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NEWS RELEASE · 9th March 2013
No Tar Sands
Canadian High Commissioner’s Visit to Oxford Tarred by Local Protest

European protestors undermine Canada's charm offensive in Oxford and Berlin this week!

Communities call on Canada to stop undermining EU climate policy!

Oxford, UK- Canadian High Commissioner to the UK, Gordon Campbell, was greeted with protests at Oxford University on Friday.

Local community members held a banner which read “Keep Tar Sands out of Europe” at the entrance to Lady Margaret Hall as Campbell arrived to deliver a seminar at the college.

“Canada is promoting tar sands oil as a clean and ethical energy source, when we know that the exact opposite is the case,” said Suzanne Dhaliwal, from the UK Tar Sands Network.

“Entire ecosystems are being destroyed and communities are being devastated in order to extract this highly polluting source of oil.”

Campbell, the former premier of British Colombia, has been on a persistent campaign to promote Canadian tar sands in Europe as a source of ‘ethical and green oil’ since 2011.

The aggressive lobbying has backfired with Gordon Campbell having noted that “Brand Canada” has been internationally damaged by attempts to sell tar sands oil at all costs.
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However, Alberta’s environment minister, Diana McQueen, gave EurActiv a blunt denial when asked if she thought that tar sands had hurt Canada’s image.

“I don’t think it’s been damaging,” she said, “because we’ve actually taken some very strong movements to move forward, with regard to monitoring and making sure that our science advisors are science-based.”

Canada has faced heavy criticism for cutting climate science budgets, shutting Arctic climate research stations, sacking climate researchers, and forbidding those that remain from talking freely to the media.

Before it withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol, Ottawa acknowledged deliberately excluding data showing a 20% increase in annual tar sands pollution from its 2009 UN greenhouse gas inventory.

However, in Alberta, “we are very serious about our climate change strategy,” McQueen insisted. “We develop industry in our province in an environmentally sustainable way.”

CBC's "The Tipping Point" documentary here.
How does it feel?
Comment by Janice Robinson on 23rd March 2013
As a taxpayer in British Columbia you will be paying Gordon Campbell $100,000 per year....until he dies. That's his "pension."

Plus all the money paid to him, by Canadians, for all the B.S. coming out of his mouth over on the British Isles.

Almost makes one want to puke in one's mouth.
I was told that among the Scots...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 12th March 2013
...there is a saying, "Never trust a Campbell!"
There are more important issues
Comment by david dickinson on 11th March 2013
Not that I'm a Tar Sands supporter or anything, but I am very disappointed that, outside of BC and Canada, the public has so little awareness of Campbell's referendum on treaty rights. This referendum was natives and non-natives voting together to decide the natives' fate. Obviously, as non-natives outnumber the natives more than 10 to 1, the outcome could only reflect the wishes of the non-natives.

Now replace "natives" with "Scots". How would the Scots feel if their fate was to be determined by the English majority by referendum?

Yet this is what Gordon Campbell is promoting in Britain. He is total disgrace to his Scottish name. Or maybe he is just confirming that the Campbells are nothing but a bunch of traitors....

If the Brits tried to pull this on the Scots, there would be revolution, assassinations, and civil war.

Why is there not an Idle No More contingent travelling throughout Britain and the rest of Europe exposing this dangerous, racist bigot for what he is?