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CONTRIBUTION · 13th March 2013
Last month, Iran did something [Canadian and USA governments are too afraid to do.]

They sentenced four bankers to death based on fraud charges. Other bankers involved in the fraud were sentenced to life imprisonment, flogging, cash fines or were banned from holding public office.

Iran's PressTV reports,
" Iran Judiciary has handed down death sentence to four people convicted of involvement in the biggest embezzlement case in the country's banking history.

"Four people were sentenced to death on charges of corruption on earth and disrupting the country's economic system," Iran's Judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei told reporters on Monday.

"The four are Mahafarid Amir-Khosravi"[the prime suspect], Behdad Behzadi, his legal advisor, Iraj Shoja, his financial solicitor and Saeed Kiani Rezazadeh, head of the Ahvaz branch of Saderat Bank," he said.

"The president of Bank Melli branch in Kish was slapped with life imprisonment and former deputy minister Khodamorad Ahmadi was sentenced to 10 years in prison," Mohseni-Ejei, who is also Iran's attorney general, added."

Imagine the effect of actual executions, life sentences, floggings and serious cash penalties upon the hordes of criminals in the banking and finance industry in the USA.

Instead of wasting time pursuing patriotic whistleblowers, Eric "worthless" Holder should be pursuing real criminals in banks. Too bad Obama instructs him otherwise.

Perhaps some politicians will have the guts to propose legislation that specifies the death penalty for bankers who engage in frauds affecting more than ten people, or two, or 100, but some limit on the number of people's lives hurt or ruined. There's no way such a bill will pass-- there are far too many corporatists- a huge majority- in congress. But perhaps such a bill would shame some of them and show the public how worthless they are.

Source here

Terrace Daily addition - And same goes for the BC Rail crime and politicians who know but assist in keeping the truth hidden.
Comment by Anonymous on 15th March 2013
You and your Kitimat ilk are the true adolescents and I will treat you as such when I speak to you.

Do you really think I would expose myself to the likes of those in that community and get assaulted.

You Kitimat folk are the most dramatic and ungrateful lot there is and I want you to post this to them on that politics page you all like so much.

You people are incessant drama seekers and the real cowards. Kitimat uses people in that community like toilet paper and then discards them with as much thought as that soiled paper. Remember your former municipal manager, mayor, councilors etc..

You go whichever way the wind blows and want opinion that feeds your fragile and weak egos and once you dont you turn like ravenous dogs like you do here in regards to this sole article.

If you were not so intellectually inferior you would realize the article is not praise for Iran and for murder. It was an example of bankers actually tried for fraud and how rare it is but nope you need your drama to run with to Tim Horton's so you can fill the time in your meaningless lives in that town that revels in its filth.

You are a shameful lot and chuckle at this.

Your town is booming now but like a whore who will spread her legs for anyone, It will be used up in a short amount of time after the orgy is over and you runts will once again be back at square one even worse off then you were in the last decade.

Do me a favor and I say this to the others who criticize the daily. You are simply too slow to keep up with real debate and real issues and you are freeloaders who dont contribute to the site so why Merv Ritchie wastes time with you folks I will never know.

You love these site for its willingness to present a different look at the news and yet hate it for the same reason?

The site isnt the problem. The mentally defective society that exists now is the problem.
Comment by Darcy Metz on 14th March 2013
At least I speak my mind and don't hide behind a pseudonym like a coward. Judging by the name calling I'd guess your age to be in the adolescent range.
Besides who said anything about silencing free speech in canada? Mr. Ritchie can say whatever he likes on the since it is his personal blog. The same as you or myself posting whatever we feel on other sites like facebook. The point of having a comment section is to let people agree and disagree with you.

"Darcy you and the other Kitimat white trash are worse than Iran." - a statement like this just shows your childishness.

Anyhow, I have to go and meet up with the rest of the Kitimat hillbilly Ayatollahs and plan our next attack on free speech!
Keep Up The Good Work Merv
Comment by Anonymous on 13th March 2013
Dont let these critics get you down. They are more like Iran then they realize when they want to silence free speech in a so called democracy.

Oh and Darcy you are a clown and you love gossip.

Why just now you made this statement on the kitimat politics page on Facebook.

Darcy Metz
Terrace Daily just topped themselves in their insanity, reprinting an article praising the Iranian government.

Darcy you and the other Kitimat white trash are worse than Iran.
Praise for Iran?
Comment by Darcy Metz on 13th March 2013
Are you serious? They executed bankers, what a surprise from an islamic theocracy. What is wrong with you guys at Terrace daily? There is nothing good about the regime that controls Iran. They also publicly hang teen aged boys accused of being homosexual.
You guys are bcoming more and more like some sensationalist supermarket tabloid everyday.
Violence is not the answer
Comment by david dickinson on 13th March 2013
I find it hard to believe that a judicial process in Iran would be fair. Remember when a Canadian journalist was executed in Iran? The Iranian courts would do nothing to bring the murderer to justice because pro-government forces were behind the execution.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the bankers who committed "fraud" in Iran actually did n0thing criminal. What is much more likely is that, because they are bankers dealing with international investment, they are seen as a moral threat to the absolute power of the Religious State. Those who challenge the authority of the state, in this case, by becoming too powerful, wealthy, and influential, are executed, not to warn others off fraud, but to warn others not to challenge the state in any way. It matters little whether a court orders them executed or if they are executed in the manner of the Canadian journalist -- if you challenge the Iranian govt, you will be executed one way or the other.

So, this article from OpEdNews is promoting the Iranian system. Just kill those who you disagree with. I must respectfully disagree. Although I honestly believe that Wall Street was the main cause of the collapse of entire countries (after companies like Goldman Sacks convinced countries like Greece to restate their financial position after selling them billions of dollars of Credit Default Swaps), I do not believe executing bankers is the answer. How is that going to help those who lost their life-savings? Instead, force them to work and pay damages to all the victims, through an orderly, non-violent court system.

Incidentally, this does not apply to the Canadian banking system. In Canada, we have regulations which protect consumers from the types of shady (but legal) dealings American banks engage in. This is why our economy did not collapse, contrary to what the BC Liberals are saying in their election ads (that it was "big govt" and "too much regulation" that caused other economies to collapse.) No, Christie, it's the other way around: it was an unregulated Wall Street that caused the collapse, not "big government."
we can only wish
Comment by Catherine on 13th March 2013
that they would be treated as they would treat us, if we had done the crime! Now that would be JUSTICE.