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COMMENTARY · 26th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
Stupidity has no limits or expiry date. Dupes and yes men will always be ready and willing to allow themselves to get screwed while they screw everyone in their wake. It has only been a few short years and Chinese Firms are at it again.

Only a few weeks ago the Terrace Mayor and Council, along with their bumbling administrative staff, were promoting their skill in securing a Chinese firm to use their vacant land, the land they gained after losing in their Terrace Lumber Company investments. They got it by taking possession for back taxes owed. Yet once again they find themselves taking a long walk off of a short pier of intelligence.

Two weeks ago I had a heated personal exchange with a Terrace City Councillor in a clothing store. I asked who did the due diligence on these Chinese firms. I had recently been told by a confidant how the company the City just signed the deal with couldn’t even get financing for a vehicle. Even the guys and girls who get auto financing for people who work for minimum wage at Tim’s, couldn’t get financing for the company the City proudly proclaimed as a new investment opportunity.

Due diligence is a term even the most junior executive understands.

Today I observed the Mayor of Terrace taking a picture of a sign in a storefront.

The family of the store owners are now broke. The guys logging equipment gone, seized for back taxes and their personal finances in ruins. Why? Because they accepted and trusted. Two Chinese firms have finished them off. One took them for over a hundred grand and told them to go get a lawyer, basically telling them to take a hike. The next firm, the one the City promoted, took them for another roughly 25 grand. The logger demanded they at least give him enough to pay his workers. That he can be thanked for.

The City however, and the City Councillors? That is another kettle of fish.

I repeatedly exposed the Terrace administration for lying to and or deceiving the elected councillors. None took the administration to task. Ron Poole even got a hefty liberal promotion to Kitimat. The new guy only lasted a couple months before he quickly vacated the den of vipers and Ron Pooles former second in command took over.

Councillor Christiansen once told me, “We can’t micro manage our staff”. Well bullshit, you don’t even manage them. It is all yes ma’am or yes sir. I even quit attending these love ins.

The entire administration is useless. The managers of the different departments all have to go. I have, and the Councillors have, been lied to or tricked and deceived for the entire 7 years I have attended these council meetings. Every department. The best thing that happened in all my time covering the Terrace City Council was - well nothing.

The snide remarks, rude comments, distain and disrespect was beyond the pale. Pernarowskis first demand of me was to call him "Your Worship". Can you believe that?

Now once again we have logs piled up, logging equipment blocking access, broke residents, starving families and City property involved in financial shenanigans.

This same Chinese company, Yaorun Wood Co. Ltd. helped pay for the Terrace Mayor to take a trip to China. Maybe he should have stopped in Prince Rupert on his way across the Pacific. Chinese firms screwed the people of Prince Rupert too. Don't forget this, the Prime Minister of Canada has signed an agreement whereby China can sue Canada if they believe they are not getting a fair shake at the wealth of the Country. ROTFLMAO!

CHINA CONSIDERS OPEN AUDITING A VIOLATION OF SOVEREIGNTY LAW Read details of Chinese refusal to be transparent here

What I wouldn’t do to get a copy of all the deals the City signed. According to reports they leased it and agreed to pay property taxes but will they now be able to claim some ownership rights as they currently have possession? Oh, oh, ask Prince Rupert how it feels!

The City Manager bragged of $120,000 worth of revenue for the lease plus property taxes.

Oh to dream of competent people in positions of authority. At least our Mayor has a picture of the sign posted in a storefront of another broke citizen he is supposedly elected to look after the best interests for. Yeah, 5 pm in his shiny new truck he drives for the Kitsault Project. How many jobs does that mean he has had since the Scotia Bank fired him? Immediately the Terrace Chamber wrote him a commendation and unanimously promoted him as their President, the guy without a job. Then he worked for 16/37 but his bad back caused some distress and he went elsewhere. Three more times after that, at least by my count.

Maybe he and Pat Bell, the guy who is accused of bid rigging in Prince George, can both go on another trip to China, only this time make it a one way ticket.

And CSIS warned about this infiltration and the compromised leaders. Will we get threatened by the Chinese run BC government again?
Equipment blocks access as the company was transferring logs to the other Chinese operation on the other end of Kieth Avenue.
Equipment blocks access as the company was transferring logs to the other Chinese operation on the other end of Kieth Avenue.
Lumber equipment block access to logs.
Lumber equipment block access to logs.
Barry/and others.
Comment by James Ippel on 6th April 2013
Why do we allow shysters, with the help of local polititians to rule our lives. The Mayor of Terrace should be rode out of town on a rail(after the application of Tar & Feathers). This man receives the Queens Jubilee Medal-for what? He can'nt seem to hold a job, yet receives accolades for doing nothing for the City he represents.
It is about time the people of Terrace take a real close look at the Council Members they have, and with all due respect, get rid of the majority of them, and replace them with people who have no union affilitation, and bleeding heart feelings, but most importantly, have a sense of morality and common sense. This would effectively get rid of our current administration.
Respectfully submitted,
send them home
Comment by eric on 2nd April 2013
If this is how these people intend to conduct business, kindly leave our town/country.

We are not asking you, we are telling you.

Comment by un paid worker on 31st March 2013
again we have a chinese firm getting away with breaking labor laws of canada
refusing to pay hourly workers
not paying local contractor for machinery that was contracted to do all work that is required to run a sort yard when contractor blocked the sort yard untill he got payed chinese took him to court and he was told to remove his equitment from sort yard as he was trepassing but they can get away with not paying him how can this happen our mayor allowed this company in terrace with big fanfare about jobs that would be created and we stupidly went to work for yoarun ltd and got shafted they are making money of the hard work of all the people they employed and did not pay

I agree Paul.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 29th March 2013
You wonder why some people still buy the con artists spiel that selling off raw resources, or the family assets, is the way to build a sustainable economy.
Comment by Paul Repstock on 29th March 2013
Who owns the natural resources of Canada?
Without a lot of legal and bureaucratic rigmaroll, and since this is supposed to be a Democratic country, The Canadian Citizens own the resources.
So, why are politicians free to use 'OUR" resources as bargaining chips in their own, personal enrichment games?
The world may not like our higher labour costs and may not buy so much of our resources when they are processed here. But, the world will buy! AND, the resulting money will stay HERE!
The Governments of Canada, the Provinces, and even Terrace, own nothing! They just assume the right of ownership because we are too stupid to stop them.
Governments own and produce nothing! They are merely "facilitators"/fixers.
Isn't it time to remind them who they work for? Tiny European countries, with no natural resources, provide better social security for their people than Canada does. Where is the money going???
Comment by James Ippel on 28th March 2013
See, we don't always have to be at loggerheads. I agree we are dealing with another Chinese company, but so far they seem to be paying their bills, and employee salaries.
Skeena is actively soliciting raw logs, and here we have yard full. Put up $500k and we will deliver that amount of logs at current market value. When you have used up your deposit-another $500k, and we will deliver in like kind.


As for the illustrious Mayor, isn't this the person who suggested that his position should be turned into a "Full Time" paid position? One thing that puzzles me, what did he do to deserve the Queens Medal? You have probably read the letter that Les Watmough wrote to the Editor of the Terrace Standard, and I totally agreed with him and phoned him to tell him so. Far to many deserving people who spent years, and sometimes decades in volunteer service, were sadly overlooked.
Any comments you have will be appreciated.
Comment by barryeng on 28th March 2013
Believe it or not James, I actually agree with you.

We have to be careful though . . . Skeena is also Chinese owned.
False economy?
Comment by Bill on 28th March 2013
Good article. I sympathize with all contractors and workers involved in this mess. Everyone spending money they haven't received and may not get all they have coming either. meanwhile, they still have to live and pay their own personal bills.
A performance bond should be the law for anyone or company wanting our resourses.
Sieze the logs.
Comment by James Ippel on 27th March 2013
Take the logs and sell them to Skeena Sawmills. They were recently advertizing that they were in the market for timber.

Just keep Terrace Mayor and Council out of any transactions, their record to date is questionable.
Where is the other media on this?
Comment by Karen on 27th March 2013
I would say this situation could have significant repercussions for Terrace considering that the is city supposed to get $10,000 per month for the lease of this property, plus the property taxes covered. Why hasn't the other media done a story on why equipment is blocking both entrances to the former TLO log yard?

I hope Terrace doesn't wait as long as Prince Rupert did when dealing with questionable Asian business groups. I would hate to see this town embroiled in a legal battle as well.