certainly didn't direct that at anyone but used it as a statement including myself, though a very sensitive person might take that personally, so again, if I have said something offensive that was taken as a personal affront, I am sorry.

We attempt to encourage honest open intelligent debate. We surely are bound to fail once in a while.

And don't ask for names, I will not compromise these educators. If they wish to respond to your challenge they will on their own.

Thanks again

really just wondering
Comment by Maureen on 7th March 2013
Truly - if Merv says the only support he gets is from academics, I would like to know who. That is all. I agree with Merv's stance on the refinery which this column response was supposed to be about, but as with many discussion threads, it all becomes about how readers and those who resond are supposed to feel guilty or stupid or bullies if we question Merv on sources or opinions.
I would like clarification - and if that is a being a bully, oops sorry I will remain silent and complacent I suppose.
And if Merv doesn't have an answer this says more about him than it does me.
My last bastion of support?
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th March 2013
Only weak people need support to be able to speak up. You, though, still support us by never failing to come and read. If even to laugh at us, which is okay too, it all means we are doing exactly what we should be doing.

Our readership is always rated higher than any other in the region, even with the hacker attacks.

Your words however seem to insinuate an insult, kinda bully like. Yeah, we're used to that too.

Thanks for your traffic to our site.
college and university educators?
Comment by Maureen on 6th March 2013
Merv, I find it interesting you feel the only support is coming from post secondary educators. Can you be more specific? As in local institutions or from outside agencies? I have no opinion one way or the other - just curious where your last bastion of support is coming from.
That I appreciate
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th March 2013
The difficulty I have however is after a full seven years of attempting to enlighten people, every delivery method I have used seems to impact different segments of society in different ways. The police get hostile, then the business community gets hostile, the drug dealers confront me (though I am still alive), the elected Indian Chiefs get hostile, the environmentalists shun me, the politicians shy away, the only people who seem to talk with me in encouraging and thankful terms are university and college educators.

I am supposing this means I am being fair to all mindsets.

One thing I have always said, I don't care so much what your opinon is as much as I care that you have one and voice it.

Your thought was my delivery. Yeah, I respect that, but as I am coming to the end of my time here on this planet - - I don't have enough time left to be calm and patient, I am done with that - it is time to shake everyone up to the real truth, the horrendous capability of our governments.

Look out folks, Hitler style thinking is back and you are all blind to the reality!

China is only a few years away from crushing their own people under tanks. Why do you believe Harper will not continue this tradition of suppression which has endured for thousands of years? What, because you call yourself Canadian? Oh, so duped!
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 6th March 2013
Not that your articles do not contain valid food for thought, however, it's your delivery that cheapens it somewhat. Just a little constructive criticism is all.
how about a cliche at this time?
Comment by blocky bear on 6th March 2013
There are non so know the rest. Unless perhaps you are......stupid? d.b.
Killing is a very distinct possibility
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th March 2013
Does anyone remember the Canadian Military being called into the peaceful gathering at Gustafsen Lake?

We are fools to think we are protected by our governments.
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 6th March 2013
I'm afraid you're missing the point.
Not at all
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th March 2013
It is the truth and reality. What makes you think this soil is any different than the soil in Syria, Lybia, or Panama?

And as to the tabloids, they get bought up and read at a much greater rate than any others. Ever try to purchase an ad in one? Do you have any idea what they charge to place an ad there?

We will do and write anything to get people to pay attention to the truth.
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 6th March 2013
Hey Merv I think you're going a little bit overboard now with the killing bit. The professionalism is beginning to wane with your articles. People are starting to think this site is becoming something like those tabloids you see at the check out in the grocery store.
Oh, and I forgot to add this
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th March 2013
Stephen Harper signed an agreement with China. To use our military against Canadians who attempts to interfere with the shipment of the Alberta raw bitumen to China.

It is called the Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (FIPA).

He will use this to shoot and kill any Indian or British Columbian who stands in Chinaís way.

Damn it, you will do as you are told - - - just like every slave in history has had to do.