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Gerald Wesley lept out of his chair when the last vote was counted
NEWS RELEASE · 11th April 2013
BC Min of Aboriginal Affairs
Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Ida Chong released the following statement today in response to Wednesday's yes vote by Kitsumkalum First Nation members regarding the ratification of their Agreement in Principle (AIP):

"The vote in favour of the Kitsumkalum AIP is an important step forward, not only for the Kitsumkalum First Nation, but also for the community of Terrace and surrounding area.

"I would like to congratulate Kitsumkalum community members on making their voices heard. This is a key milestone on the road to a treaty that will see Kitsumkalum become a full, self-governing treaty nation.

"The next step in treaty negotiations is for the AIP to be signed by Canada, B.C. and Kitsumkalum and for Final Agreement negotiations to proceed."

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The Yes supporters celebrate with hugs and Gerald Wesley shakes Alex Boltons hand
The Yes supporters celebrate with hugs and Gerald Wesley shakes Alex Boltons hand
Next vote
Comment by Just another member on 15th April 2013
I vote no as I don't feel our band is ready for this and there's too many loopholes and concerning points. There will be another vote just not sure when and that will be the final vote. It was close this time but hopefully not next time. Vote no!
Congratulations to all who voted "NO."
Comment by Janice Robinson on 12th April 2013
I am proud of us all, and we make our stand without money, or support from the federal government, nor from Ida Chong's Liberal, provincial government. Do you know who Ida Chong is? She was the provincial, Liberal Minister who sang and danced after hearing the results of our vote on this A.I.P.

Government employees like Gerald Wesley, Alec Bolton, et al have already spent six million dollars in efforts to help the government/corporations steal, rape and pillage our territories, via this treaty. Their pockets have been wide open all the way! This is money that the Tsimshian Nation MUST PAY!

Do not despair. By voting "NO," you have done a good thing for First Nations people all across Canada! We even have the support of non-First Nations people.

Walk with your heads up, smiles on your faces, and peace in your hearts. We stand on our principles, and they are tried and proven. Spread the faith.

The treaty is bogus.....right to its core.

(They were really worried on voting day! I saw it. Lol.)