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CONTRIBUTION · 25th March 2013
Alex Tsakumis
By the time most of you have finished breakfast, arrived at work and settled into your desks, the first of MULTIPLE affidavits will be filed in Prince George over the WDIC (Wood Design and Innovation Center) scandal.

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Hardly the legal fare that will set the courthouse a blaze, but let me assure you, without giving away how this will all unfold, the announcement last Friday by Pat Bell and Shirley Bond, that PCL Construction is the builder, will do nothing to heal this festering, expanding sore–it doesn’t even change the dressing.

This government is in real trouble over the WDIC scandal, and the allegations against Christy Clark, Pat Bell and Shirley Bond are very serious. They include: Bond pushing an independent financing authority, Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT), into financing the Commonwealth Campus group when they were in the process of clearing and remediating the land; Bell bid-rigging the process to secure a shortlisting of the BID Group, and both Bell and Bond making promises to private investors and land speculators related to monies available by Treasury Board, of which Bond is Vice-Chair.


Trust me when I tell you this: The RCMP are still sniffing about on this and the ‘Ethnogate’ scandal. Either of these is good enough to bring the provincial government to its knees, in a day. Mark my words. Never mind the rhetorical bafflegab from Shirley Bond or Rich Coleman. Forget the completely embarrassing drivel Pat Bell offered Sean Leslie on the weekend. Nonsense, that included this mindless, shameless nugget: “Well, I don’t think we need to investigate every allegation, do we?”

Read the entire Alex Tsakumis Article here
Slow process
Comment by Gary Edwards on 25th March 2013
Just like the giveaway of our railway and the ensuing court case these investigations will advance at a snails pace. We won't know anything until after the election.