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REPORTING · 7th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
In a shocking, damning report released today, details on how Canada continues to segregate, punish and ensure Indians continue to suffer is detailed.

Indian women are clearly suffering to the highest degree.

From a thriving Matriarchal, Matrilineal culture, where women were held in the highest regard, to a culture of western male domination where women still strive to be treated as equals, Indian women are sacrificed at a rate higher than any other human being.

If Canada wishes a new relationship with their First Nations populations, they need to begin by ensuring the elected system is slowly replaced by the natural matriarchal hereditary system first.

At least in Northwest BC, where the majority of these jailed, missing and murderered woman seem to have come from; the Gitxsan, Haisla, Haida, Tsimshian, Tahltan, Nisga’a, Tlingit and Wet’suwet’en. Yes, Canada must take an entirely new approach.

The women of this region have been specifically targeted.

It is a crime.

It is a travesty.

It can not be tolerated.

One third of the women behind bars are indigenous?

Almost every women killed on the Pickton Ranch were indigenous?

Almost every women missing or murdered on Highway 16 were indigenous?

What is wrong with us?

Watch Video Here

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A Clear Solution for the Northwest Nations
Wait, what?
Comment by Adrian the Sensation on 26th March 2013
I don't know who wears the pants in other peoples relationships (regardless of race - oh except for muslims I think they're the exception. - but as far as it goes for the rest of Canadians and others world wide - in relationships the man is the braun and the woman is the brains. It works. Don't try to European colonization as the reason that so many native women are abused by their native husbands. That doesn't even make sense! I mean, really... If that were the case then wouldn't married couples of European descent be suffering even more than natives? I'm sorry, but there's gotta be a major impairment in any man who thinks it's normal to physically hurt their wife or girlfriend. Even if a man is born to the biggest failure of a mother imaginable, he will still have been born with the instincts to protect the woman he loves. If a man is raised surrounded by hate his instincts cannot be changed. If he beats up the woman who is the mother to his child, or the woman who he loves and wants to commit to, then he is a failure as a man. Our role is to protect our women from harm. We are created differently from women. A husband beating his wife- a man beating on his woman is pathetic. If any man ever laid a hand on my daughter what would I do? What would you do if some guy punched your daughter in her face?! Just the thought of it makes me dangerously angry. That's something to say about the whole situation though. We were given protective instincts from our creator as humans, as primal animals we protect them. I don't care who our great grandparents were or what they went through. Even when we were hurt as children we still know better than to hurt our own wives and daughters. PERIOD.
More fodder
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 8th March 2013
Another issue is the physical contact necessary between children/infants and their parents (or really any compassionate caregiver). It is a well understood psychological need for healthy mental development. Most Indian children from the British Columbian territories were taken away from all nurturing, seized from their families and communities and forced into cruel environments. Children born in the fifties and sixties were to parents who, for the most part, lacked any understanding or experience with nurturing.

Most still employ the ‘good Christian principals’ taught by ministers, nuns and priests, to beat the kids and sexually abuse them. Sex was the only kindness most of the Res school victims ever experienced. Those Indian children who survived this experience in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s went home to share these teachings with their own families.

A youngster born to these emotionally, psychologically challenged adults learned how to fight to survive. Some learned how to use sex to get what they wanted. Today in Terrace many young Indian girls perform the couch hop. They cannot live with their damaged parents so they find men who will let them stay with them. These men supply them drugs, drink and food and the girls learn sexual abuse is what love is. Then some discover the Church and force their children into church doctrines believing they were born bad and deserve the abuse. The cycle hasn’t even slightly slowed.

It is so bad here in the northwest an Indian who leaves and returns after developing a healthy lifestyle and habits gets accused of attempting to be better than the rest of their family and either gets shunned and bullied or is dragged back into the hell hole of alcohol and drug abuse, which is so rampant throughout the region.

Every elected local politician I have reported on since arriving here in 2006 and I mean every politician, has encouraged or attempted to support the building of a treatment center. The Provincial and Federal government has denied every plea. . They all understand the problem, the police understand the problem, social workers understand the problem yet even with the province stealing all the alcohol and gambling tax revenue, they return virtually nothing but the desire to build a jail in Terrace to house and hide their creation.

I have argued, and will continue to argue, the hereditary elders and system of government must be respected. This will give the children something to respect and look to for guidance. As the linked solution article states, we need to find a way to incorporate the hereditary with the elected system. Not the old ways but a respect and honouring of the ancient teachings combined with today’s reality.

The traditional system was run by the women. It was these nurturing caring life bringers who maintained a healthy compassionate life for thousands of years, until the traders arrived. The Indian people would do well to return to this as a foundation to rebuild for a better life.

Continuing down this current path is a path to extermination. And by all present evidence, Stephen Harper is attempting to hasten it.
No More Reverse
Comment by David Ealing on 8th March 2013
I have commented on Merv's idea of going back to something that was "wonderful" before. My comment was an attempt to point out that it really wasn't that wonderful.

No matter where one looks in the past history of this world the only constant one finds is man slaughtering his fellow man. Every race not only fought their own race but given the opportunity they attacked others as well.

I'm about as white as one can get. My ancestors came from England, Scotland and Ireland. If I say that the history of the original inhabitants of North America is not without some blemish, it's with the full knowledge that my race has caused more havoc, harm and suffering in this world than others. But when we look for solutions to our present difficulties let's not choose the least harmful the past has to offer. Our solution cannot be found there.

Nor can it be found in simplistic ideas like "just stop breaking the law". Sounds a lot like Nancy Reagan's "just say no" slogan. Besides, the last time I looked, white folks were still the dominant population in our prisons.

These ideas fail to look for the cause as to why people end up in prison. An example of one cause is learning disabilities. My daughter has learning disabilities. When she was in school during the 1980s and 90s I joined the Learning Disability Association of BC, http: // At that time I learned of a study done in the late 1960s or early 70s that found that 80% of students who drop out of school before completing grade 12 drop out because of learning disabilities and that 80% of these children will end up in prison. A study done in England in the 1990s found the exact numbers in their system. These studies exemplify a consistent problem with our corporate controlled world. If it doesn't make money it's ignored.

These studies point to another problem with our educational system -- the system itself. This has been pointed out by John Taylor Gato in his article reprinted in the Terrace Daily:

Until we address this problem in our school system 64% of all children who drop out of school will continue end up in prison. It seems to me this result is much more costly than correcting the problem. But to corporations profiting from our prison system it's fine just the way it is.

If Mr Peters cannot understand how debilitating and psychologically crippling a learning disability can be or understand any other reason someone may be sent to prison I feel sorry for him. Compassion can only come through that kind of empathy toward others. and without empathy we are truly lost.

My point is we meed to look at the true cause as to why our society is in the mess it is. That will require all of us to enter the discussion by leaving our preconceived ideas at the door, looking with open eyes and an open minds at things as they truly are and coming to conclusions that benefit all. We can find harmony while honouring our differences or continue as we are.

I don't know the answer. I do, however, believe it cannot be found in our past. We must find it in the present and carry it like a bright light into our future.

In Northwest British Columbia...
Comment by Janice Robinson on 8th March 2013
We have a desperate need of a regional detox centre. Currently, we have too many people who find themselves helplessly addicted....and begging for help. Detox is a medical procedure, and can be life-threatening.

There are enough effective and active counsellors and other helpers in the addictions field, all starts with detox! It is nigh on impossible to get a willing, active addict/alcoholic all the way to Prince George (nearest detox centre) to initiate wellness.

We need a detox centre here! That will play a huge part in lessening crime(s) in the area.
Comment by david dickinson on 7th March 2013
"Do not break the laws do not go to jail, a very simple concept."

If it were really such a simple concept, then there wouldn't be anyone in jail. Your view is that everyone who ends up in jail is there because that is what they really want. In fact, at least 80 per cent of the people who end up in jail are seriously addicted to - alcohol. This is the same problem with prostitution - everybody blames the women instead of the men purchasing the services. As if women simply "choose" to become prostitutes.

We won't break the cycle of alcoholism until we, as a society, recognize that the real problem is those who manufacture, promote, sell, and profit from alcohol. If every alcohol-related crime came with parallel charges laid against the people responsible for giving the perpetrator alcohol, alcohol consumption would drop, as would the numbers of native people in jail.

Kind of the same idea as going after the johns instead of prostitutes, which has been very successful in Scandinavia in reducing prostitution. It's the old investigative journalists saying, "follow the money, and find the truth..."
Mrs. Robinson
Comment by Mr. Peters on 7th March 2013
It is a shame that you are evenly partially correct. I may be a little idealistic on this matter, but I believe that all people are equally capable of achieving anything they want. Humans have a wonderful capacity of deterministic behavior. We have the power to determine how we will respond and act to any set of circumstances.

You can have two people grown up in the same household, one achieves great things the other is a bum, why is that. One choose to raise themselves up in spite of their circumstance and the other did not.

Every human has something bad or difficult happen in their life. Deal with it, it is called life. At one point we told people to "suck it up buttercup" and now we send them off to some doctor who gives them a handful drugs to "help" deal with it. We have lost the value of teaching our kids to deal with stuff that happens in life and we are producing a generation of wieners.
What is wrong?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 7th March 2013
God only knows. But here is my contribution to this discussion:

During my post-secondary education at UBC, I was often delighted to be engaged in debates and lively discussions (often for grades). One conversation I distinctly remember was in a philosophy class where we were discussing an article where the writer proposed a hierarchy of colours/races.

It is hard to deny that Indians (brown people) of every continent are looked down upon and/or disregarded by every other race. Yes, even American blacks consider themselves above Indians. White people were breeding blacks, while trying to annihilate Indians. Our very existence is a problem that refuses to go away. Too bad.

As a youngster, I was unaware of racism directed at our people. That doesn't mean it didn't exist. Looking back, I can identify numerous incidents of blatant teachers, dentists, neighbours and other strangers. After a few years on Mother Earth, one becomes numb to the social offerings of angry bigots (racists are rarely happy people). They are so predictable as to be bores.

What really hurts me is the place of Indian women in the hierarchy of things.....because, unfortunately, even most Indian males have bought into the attitude that being male gives one dominion over females. Most Indian adult males around here are totally assimilated that way.

Oh yeah, so-called leaders can go on and on about how they respect women, and how our society is matrilineal and matriarchal.....but, in practice they are all hippocrates. Females chiefs are ignored, disrespected...or, used. It is too bad how some Indian females allow themselves to be used and bought.

Who usually abuses/beats/rapes native women? Indian men, of course! As a young girl, I vividly remember seeing native women openly walking around town....limping, and with blackeyes and swollen cheeks. It was a common thing! Shame!

"Mr." Peters need not worry about us getting out of the social gutter any time soon. As long as native women are suppressed/beaten into submission by whoever (include Indian men like Senator Brazeau, et al), he can sit smugly in the little corner of his bland, colourless world. Indians will remain at the bottom of the social ladder of acceptance.

Maybe consider reading the linked solution article
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th March 2013
We have debated this before Mr. Peters, and we agree to disagree on many points. First, in my opinion, we need to understand the origins of the issues. My partner is only her grandparents away from their traditional matriarchial traditional, living without any "white" culture. Remember George Little arrived here in the Terrace region at the beginning of the 1900's, just over one hundred years ago. (It was her great grandparents who first met Little and helped him survive around 1905)

What you are asking is this culture of indigenous people to suddenly adapt to western ways of understanding. Suggesting the children of those who barely survived the disease and alcohol introduced to poison them, then the res schools, just suddenly perform like we, as children from well adjusted families from dozens of generations of European culture?

The linked article describes a reasonable manner in which to adapt both the traditional system and the elected democratic system.

I think we need to attempt to understand the indigenous perspective and nature before we make wide sweeping generalizations.
Really ?
Comment by Mr. Peters on 7th March 2013
So you would like to see our democratically elected representatives (good, bad or otherwise) replaced with hereditary system where it is based on who gave birth to you and what gender your that determines if you govern or not. Sound like a monarchy from medieval days and not the 21's century of democracy.

If you want to decrease the number of Indians in jail, both male and female, maybe get them to stop breaking the law. Now this is a novel approach but what the heck, it works for us whites. We go to work in the mornings, come home after work interact with our kids, go to bed, get up in the mornings, go to work, and so on. Do not break the laws do not go to jail, a very simple concept. And, if you are going break the laws, do not be dumb enough to get caught.