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NEWS RELEASE · 20th March 2013
NWCC Students' Union
TERRACE- Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver was on the NWCC Terrace campus yesterday, Tuesday March 19 to announce a special envoy to deal with aboriginal opposition to resource development in British Columbia and Alberta.

Students are excited to see that the work of local and national activists has got attention from the Minister. Through the Idle No More movement, Defend Our Coast and other public engagement campaigns, NWCC students have been actively involved in organizing against tar-sand pipelines flowing into BC and tankers on the coast.

“In my eyes, this is a big step for the Minister; considering, last year he was suggesting that we [NW first nations] were ‘enemies of the state’ because of our united opposition to the Enbridge project,” said Joe Daniels, a mechanics student at NWCC. “It was nice to hear the Minister speak of our inherent rights and title to our historical territories and lands… and I hope he recognizes that we also maintain our right to say no.”

Many events, rallies and marches have been organized by NWCC students, in conjunction with other local organizers, in Terrace and Prince Rupert over the past year to show opposition to Enbridge and in-support for a tar-sands free coast.

The Students’ Union at NWCC, representing nearly 1500 NWCC students, did not receive an invitation to the announcement.

“It is good to see that the hard work by activists across the region is paying off, and we are hopeful that this new ‘envoy’ will create engagement that respects traditional communities, decision makers, band and nation members,” said Mikael Jensen, an organizer with the NWCC Students’ Union. “This announcement was about media relations for Minister Oliver; about fifty of our members [NWCC students] were pulled-out of class to attend the announcement.”
Thank you "Anonymous."
Comment by Janice Robinson on 23rd March 2013
For your description of this event. Sounds pretty much like how they facilitate treaty "meetings" with Indians. Smile for the camera!

Mr. Dickenson: Patrick Brazeau for Indian Envoy?! Go sit down! Hahahaha!

(I know you're kidding).
Comment by Anonymous on 22nd March 2013
I was a student at this announcement. We were disrupted from our usual studies to be what I can only call as bodies to fill the room. They were not interested in what we had to say. Another student stood up to ask a question he was shot down so quickly on camera because he wasn't with a journal. They said they had about fifty callers waiting on the line when in fact they ran out of callers after three questions. Not only did they embarrass him publicly they didn't answer his question. The minister of natural resources danced around every question that wasn't for the pipeline. Giving no response to any of the opposition. All I can say is politics at their finest. If your going to do what your going to do either way do t waste my time thanks.
and the new envoy is...
Comment by david dickinson on 21st March 2013
Senator Patrick Brazeau