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REPORTING · 20th March 2013
Terrace Daily News
Christy Clark takes down Ministers; Pat Bell, Shirley Bond, Ben Stewart, Bill Bennett, Iain Black and Kevin Falcon with NDIT's Janine North and Bruce Sutherland with evidence from Prince George Businessmen; Bruce Fehr, Dan McLaren and maybe even Clarks former Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool.

All knew "were in the know". None are or were brave enough to stand up against the lying Clark. Just like none were brave enough to stand up against the lying Campbell.

Maybe, just maybe, they all have the same dirty laundry.

Read it all here by Alex G. Tsakumis

A sample to wet the whistle

AGT: Brian Fehr? Itís Alex G. Tsakumis, Mr. Fehr, I was wondering if you might speak to me for a few minutes.

BF: Not really, Iím getting on my plane shortly. How the hell did you get this number?

AGT: Sir, I canít tell you that. I was wondering if I could ask you about WDIC.

BF: You may not.

AGT: Mr. Fehr, is it true that Minister Bell and Minister Bond were very involved in procuring this deal? Your name and Dan McLarenís name are on documents, which Iím told may end up in court, copies of which Iím holding in my handÖwhich describe bid rigging and facilitating and pressuring NDIT to finance Mr. McLarenÖacts allegedly by senior cabinet ministers, any comment?

BF: No. Listen, thatís the way itís described to me, Iíve seen some of it, for sure. And I dealt with both of them on this file, but I donít want to talk to you, man. Are we on the record? Are you taping me?

AGT: Yes Sir, you are, and I am.

BF: Well then interview over.

AGT: Mr. Fehr, the premier, Christy Clark is claiming she had nothing to do with WDIC, when, in fact Iím told youíve met with her about a number of matters, including WDIC, and on multiple occasions. Doesnít it matter to you that you and Dan McLaren are being thrown under the bus considering the great help youíve been to this government and the BC Liberal Party? She claims, Sir, that she knows nothing about this matter. Did you meet with her, the premier, Christy Clark, yes or no? And Iíll leave you aloneÖ


BF: Okay, I met with her.

AGT: Is this the meeting in December of 2012 at Vancouver Cabinet Offices in Canada Place? Or the one earlier?

BF: How the hell do you know all this stuff? Where the hell did you get all this from, can you tell me that?

AGT: Just a yes or no, Sir, and I promise not to bother you again. I donít want you to miss your flight.

BF: Well, itís my damn plane and itís not leaving without me, so donít worry about that. Yeah, I met her there.

AGT: And among other matters discussed, Iím told she reassured you about WDIC. Is that true? As late as December, well after foreclosure proceedings began, the premier reassured you not to worry about WDIC, that sheíd make it all right. Is that correct?

BF: Yeah, thatís true. Look, I donít want to talk to you anymore. Iím done with this whole damn thing. Iíll be making no more public comments.

AGT: Sir, please just one more question: Mr. Fehr, did you ever receive a phone call or any phone calls, and emails from Ken Boessenkool, the premierís then chief of staff? Is it true he told you she was concerned about the deal and he tried to provide you comfort and repeated that he would report back directly to the premier??? Just give me that, okay? Please give me at least that, if itís true and Iíll stop bothering you. Okay?

BF: YeahÖI just donít know how the hell you got all this stuff! Who the hell have you been talking to? Iím done with this thing. I donít want to talk about it anymore. And Iím not going to talk about it anymore, understand???

AGT: Mr. Fehr, did you ever exchange emails or text messages with the premier about WDIC?

BF: Man youíre a pit bull, yeah, I did.

AGT: And she was reassuring, Sir? What about phone calls, is it true sheís called you from her personal cell phone several times about WDIC? And she was reassuring, Sir? Iíll leave you be, just that, okay?

BF: Youíre very crafty, you know that? Yes, sheís called me, texted me and emailed me about it. I donít know where the hell you get your info, but I find you scary, got it? Now I know why everybody up here reads you. Listen, Iím done, okay? Iím not a bad guy, Iím just really busy, and I donít wanna be rude, okay? This thing isnít about me, alright? I donít wanna talk about this thing anymore, Iíve told you and your press pals too much already, and I donít want anymoreÖanymore of this. Iím super busy, I want no more of this, I mean it. But you proved your reputation of being a ball buster, Iíll tell you that.

AGT: Mr. Fehr, I apologizeÖif I could ask just one more time: You talked to Ken Boessenkool and he said he would report back to the premier. And the premier, Christy Clark, personally met with you twice and on the agenda was WDIC. In the latter meeting in December of 2012, you even took your nieces to meet the premier at Canada Place offices, correct? She posed for pictures with them, correct? But you talked about WDIC?

BF: You are unbelievable! ! ! How the hell did you find THAT out? Youíre scary, man, Iím telling yaÖyeah, that all happened, youíre scary. Look, I donít wanna hang up on you, but do ya mind? I want nothing to do with this damn thing anymore. Itís very upsetting to me.

AGT: Mr. Fehr, thanks for your time, Iím sorry if I upset you, I really am. I wish you well. And if youíd like to talk again, you have my number. Iíll leave my direct line as well.

BF: No offence, but thereís little chance of that ever happening. I want nothing to do with this thing anymore. Iím done. I wonít be calling you or anyone else, okay?

AGT: Take care, Sir. I wish you continued success. Safe travels. Iím sorry if I kept your pilot waiting.

BF: Thanks, yup. Take care.

In February of this year was a question from a member of the press gallery. This was right outside Clarkís office, immediately after the Wood Design and Innovation Center (WDIC) scandal broke.

Press member: ďPremier, the accusations against two of your senior Ministers (Bond and Bell) are quite serious. There are also suggestions you met with Brian Fehr, one of your partyís biggest donors, whoís really upset with your government over this design center. Can you comment on any of this? Did you meet with Brian Fehr?Ē

Christy Clarkís response: ďI donít know any of the details of private discussions between the parties involved, Iíve never talked to anyone about it except Minister Bell, who has done nothing wrong, but I support both Pat Bell and Shirley Bond, and I support the project. No one has done anything wrong. I know my staff was never involved. Lots of all that is just accusations on the internet for Godís sakes.Ē

Care to revise your statements, Christy?

Read it all here by Alex G. Tsakumis
Throw them all under the bus C.C.
Comment by blocky bear on 20th March 2013
you don`t need them. You are the beautiful one! d.b.