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COMMENTARY · 20th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
A news release by the BC Liberal Party has Rich Coleman stating NDP MLA John Horgan called David Black a ‘sucker’ when a read of the quote they attribute clearly shows Horgan see’s Coleman and the BC Liberals as the ‘suckers’.

David Black is attempting to suck everyone in BC into believing his refinery concept for Kitimat is reasonable and possible. He even calls it clean. It is not even a remote possibility as the Wet’suwet’en have made it very clear they will not allow any pipelines across their territory. But even if a new rail line was built David Black has next to no chance of anyone selling him the Alberta Bitumen to refine. And further to that, even if he could find a supply, which he can’t, he has no customers for the end product.

Therefore, he is the snake oil salesman and the BC Liberals are the suckers.

Yesterday the BC Government put out a news release referring to a study of the concept and Premier Christy Clark is quoted as stating;

"This is a credible proposal from a credible B.C. businessman. And without question, this would be the largest single private-sector investment in the history of our great province. And it would be, potentially, a tremendous game-changer for our children and their children,"

Yet even the report, should anyone have taken the time to open the link and read it, revealed there was no identified supply or market.

The respective markets are served by local refiners that have distinct differences. Some are state-owned, others private or a mixture of the two.

In this latest news release Christy Clark went on to refer to her 5 conditions for approving a pipeline. This seems to completely disregard the people of the Northwest including the most staunch opponents of all, the Wet’suwet’en who have made it abundantly clear, there will be no pipelines crossing their territory.

Coleman then has the audacity to state in regards to the NDP “…the opposition doesn't get it."

Coleman and Clark seem to follow the same logic as David Black, just say it and say it often, publish it in his newspapers across the province repeatedly, lie all you want, and it will all magically become true.

Who elects these bumbling buffoons?

Coleman has just demonstrated he can't even tell when he and the Liberals are being made fools of. They seem to be suffering from a narcissistic psychological condition, unable to comprehend the most basic social fundamentals. They have gotten away with it all for so long, played the residents of BC for fools for so long, they became the fools themselves.

Here is the latest news release


Vancouver - NDP House Leader and Energy Critic John Horgan showed once again why his party grossly fails to understand how to grow the economy.

Speaking on CKNW, Horgan had the opportunity to show his party's encouragement and support for the made-in-BC refinery proposal but instead he chose to make disparaging remarks about the B.C. businessman who's looking to create thousands of jobs.

"But I think it's irresponsible to assume because the guy has an idea that it's going to be successful, because that's not the track record of private sector investment. Everybody's got a good idea, Jon. As they say, there's a sucker born every minute," Horgan told interviewer Jon McComb.

His denial of the opportunity comes as his federal NDP leader has repeatedly called for new refineries to be built in Quebec.

"Here we are with a serious, made-in B.C. proposal and the opposition is saying no, we won't help you to create thousands of jobs," said Energy Minister Rich Coleman. "It's not leadership to tell a businessman that your party has no interest in good ideas, in seeing if it can work and then to call him a sucker."

"That's disrespectful but not altogether surprising as the NDP think only about growing government and have no idea how to foster an environment where jobs are created. First tip on how not to create jobs is failing to support good ideas, sending mixed signals and insulting people who want to invest.”

In marked contrast, Premier Christy Clark has said her government will work to see if we can get to a yes on the proposal after a thorough environmental review process. As well, any pipeline would have to meet the province's five conditions before proceeding.

"The NDP are pretending to talk to business in a new way but today the veil was pulled back and it's the same old band – with a negative attitude toward business - who ruined our economy before. With comments like this, it's clear they don't get the economy," said Coleman.

"It takes vision and leadership to make the right choices today so these projects and thousands of jobs are created. That's what this government has done under Premier Christy Clark and the opposition doesn't get it."
Didn't someone high up in the RCMP
Comment by Catherine on 20th March 2013
Didn't someone high up in the RCMP state that they excelled at SMEAR CAMPAIGNS? Makes you wonder how Coleman had the "comprehension" to be on the force. When the truth hits, spin, deflect and shift focus - the new Liberal motto!
Comment by Paul Repstock on 20th March 2013
Fellow Canadians, realize one thing:
The Multi National Oil companies do not want to build a Tar Sand Refinery in Alberta.
The reason is that American law prohibits the export of refined petroleum products into the US....If a refinery is built in Alberta, it only benifits Canadians (We couldn't have!)
The Asian market, on the other hand would gladly take our refined oil. So why not refine it in Alberta and ship the finished product to Asia. That way we wouldn't be held to extortion by the US market..Lets see $20 per barrel on about 3 million barrels per day..Pretty good money to leave on the table.
Comment by Paul Repstock on 20th March 2013
In my opinion, Mr. Black is not more than a shill and a front man for Northern Gateway. The inference being that Black's "refinery" would justify the building of the pipeline by creating all those jobs and providing a local source of fuel for North West BC.
It isn't going to be built! The staggering costs, of building a refinery on the coast and then building a two way pipeline to the tar sands make the project so stupid, it can never fly.
However, if Black can get approval for his refinery and justify Enbridge to build the Northern Gateway, Nothing guarantees that the refinery will ever be built. Any preliminary costs will just be amortised as part of the pipeline project.
I wonder what Mr. Black would ever do with the waste; tar, ash, and sand from 'his refinery'? Would the Chinese buy that too??