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CONTRIBUTION · 15th March 2013
Alex Tsakumis
MAJOR SCANDAL: Speaker Bill Barisoff Should Resign in Disgrace–Auditor General John Doyle Flags $660,000 in “Hidden Payments” Approved by the Speaker!

If you are still wondering what all the bloviating from the BC Liberals was about this week, let me defuzzify for you…

Bill Bennett and Rich Coleman are two of the most shameless, dishonourable MLAs currently infesting the Legislature. Why? I’ll tell you. The BC Liberals KNEW that yesterday’s release by the Auditor General was coming, and they needed to manufacture a scandal, so they willfully sent out Bennett, with Coleman as clean up crew, to essentially lie about an NDP scandal–that never was.

They trotted out the story I broke some weeks ago, the so-called NDP ‘kickback’ scheme, and they went to willing dupes in the mainstream press, who proceeded to publish embarrassingly inaccurate stories about a DRAFT report that never made it into final copy about an NDP outreach account, which was approved, set-up and administered by former Legislative Controller Dan Arbic.

The biggest non-story of the last ten years even made the front page of the discreditable Vancouver Sun, that continues to follow the Dennis Skulsky method of years past: Ass-kiss the BC Liberals, lie about the BC NDP, create controversy for the “Socialist hordes.”

Absolutely disgusting. And I am extremely disappointed in Globe and Mail columnist Ian Bailey, whose work I otherwise admire. He wrote an entire column about this non-story without ONCE mentioning, at least, that the NDP were simply following advice and the Auditor General’s admonition came only in a DRAFT document. Beyond belief a seasoned reporter would miss such detail So incredulous was I, that I wrote Bailey this morning. No reply as yet.

Though, there should be no surprise there: the Canadian Press’ Dirk Meissner was the one that launched that fraudulent journalism for the BC Liberals, from his own keyboard, without a stitch of in-depth research. And through the week as the real story is revealed, NO CORRECTION forthcoming, just blaring headlines from Vancouver’s biggest broadsheet. What a sham!

But what is now obvious is that for all the pushing and peddling Bennett and Coleman did, after getting help from the lamestream press, their quaint little play has badly crumbled. This much is abundantly clear.

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Thank you Merv!
Comment by Catherine on 15th March 2013
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