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COMMENTARY · 12th March 2013
Steve Caissie
I bought a battery for my pickup from Wal-Mart April 4, 2012. I went out the other day and the truck wouldn’t start. I boosted my truck and let it run for about an hour to charge the battery. After shutting the truck off, I tried starting it again and nothing, the battery was dead.

So yesterday, March 11, 2013 I brought the battery, with receipt, back to Wal-Mart for warranty. Right on top of the battery it says 1 year free replacement. I explain to her and the guy working what happened and how I tried charging the battery with the truck running. So the lady working the back automotive counter asks the young guy working to test the battery. He comes back in and said the battery is completely dead and the only way to do that is to ground it right into the ground. I tell him that the battery was in my truck and was not grounded into the ground. Then he tells me that my alternator was no good. I explain to him that if the battery was dead and the alternator was bad that the truck could not run as it wouldn’t have any power. Then he tells me that maybe the battery was frozen.

I could see that I was going nowhere so I took my battery and the receipt and went to the front counter. She said to take the battery to automotive. I told her that I had just left there and that I would go back, but that I wanted a manager there.

As I was leaving the counter a man asked my wife if she was with me, my wife replying yes. He said that he went through the same issue with them last week.

So off I go to the back. A manager got there a minute after me. I explained to her what happened and she just made excuses like the truck not being started enough. I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere so I grabbed my receipt and demanded my $10 environmental fee back. She told me that I had to go to the front of the store to receive it.

I go back to the front of the store and low and behold, the store manager whose picture is hanging on the wall is standing there. I said just the person I want to see about the battery. She said didn’t the department manager talk to you about the warranty on back of the receipt? I told them to keep the f’ing environmental fee as I threw the receipt at her and I walked out.

I am out $100 on a battery that was defective. I know that I can’t boycott Wal-Mart, but I do know that I can buy a lot less from them. I just want to get the word out to people about the crap that they sell and the way that they treat good customers.
Wal-Mart Crap
Comment by Steve on 17th March 2013
Explain what was wrong wife. Walmart called me on Thursday saying that someone took the battery home and charged it overnight. Then they brought it back in and checked it. It took some charge overnight but needed more charging and asked if I had a battery charger as they didn't at the store. I told her to keep the battery. If it didn't pass the load test after being charged for 12 hours then the battery is no good. If they checked it again now, I would bet it is dead or close to dead. I have another battery wife so don't you worry about me. I took care of it myself. By the way, Wal-Mart headquarters didn't respond back to me.
Comment by Wife on 17th March 2013
You sure are god at writing, maybe you should read your warranty properly and take all cicumstances into consideration before making yourself look foolish.
Quit complaining
Comment by I don't work at Walmart on 13th March 2013
You don't need to put everything on the internet. Walmart has its policies and the employees do thier best to uphold them. Ever thought they might not want to lose thier job, and that's why you didn't get what you wanted. If you don't like the way you are treated, don't shop there. Don't knock someone else's employment. Obviously you like the discounts and don't shop anywhere else, otherwise you wouldn't be complaining so much.

Do you give a 110% at your job? Even though you get paid 2-3 times more.

Some children learn that if they whine enough, they'll get what they want. They might not deserve it but they will get it. Usually to shut them up.
Wallmart Battery Blue's
Comment by Kelly on 13th March 2013
I can sympathize with the battery probs, I had the same problem with walmart years ago, but a totally different outcome. I bought the battery, put it in my vehicle and dead within 36 hours. My alternator was fine and I showed the guy how to check it in the parking lot, lol! He didnt like being shown up by a woman. He had some not so nice comments about the fact my vehicle was old and that maybe I should buy a new one ect ect. Well to make a long story short, I got a new battery, the guy got transfered stores and I told the manager that if they wanted to be known for crappy service I'd be happy to make sure anyone and everyone I spoke to would find out about how I was treated and who it was that was in charge at the time. He said no taht was fine, well I did it anyways. I have NEVER been back to the walmart auto departemtn since. I think I know more (even being a woman) than most of the guys working there! I wouldnt let them change my tires if I was stuck in the parking lot, I'd wait for BCAA to come rescue me!
It saddens me to think this man spent $100 on a battery and they couldnt cover a warranty, bad service and bad business ethics!
I sympathize..
Comment by James Ippel on 13th March 2013
I think Wal Mart could have handled this differently. It called Customer Service, which was certainly lacking here.
I once had an experience of a battery going dead, so purchased a new battery as the one in the vehicle was getting on in years. The new battery lasted for about a half dozen starts and trips and went dead.Was I upset? Yes. Was I stupid? Even more so. On doing some checking I found I had a loose fan belt and the alternater was not properly charging the battery. I tightened the fan belt and had no further problems. Sometimes we should look for the simple fix before replacing the part. Had I done this I, in all probablilty not purchased a new battery.
Bottom line, Wal Mart treated you poorly.
waranty is suppose to mean just that
Comment by dublinjill on 13th March 2013
It surprizes me that the comments that have been published are about ethics, and not shopping at Walmart when the subject is about bad customer service. Mr. Caissie is not the only person to have had a bad experience with the automotive department at Walmart. No normal individual would go to walmart and ask for a new battery on warranty if their battery was working. Be serious Walmart employees. I was also there when Mr. Caissie attempted to explain what was wrong with his battery and wanted it replaced. Seems to me that the employee needs to take a course in customer service. Hopefully head office will straighten this out and offer some training on how to treat paying customers.
My Alternator
Comment by Steve on 13th March 2013
There is nothing wrong with my alternator. The battery was dead and the truck started and ran with a boost. I let the truck run for an hour and then tried to start the truck again but the battery didn't take a charge. If my alternator was bad, the truck wouldn't run. The alternator is around 2 years old. I did send an email into Wal-Mart's headquarters. All i wanted was my battery replaced. There is a big sign over the batteries saying 1 year free replacement, as well on the top of the battery.
I don't want anyone to be fired, I just wanted my battery replaced. They can shove it up their ass, along with their enviromental fee of $10. I will go to Kalum Tire tomorrow and buy a new battery.
Hes right you know
Comment by Brandon on 13th March 2013
Your alternator may not be screwed, but u can start a vehicle with a newly charged battery if the alternator is shot, it will run directly off the battery without the alternator putting the charge back, the battery then runs until its outta juice. So this employee was not wrong to assume that the alternator could be the problem. Bottom line is though, that they don't train these kids to work there properly, they all lack essential mechanical skills that should be required to work in that industry. Earlier this winter my dad had to get my uncle, a mechanic, to go there and show them how to seat tires on rims they didnt know how, and were only prepared to sell him the tires and have them put on the rim somewhere else, so they are equipped to deal with a lot of these issues but no training or knowledge where it should be necessary
I was there when Mr. Cassie dealt with his battery
Comment by scared to say on 13th March 2013
You need to here both sides to draw an accurate conclusion. I am tired of my place of employment being slammed without all the facts. We are good corporate citizens adhering to rules we don't make. Please be more responsible with who you allow to contribute to your paper. there are always two sides to every story.
Why cant you ?
Comment by Steve on 12th March 2013
Why cant you boycott them ? I made a commitment not to shop there a while back ( or at least try not to ) and managed to make exactly 0 purchases there in 2012. I plan to do the same in 2013, and onwards. Its not hard to do, at all.

Im not going to actually go as far as to say you got what you deserved Mr. Caissie, because i dont believe that - You bought a product from a store, it was defective and when you rightfully assumed you could return it for a new one the store seems to have completely failed to make good on its return policy ( well who knows, maybe batteries must be warrantied by the manufacturer - did you check ? )

However, i am going to say you could have easily avoided the situation *by not shopping at walmart" Pretty simple. There must be a half dozen places in Terrace, more than a few locally owned and operated, that would have sold you that same battery for not a whole lot more. Certainly less than the $100 you just threw away by willfully shopping at such a terrible establishment.

Employee options...
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 12th March 2013

A made in China product sold by a human being who likely is struggling to make ends meet.

Let the walmart form a union, bargain for a living wage.
Let the employee have a chance to live to be a human being with the confidence to stand up for the customer without getting caned.

Kitimat had (maybe still has) the highest income per capita in all of Canada. Not bad for a union town.

So what is the expected outcome?
A refund for the $100?
A fired walmart employee?

WalMart Ethics
Comment by GG Miles on 12th March 2013
Actually you CAN just Not Support
this company which exploits people worldwide.

Do you really want to pay the "cheap price" at the expense of others who suffer to make things so cheaply?

Consider the environmental horrors in China, India, & other places where life/labour is cheap...

Have a little perspective & compassion, contemplate the capitalist system & the results in a global sense?

Pity the employees at the store and in the factories & perhaps support local busineses.

Thanks for writing.
Bad service
Comment by Terry on 12th March 2013
Email head office . All complaints go dirrectly to the CEO of Walmart . It will take a couple of days but you will get results . I've done it in the past and got results . Use the store code 5834 and name names . The last thing they want is bad press . The staff don't run Walmart . Walmart runs the staff . They need reminding . And they will get it . Instead of getting mad you should have told them that you were going to email head office .