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NEWS RELEASE · 9th March 2013
BC Liberal Party
With only 38 days until the start of the election period, Adrian Dix and the BC NDP continue to keep British Columbians in the dark about their plans.

“Elections are supposed to be a competition of ideas,” said John Les, MLA for Chilliwack. “But Adrian Dix and the NDP haven’t bothered to share their plan.”

“Under Premier Christy Clark, we’ve shared our vision for the future. Adrian Dix seems to think it’s more important to announce his potential staff than to tell British Columbians where he stands.”

The facts suggest Adrian Dix's silence is unusual.
• When in opposition, the BC Liberals released specific plans for public scrutiny well before the 1996 and 2001 elections.
• The Green Party of BC currently has a 33 page living document called the Green Book 2013.
• The BC Conservative Party has just released the framework for their platform.

“Even former BC NDP Leader Carole James shared her plans well before the 2009 election,” added John Martin, Today's BC Liberal candidate for Chilliwack.

“Silence isn’t leadership. Making British Columbians guess isn’t leadership. It’s well past time for Adrian Dix to tell British Columbians what he wants to do with their tax dollars," concluded Martin.
I would sooner see...
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 10th March 2013
no platform or promises AT ALL, than promises that are BROKEN...HST; sale of BC Rail; sale of BC Hydro or forgotten!
How soon they forget.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 9th March 2013
I might be sympathetic to their plight if I didn't think that they want to be able to shoot at something, anything rather than defend their record. Do you really expect the opposition to play into your hands? Sure elections should never be about voting against something. It should be about voting FOR something. But gosh folks do you not remember how you played it in the past? Do you not also remember taxpayer funded political advertising for the past two years? Sounds like you need a little cheese with the whine.
Silence ?
Comment by Terry on 9th March 2013
Silence isn't leadership ? That's rich coming from a party that conducts the business of our province off the record at an ever increasing frequency . We could say you are the oversightless and growing silence leadership .No ?