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COMMENTARY · 9th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
During the Second World War the government of the USA encouraged farmers to return to growing hemp for the valuable products the plant provides. Just over three hundred years earlier it was the law to encourage growing hemp on farm land. In Virginia, on August 21, 1633, Act 8 of the General Assembly stated farmers should sow hemp seeds as soon as able.

The value of everything made from hemp is undeniable. Besides all else the plant can be repeatedly grown, year after year on the same land, unlike almost every other crop which requires rotation. Further, all products made from hemp are fully biodegradable, presenting no health or environmental consequences.

There is only one downside to large scale hemp production; the inability of corporations to manipulate and monopolize on the production to attain excessive profits. And it is for this reason the production of hemp was restricted in the 1930’s.

A consortium of malicious men manipulated the lawmakers of the United States. Oil men. Today they maintain their grip and their combined activities have contributed significantly to most of the grave concerns facing our planet. From cancers and various other serious health concerns to global climate change, excessive logging and excessive pollution, it is all due to the products made available by the oil industry.

All synthetics, plastics, paints, fibres, insulation and much more can be made with hemp. In fact there are very few products hemp can not be used to manufacture and provide not just a better quality material but one which is safe for the environment in all aspects, including concrete. More here

And it gets better, hemp, when grown on toxic wastes sites such as where a nuclear accident occurred, the plant will absorb the radioactive materials and neutralize it. There is no downside, except one, the ability for greedy people to control it if it was legal for anyone to grow.

And that is what is behind the laws keeping it illegal; both commercially and for the drug dealer.

If everyone was freely permitted to grow hemp, in any of its various forms, a number of criminal and non-criminal enterprises would lose their profit security.

The stock market might be the largest loser as the largest profits made from the illegal drug trade are ‘laundered’ in the world’s stock markets. It has been well documented the loss of illicit drug funds would likely cause the markets to crash. A recent case here

In relation to the drug trade, it was the prohibition of alcohol that provided the wealth for what are known today as the largest liquor companies. The same applies to the prohibition of marihuana; the distribution leaders are making excessive profits.

It is the oil companies however that would be the biggest losers if hemp was grown on a massive scale. Every product made today from the refining of crude oil can be made from the refining of hemp.

It is the world and human citizens that would be the biggest winners if hemp was used in place of all the oil products as all the hemp products would be safe, non-toxic and completely bio-degradable.

China chokes on air almost impossible to breathe. Plastics are choking the oceans and the land. Children are developing diseases and allergies from just living in houses filled with oil by-products.

And all of this can be sourced back to one man’s discovery, DuPont. He found a way to refine crude oil into numerous products. At the time he likely was unaware of how poisonous his discovery was, he just knew his new process could replace almost everything made from hemp. He faced an immediate problem with his discovery and the ensured profits he could sustain. A new machine was invented at the same time. It was a new combine to harvest hemp on a large industrial scale.

This new machine also threatened a media moguls profits, Randolf Hurst. He had purchased massive tracts of forests. He secured these for making cellulose for making newsprint for his nationwide newspaper enterprise. The problem he saw was similar to DuPont’s. This new hemp harvesting machine separated the cellulose out from the hemp as it stripped the fibre and recovered the oils.

Just like today with British Columbia’s media mogul, David Black and his close relationship with the politicians, Hurst also had close relationships as did DuPont.

They jointly connived with their political associates to trick the USA government into passing a law to make the cultivation of hemp illegal. Like David Black in BC today using his newspaper and media empire to deliver a false message regarding his plan to build a completely unrealistic refinery near Kitimat, tricking the majority of the population who do not have the time to study the reality, Hurst did the same thing all across the United States. He manipulated the words used, calling hemp marihuana and then published completely false demonizing accounts of the hazards and social destruction it caused.

Today, 80 years later we have a world environment on the verge of total destruction. Polluted air, land and water with our children either born with deformities or born into an environment where they will soon be afflicted.

Today we need to pass laws to have these oil product substances banned from use around our children when the first law that needs to be un-passed is the one against hemp.

There is nothing wrong with making money. We all need an economy of sorts to share and exchange our abilities. What DuPont and Hurst did, like what David Black of Black Press is doing today, is a tragedy on an unprecedented scale. DuPont and Hurst were attempting to secure a monopoly position and protect their assets and investments. Black is just manipulating to assist the Liberals in the upcoming election.

Today however we know better. We must reverse these old, almost ancient decisions that have caused so much harm to everyone and everything. We must not allow media personalities to abuse their monopoly positions to mis-inform the public.

If we started today, in less than ten years, we could have thriving industries all manufacturing healthy products from hemp. Of course the oil industry and those profiting from the promotion of the industry will fight this, but we need only to look at our children and grandchildren, the air in China, the cancer ridden fish from our rivers and lakes, the oil soaked birds and beaches, the overflowing landfills of oil based products, to know what the right thing to do is. And you certainly will not read the truth in any of David Blacks newspapers.

Economic assessment on Enbridge Northern Gateway by Robyn Allan
big pharma doesn't like competition neither
Comment by Catherine on 11th March 2013
This is war on a plant - how ridiculous! History has it that 5000+ years ago it was used at festivities to induce gaiety. It, as well as other plants, were routinely used as medicines for centuries. If prepared properly these medicine, even today, out perform anything that big pharma can deliver and without the side effects or the big $$. Big pharma doesn't want to "cure" you - no they want to keep you sick so they can continue feeding off of you.

The book "Forbidden Medicine" by Ellen Brown shows what length big Pharma will go to in order to protect their vested interests....hint-page 287 - War on Cancer or War on Natural Cancer Remedies?

One recurring theme along all of societies present ills is that of MONEY (CAPITALISM)

Karl Marx said "money turns everything into a commodity that can be bought and sold: government, honor, morality, the writing of history, legality. Nothing is immune to purchase."
Excellent piece
Comment by Gary Edwards on 10th March 2013
Do you have a copy of attachment 46 on the Northern Gateway proposal. It's an economic assessment by economist Robyn Allan. It would sure be a good link for this piece.

Yes, if it the one you are refering too, it is now added as a link at the end