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Graphs courtesy of Environment Canada
P.S.A.'S · 3rd April 2013
Terrace Daily
New pictures and graphs added below - Minor change to prognosis.

If the monitoring stations in the mountains and the rivers are accurate, this year may see the lowest water levels the Skeena River has ever recorded. And if you think the level of the water in the Skeena River appears to be as low as you have ever seen it, that is because this is true.

The high mountain ranges in the regions east and northeast of Terrace are recording snow pack levels at the lowest ever recorded and current indications are the melt is already beginning; earlier than any historical record.

When we consider the record lows of the Skeena River with the record lows in the mountain snow pack and then combine this consideration with the warm spring and the earliest mountain snow pack melt on record, the Skeena River might soon be referred to as the Skeena Creek.

Mountain snow pack north of the Hazeltons midway to the Klappan - Graph courtesy of BC MFLNRO
Mountain snow pack north of the Hazeltons midway to the Klappan - Graph courtesy of BC MFLNRO
Mountain snow pack east of Terrace and South of the Hazeltons- Graph courtesy of BC MFLNRO
Mountain snow pack east of Terrace and South of the Hazeltons- Graph courtesy of BC MFLNRO
Snow pack likely to feed the Nass and the Kalum River systems- Graph courtesy of BC MFLNRO
Snow pack likely to feed the Nass and the Kalum River systems- Graph courtesy of BC MFLNRO
Snow Pillow graphs of April 8 and the Skeena River level April 10, 6 am.
Snow Pillow graphs of April 8 and the Skeena River level April 10, 6 am.
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 13th April 2013
I've always banked on the Skeena River as a water supply in the event of a natural disaster - while checking off my emergency supply list that we have water nearby to head out to with our water bottles in tow. Hopefully the Skeena fills up nice and that in the event of a disaster...we can not only fill up our water bottles, but catch a fish meal as well! Perhaps in a natural disaster the CO's can turn a blind eye while we're reeling in necessary food.
You buying?
Comment by Mike on 11th April 2013
If you buy the beer I'll get us up to Klappan, but we may have to find a designated driver to get us back!
FYI: Snowing like crazy in Prince Rupert all morning and all along the highway there today Thursday April 11th..
Thank you...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 8th April 2013
Thank you for your 'warnings'. Duly noted.

In actual fact...the Skeena really is pretty darn low. YIKES! So, thank you Merv for alerting us to that.

PS - despite what TD thinks...we actually LIKE this site; hence us always returning back to it to dialogue with our neighbors. Too bad the editor in narcissistic means believes he always needs to get the 'last word' in while not allowing the readers to entertain one another without the fear of being bullied by the editor in response form.

A cult is a cult is a cult with a leader behind it all. No?
If this article frightens you
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 8th April 2013
Then we understand your need to find anyone who will provide you comfort and protection. Too bad our education system does not provide self confidence and critical thinking skills. Of course it was the cult leadership who forbid public education and forbid anyone from owning their own copy of the good book until very recently, so the lack of thinking with reason and logic is understandable.

One can only hope the Skeena doesn't get as thin as the skin of the Black Jesuit followers. Next year it will rise again as it always does, the report is a fairly basic one, this year looks to be one of the lowest on record. Six years ago it was one of the highest. Now that was a year, 2007, we could have been accused of issuing a fear/scare tactic, but then it was a good and fair warning, accurate too!

This report is just information. And as for an update, the recent week added snow depth to the northerly station north of Kispiox and it dropped in the southerly station in the range between Terrace and Smithers. These changes are very slight. The only changes are the river level is starting to rise slightly (0.25 of a meter this past week), still far below the average for this time of year. Maybe this will make our spirits soar! It is rising again! Praise to the saints of the waters and snow.

Is Terrace Daily their own Cult?
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 8th April 2013
As Merv proudly displays in advertisement form on TD home page insinuating that ALL Catholics are being brainwashed, I wonder if Terrace Daily is a cult in itself.

As he ridicules all Catholics...I dare to repeat his own words and put Terrace Daily in the title instead:

Terrace Daily: "The Cult for people who will believe anything just because many others do. Only for those who can not think with reason."

Sounds pretty offensive, heh? What's good for the good for the gander.

That being said...rather than jumping to scare-mongering tactics about Skeena River turning into a creek...perhaps we can leave those public announcements to the professionals.
Comment by James Ippel on 6th April 2013
I was under the impression that any liquid that pass through the kidneys have been filtered and pure. Not the most appetizing in color, or taste, (I'm told)but pure. Having said that-you won't be polluting. Go ahead and drink copious quantities of beer to increase the flow of liquids in the Skeena.
We should have a contest
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th April 2013
Mike and I should drive up to the Klappan and drink copious quantities of beer. Then as the race to consume the most rages on we will be happily refilling the Skeena. But then I suppose that would be considered pollution.

Chances are the weather will come around and replenish conditions. One can only hope.

Nope, that's not true either, we can pray too!
Time for a Change?
Comment by W. A. Ron on 6th April 2013
I'm curious after reading the banter between Merv and Mike as to what can be done about all this. Can we divert other streams to refill the Skeena? Is it possible to bring in more snow to top up the snowpack? ( it worked for the olympics) Or should we wait and see what the summer brings. I'm sure we have had low snowfall years in the past and fortunately the Skeena is still with us. Perhaps it will rain a bit this year. We do, after all, live at the northern end of quite a large coastal rain forest.
Anyone else see the irony?
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 5th April 2013
The top picture shows the river levels at an all time low. The two snow pillow graphs, with colour coding, show all time historical lows along with average and highs. Mike states in his first comment "...all of these are still above historical lows"?

The graphs are great but it is not likely the guy attempting to interpret them, who designed the system.

Time will tell Mike. But to make a statement regarding the graphs, that is in stark contrast to what the graphs represent All Time Historical Lows, (except for the Cedar Kiteen which feeds the Nass and Kalum) seems somewhat odd.

And please, I never said I was the only one who could interpret them properly. I just offered an opinion and you challenged me. I like a challenge. Please offer something else credible for the readers to consider. Not a statement that is patently false to all who have eyes to see.

No point in fighting, Stephen Harper doesn't like real science either.
Another scare story...
Comment by Mike on 5th April 2013
So rain, two days of sun, and more rain and snow...Well that should help the snow pack then.
I've passed along your name and brilliant weather conclusions along to the Weather Office as seeing as you think we should all be fired and you are the only one who possesses the uncanny ability to accurately forecast the weather months in advance and predict weather trends from a week of decrease..(please note that the previous year in the Hazeltons also show a leveling/decrease, then shot up)
Anyone else see the irony in that the very people people you say should be fired are the ones that brought you those graphs in the first place?
Another scare story?
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 5th April 2013
If in fact it is true, you are a person somewhat in charge of bringing the citizens timely information, this clearly demonstrates why all should be fired.

The top graph to the above writing shows how the level of the Skeena is as low as it has ever been recorded. The average is about a half meter higher. All it takes is looking at the picture.

Further, this is not a scare story, it is an information story, complete with graphs to provide context for the evaluation.

A scare story would be warning people about a flood, which we did in 2007 prior to anyone else. In the morning of June 4 2007, we posted the same type of information and issued forth a warning, advising everyone to tell their neighbours. Read the story Flood, Flood, Flood, Are You Listening? at this link

And in every following year our predictions were again more accurate and more timely than those of "officialdom". And yes, again, almost every year someone writes in like you did, advising us on how wrong we were, when time proved it accurate. remember Dutch Valley? Finally they did what should have been done four years earlier.

Some people are just more passionate about their work than others. Some people seem to care more for providing assistance to the community freely, rather than providing assistance only if we get paid.

Yes, is it rains heavily, if we have a sudden huge snowfall, if if if, but as the reports indicate, this is it. The warm spell will continue right through next week. This weekend will see sunny sky's and double digit temperatures. See new picture attached.

The real scare story is the people we have in charge of providing accurate information to the public, those who claim to be the only ones of authority and competence.
Another scare story...
Comment by Mike on 5th April 2013
Maybe is someone took the effort to see exactly how this data is collected you'd see its not what the story states..
These graphs are made from snow pillows which measure the depth of the snow the the locations listed. Klappan line is flat...meaning no new snow has accumulated (note time vs depth lines), Hazelton chart is flat with minor dips.. new snow. Kalum is the same..those minor dips represent the snow settling from warming..not melting. All of these are still above historical lows and I don't remember having to put wheels on my jetboat in the past. And the Skeena is always low at this time of year. (lived here 46 years).
Besides, how do you know it isn't going to rain all summer like its done in the past?
(and yes, I am one of the people who fly up and check these stations).
Comment by Bill on 4th April 2013
This is a concern as the runoff affects all the waterways We have been losing our groundwater for years, we just dont see all the affects of this . Swamps drying up, losing wetlands. major creeks drying up. As for the southside flooding, well the only areas that flood are those that are in the flood plain and those that live there ,knew they were building in a flood zone- unless of course you flood from plugged storm drains
We've taken our rivers, natural resources for granted , assuming it will always be there- well think again.
Tongue in cheek
Comment by Allan on 4th April 2013
Hey at least the southside wont flood this year!