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CONTRIBUTION · 15th March 2013
The Straight Goods
Christy Clark, Brian Bonney And Pamela Gardner, "Today’s B.C. Liberals"

Boy oh boy are "Today’s B.C. Liberals" getting a little testy. Twelve years in power and now just 62 days until the Liberals move their diminished caucus to the other side of the legislature (the opposition side of the legislature) I’m sure this is causing much consternation in the Liberal party. Funny don’t you think? The word party implies, party party party, as in a festive celebration. Well, I liken "Today’s BC Liberals" not so much as a party but a death march...

Last week "Yesterday’s BC Liberal Kevin Kreuger" called John Cummins and the BC Conservatives "scum, morons, not fit to tie Pat Bell’s shoes or tall enough" here is the actual email;

From: Krueger.MLA, Kevin
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 4:01 PM
Subject: The Honourable Pat Bell
To: "conservatives,,," , "Krueger.MLA, Kevin"

Attention: B.C. Cons:

Mr. Cummins, and everybody involved in this news release, are “Unmitigated” MORONS to have published such crap as this.

Pat Bell is beloved in Prince George, for good reason. There is not ONE of you scum worthy to tie his shoes – nor tall enough.

You have just blown whatever support you might have hoped to muster in Prince George, and many other places.

What idiots you are.

Kevin Krueger, MLA

Kreuger is perhaps the missing link Darwinists are looking for. This came as no surprise to me. Kreuger has been a buffoon for years. The part that puzzles me is - "Honourable". Why do we have a parliamentary tradition of calling those elected "honourable". Kevin Kreuger probably can’t spell the word or utter it without bursting into uncontrolled laughter. Honourable Gordon Campbell, Honourable Kash Heed, Honourable Jane Thorthwaite, Honourable Colin Hansen. Kevin Kreuger invokes, to me, the words "Mentally Disturbed".

Shirley Bond is in a thither over BC Rail allegations, she smirks, she grins, she dares, she bafflegabs. Well, she is also losing the battle against gravity as accumulated stress lines from years of lying take their toll, again, the word Honourable or attorney do not imply to her either.

And today Bill Bennett, or as he is known to me; "slime for hire" got in on the act. The Kooteney racist, who could forget? Bill Bennett (slime for hire) running racist ads during the 2009 election and offering free beers to young people, free beers, and all those youth had to do was get educated by Bill Bennett as to how to vote...and to think Billy Bennett is one of Christy Clark`s top ministers, brings new meaning to the term.."best and the brightest"..Well, with Don Mcrae`s intellectual prowess and Terry Lake`s gummy bear pretzel logic perhaps Bill Bennett is the "best and the Brightest" out of "Today`s BC Liberals"
we allow this crap to occur....
Comment by crazy eh on 18th March 2013
Yes...time to wake up. We have had to defend our "illusion" of democracy in wars, yet do not lift a finger in the oversight and "administration" of our democracy. We, the public have to take back our democracy. Dispelled the illusion, and actively "take charge" of the creeping malfeasance that is infecting our democracy.

If we leave it to the politicians to "look after it" for
us, it becomes the mess it now is and we "wonder" how it could have gotten so bad. Yes we "allowed" it to happen.

The public has to "take charge" , political parties simply cannot police themselves whether in governance or not....
Comment by John Taylor on 15th March 2013
The trouble with all this nonsense is that it is a reflection of our society. We have allowed this for 12 years. We bitch and whine but until recently, Liberal support has been strong. This goes back to BC rail, ferries, hydro..... What's different with the latest fiasco? It will fade. The NDP will get a term. Probably only one, and the libs or whatever name they adopt will start all over again. You allow it. I allow it. We prefer bitching to working.
Comment by Catherine on 15th March 2013
And we have to pay for this kind of "Professionalism" ? They could have gone to any bar and picked up people that have better class and manners than these Liberals ....what an absolute mockery of our Parliamentary system!!!!

Isn't this how bullies start their power and control tactics - by name calling????? A TRUE LEADER WILL LEAD BY EXAMPLE - I GUESS THAT LEAVES OUT CHRISTY CLARK AND GANG!