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CONTRIBUTION · 29th March 2013
maggiejo johnson
It is becoming more common practice that City Councils are removing the word 'Easter' from their annual City endorsed 'Easter Egg Hunt'. Most recently was the City of Edmonds doing so which has upset many. While viewing the 'controversy' about this on the televised news...I was a bit baffled.

Easter is the one of the most significant celebrations in Christianity and the utmost highlight of the Catholic church year. Easter is a Christian commemoration celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are blessed to have Good Friday and Easter Monday as statutory holidays to reflect on this.

I find it hard to believe that God - in efforts to have us remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ - would be pacing about in heaven trying to think of a way for people to prayfully,
pensively and joyfully celebrate this gracefilled time by saying... "OH I KNOW. I am so clever. I'll send them Easter Bunnies and eggs! THAT outta remind everyone of how my Son died and rose!"

Uh....I don't think so.

Interestingly enough, the origins of the practice of having an Easter Egg Hunt is not known, although many have their theories - ie; the Easter Bunny being referred to as a 'rabbit spirit'; symbolizing fertility as rabbits often have frequent, multiple births. But, in our day and age where people abort babies in the womb and frown on large families, I can't see how they might wish to honor this 'rabbit spirit'.

Others suggest that in days past that children believed bunnies laid eggs in grass in the Spring...and that the Romans believed that all life came from an egg..and that Christians believed that eggs symbolized 'life' - in turn symbolizing the ressurection of Jesus Christ. But in all the Easter Egg Hunts I have one took a moment to reflect on the true meaning of the season...nor to share how they honor the 'rabbit spirit'. I struggle to see how Easter egg hunts support the Christian belief at this time of year, so I am quite taken aback at why Christians are vehemently opposing the striking of the word 'Easter' from Easter Egg Hunt. In fact, Christians should have been the first ones initiating the move to strike the word 'Easter' from the Easter Egg Hunt in efforts to retain the true meaning of the season. Christians should also lead the example not to fall into the marketting schemed trap to buy, buy, buy toys for their children during a second Christmas (Easter). Where on earth did that tradition originate from?! Oh right. The retail marketting staff who suck the credit card lives out of their customers while many have yet to pay off their Christmas buying sprees.

It is time to lose the 'Easter' in Easter Egg Hunt. Let Easter be Easter...and let a secular-based egg hunt, be just that. An egg hunt...where children enjoy a wonderful day while gathering with family and friends...having fun collecting eggs while trying to spot that elusive bunny...while not confusing the bunny and eggs with the true meaning of the word 'Easter'.

I propose that the City of Terrace also strike the word 'Easter' out of our City's endorsed Easter Egg Hunt...and replace it with the word 'Spring'. It is time.
Does this really need to be an issue?
Comment by C. Arnold on 1st April 2013
Really? next you want to sacrafice Santa Clause? How about the tooth fairy? You are welcome to believe what you believe but please don't think that everyone in our beautiful country is Christian. You are welcome to celebrate the holiday however you like but please don't start creating all sorts of drama and religious political correctness. Christianity doesn't own all the holidays. Some people just like to celebrate spring and going out for a fun easter egg hunt is a great way to do that. Don't you think our city councils might have more important things to do than debate the word "Easter"? Now I'm going to go eat some chocolate that the 'spring' bunny brought me. LOL.
Eostre = Easter
Comment by D. Simon on 31st March 2013
I think you will find that the term "Easter" is directly about the celebration of Spring, including fertility symbols such as eggs and rabbits. The word is derived from the older forms of the words including Eostre & Ostara.

I respect freedom of religion very much, and with all due respect it seems very appropriate that a Spring day of fun including egg hunting, food, and celebration of the season should be called "Easter". Afterall, that way of celebrating Eostre pre-dates Christianity.