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Highway 16 and 37 south Junction
COMMENTARY · 13th April 2013
Merv Ritchie
In a gesture of rude opportunism the girl nominated to be the Liberal Candidate in the soon to be called BC Provincial election has caused to be erected numerous signs of self promotion.

The 'writ' has not been dropped and no election has been called yet Leclerc is not wasting any time in attempting to convince the people of the Skeena Constituency the Liberals are not as bad as they are.

During various public gatherings shameless Liberal promoters, such as Ron Bartlett, have used the opportunities to selflessly promote her as well. (See video attached At the end of this linked article).

It appears the Liberals (Conservatives) of BC will treat the public in this election as they have during their last decade in office, with complete disdain and disregard for decent moral principles.

So Carol gets the jump on polluting the landscape of the beautiful pristine Skeena Territory, the land of the Tsimshian, Haisla, Nisga'a and Gitxsan. If successful her Party will likely attempt to destroy not just the beautiful view, but the land and waters as well. At last word her Party leader will accept money in exchange.

From Elections BC Under the Election Act, there are no restrictions on erecting election signs prior to the writs of elections being issued. However, there may be municipal by-laws about election signage. You should check with your municipal officials.

The Ministry of Transportation has an election sign policy that election signs must only be installed after the election is called.
At the south end of Sande Overpass
At the south end of Sande Overpass
Kalum Street hill just south of the retirement lodge and Terraceview
Kalum Street hill just south of the retirement lodge and Terraceview
They have lots of money to promote themselves
Comment by david dickinson on 19th April 2013
The Liberals have lots of money to promote themselves, but where did the money come from? Well, one Ministry that won awards for meeting cost-cutting targets was the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Because of draconian cuts to this Ministry, Jor-El MacNammarra, an eighteen month old baby, was placed in the home of violent alcoholics after being apprehended by the Ministry. My wife complained and complained to the Ministry, even stating that the family was going to kill the child if the social worker took no action. Two weeks later, Jor-El was murdered, as predicted.

Now Christy Clarke goes on t.v. ads talking about how terrible the "bloated" government of the NDP was. Well, if the Ministry of Children and Family Development had remained "bloated" rather than completely stripped of its ability to protect children, Jor-El would still be alive today.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone representing the Liberals is complicit in the murder of innocent children. I wouldn't dream of calling Carol Leclerc a "girl." That term doesn't come anywhere near being appropriate. She's a b!tch and this is personal.
Just plain Nasty
Comment by Oceans on 17th April 2013
This artlicle is just plain Nasty? you worry about a couple signs while you personally attack a candidate, calling her a girl. What about the 2 eye sores we have to observe entering Terrace from kitimat for years. The large signs of NDP MLA and the NDP MP posted on side of Highway, West side. How about tear those down after Election also. laws for sign posting is not to prevent them from going up. It states there is no protection by law for the signs from vandals outside Election, so stick them up at your own risk. And as for the person worried that their eye sores for 800 mining delegates entering Terrace for meeting. I would think the sign of Economy growing BC liberals would put a smile on their face. They can thank BC Liberals for the comeback in the mining industry the BCNDP so handily destroyed in the 90's.
Comment by on 16th April 2013
This is why almost every citizen you talk to hates people in politics, they all break the rules and make excuses for each other. They broke the flipping law! If someone put up a sign without authority or instructions it could have been taken down.

Stop making excuses for the criminals. Our whole society suffers by you people who say, 'oh well, they didn't mean any harm by it.' Bull crap!

The down hill slide has gone on for far too long. It is time to have some integrity.
OK - enough
Comment by Dave B on 15th April 2013
Stop trashing the candidates - they no doubt - did not erect the signs themselves - over zealous volunteers no doubt did it!
I agree with Bruce - any candidate willing to put their lives on the tightrope of "you can't please all the people all of the time" (hopefully to serve their constituents) deserve a pat on the back!
Jeezuz Bruce, "willingly abide???"
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 15th April 2013
They both broke the law; the transportation portion whereby none can place signs, prior to the writ being dropped, on Provincial highways.

So that makes them both 'without integrity'! And it is easily stretched to include, 'without moral fortitude' to put them anywhere before the election is called.

And further did you not read page 15 of the Guide in the Elections Act regarding signs on highways, which includes Highway 16 through Terrace?

[- must be further from the road than standard traffic signs, and must not obstruct, simulate or be attached to any traffic control device (e.g. signs, posts, polls) must not be placed on bridges, overpasses, tunnels or other highway structures]

Now look at the picture above and tell me again how this is law abiding and done with integrity?

Someone is wrong here and it is not my inability to read and comprehend.

Willingly abide my ass!
Rtning back to the topic...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 15th April 2013
BC Province returned my call today to state that Carol was out of line posting her election signs prior to 'the writ' and she will be contacted in that regard. He further stated that all Constituency Offices were adequately provided with the rules of such, but looks like Carol made the conscious choice to 'disregard'; hence Merv's rightful complaint about that in this article. BC Province will be encouraging Carol to revisit 'the rules'...and will be watching how she responds to ensure she makes ammends.

BC Province also re-assured that hence my enquiry... they will now be attending all election sign sites that they are aware ensure they are erected appropriately - within metered guidelines and in regards to safety well as prompt removal of the signs one working day post-election..or they would take the signs down themselves and bill the particular Constituency office(s) for doing so, which in turn would fall on the taxpayers to bite that cost.

And election signs are permitted on an overpass.
Guns, Germs and Steal
Comment by Bob on 15th April 2013
For those that don't have time to read.
A "Sign" of the Times
Comment by Dr. Bruce Bidgood on 15th April 2013
I am disappointed to see so many negative comments about political signs including characterizing them as pollution. The posting and removal of signs is strictly governed by provincial and municipal law...candidates pay the City to erect signs on public property. I know Ms. Leclerc and Mr. Austin personally and they are both people of integrity who will willingly abide by the appropriate sign laws/bylaws.

BTW: Thank you Robin and Carol for your commitment to public service!!
Mr. Peters
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 15th April 2013
You should read a book called "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jarrod Diamond before making silly comments. First Nations were hunter gatherer societies on this continent because food was plentiful and there was lots of space. Germs did not find hosts in sparsely populated regions. They had no need of many of the innovations required on continents which were crowded, require agriculture to feed themselves and had acquired resistance to germs because those who were not resistant to certain diseases had been killed off in plagues.

As I recall reading the history books the early settlers would have died had they not been shown by First Nations how to survive.
Truly disgusting racism
Comment by C. Arnold on 15th April 2013
It is very sad and disgusting to see the blatant racism going (in both directions quite frankly) after a discussion of political signs. The fact that Mr. Peters can spout such hateful racist comments in 2013 is amazing to me. Do you really still think yourself as such a superior race that you would basically imply another race is made up of lazy heathens that deserve to be taken over by a more superior race? I don't like racism in either direction. I hope we have evolved farther in our society than these comments seem to suggest.
And there we have it - the ideal exterminator
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 14th April 2013
From the Sumerians on forward, our culture has wiped out species after species. Destroyed habitats such that we had to move. Our (white) citizens ran from murderous regimes.

Yet some of us still think we are smart and can learn nothing from a people who lived in true harmony with the land and animals, never having to had agriculture because they learned how to survive with what God provided. We struggle to understand God when the Indians lived with God. Wow, what a concept!

What would be great is to take a moment in time to understand and study how this amazing culture did it. Preserve this world cultural heritage site for the future rather than do what we always do - destroy.
You are right Merv.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 14th April 2013
"There is no culture on the planet that can claim what the Indian peoples of the northwest can claim"

In the over 10,000 years that they claim to have lived here they did the following:

- never "discovered" the wheel
- never had a written language
- never discovered astronomy
- had no science or scientific discoveries
- had no mathematics
- made no medical discoveries
- never had written music
- only "figured out" a drum and a rattle for musical instruments
- had no metallurgy
- had no sails for boats (only had canoes)
- created virtually no mechanical devices
- possessed almost nothing that required hard manual labour over a period of time, ie. building with or carving out of stone
- made almost no inventions
- are just in the last 200 years getting caught up to most of the rest of the world
- have a history that is notable only for underachievement.

So yes Merv you are right, they can claim something that no other culture can.
Maybe we are lacking education eh?
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 14th April 2013
In 1861, the son in law of Tlingit Talhtan Chief Shakes, Alexander (Buck) Choquette, staked a gold claim just south of the confluence of the Anuk and the Stikine Rivers. In 1862, Governor Douglas decided to declare all of Rupert's land and Oregon Country for Great Britain. At the same time Dr. Helmcken purposeful spread smallpox throughout all the northern Indian tribes, the Tsimshian, Tahltan, Haida and Nisga'a were his target. He was the very best doctor of the day and had stopped smallpox in its tracks 15 years earlier.

But the Indians were in the way of the gold. 350 years earlier in the Mayan region we can claim it was an unfortunate interaction between the white settlers and Indians. In 1862 it was no accident or unfortunate. It was very fortunate for the gold diggers to exterminate the powerful Tsimshian, Haida and Nisga'a. We had the knowledge and the vaccine, 50 years earlier, to stop the spread of this disease. The bad doctor Helmcken argued against all prevention and treatment.

Oh yeah, our white schools didn't teach us this was deliberate did they? They pretended we would accept we were just naÔve white settlers who didn't understand disease. Man are we stupid people!

To continue down this path is to stay willfully blind. Now that you know, you cannot do that, unless you wish to be like Joseph Mengele.

And just to stay on course, the girl is not willing to acknowledge this either. Maybe she has no clue. Why would she. It isn't something the white people teach their kids; that they are cruel murderous bastards.
Disrespectful or condescending and blathering on
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 14th April 2013
Yes, the girl, hmmm, why would one use this terminology. Many of the female gender do not like 'Lady', some are offended by Ma'am and others by woman. Is it Ms or Mrs? I remember a wonderful movie where a 30 something person of the female gender was enchanted by, and want to be referred to as, a sweet girl. It is all subjective just like the use of the other terms, 'blathering', 'condescension' etc.

A matriarch is a mature elder who guides her extended family and society as a whole with dignity and clarity. This does not fit the bill for Carol. Though others might disagree I have witnessed her actions with constant attention for many years, attending most of the political meetings she attended, as an observer; more than any other person attending to observe her. She is as I stated, an opportunist willing to bend rules and modify her decisions to meet personal objectives, not those for the greater good.

So in my opinion, she has yet to properly mature. Maturity is not something one gains with age, it comes from a life a hard knocks and learning about compassion from those hard knocks.

I am not condescending, I am making a statement from personal knowledge. And it was not disrespectful unless one wants to be seen as an elder. Many of her age would be pleased to be referred to as a girl. Each has their own personal hang-ups.

Just like the comment about my detailing the 10,000 year old culture here in the Northwest. It is truly a world culture heritage site and I detail the success of it through the guidance of the matriarchs. You, Steve, characterize this as blathering. Is that condescending and/or disrespectful?

You, like many other of us white people, seem to think we have a right to be superior because we killed off by germ warfare the worlds longest surviving culture inhabiting the same region; and a women led one at that.

There is no culture on the planet that can claim what the Indian peoples of the northwest can claim, unparallelled cultural longevity.

We have no right to be here. We need to find a way to nurture this amazing society back to health so they can show us the way to make sure the earth, and life on it, survives into the future. Our culture has no clue how to do this and the people from Damelahamid (Nisga'a, Tsimshian, Gitxsan, Haida, Haisla, Tahltan, Tlingit, Wet'sewet'en), did it for at least 10,000 years!

Leclerc is no matriarch, she is an immature opportunist, supported by the same people and industrialists that killed off 90% of the Indian peoples of the Northwest coast just so they could get at the gold discovered in the Tahltan's Stikine in 1861. And they are at it again.

I am not offended by your words or thoughts, I am offended by our peoples inability to see what we have done and continue to do. The girl Leclerc is simply the girl carrying on where other children have left off. Like boy Austin.

Until we have a real leader they are all children. Who will be a real man and own up to the truth? Who will be a real woman and own up to the truth?

The Jewish people did not suffer half of what the Indian people here suffered, and they got their own country. We are still trying to steal the Indian peoples country and the rich resources from it. Are you a real man, can you admit the truth?
The Vote
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 14th April 2013

I'd be surprised if this election votes anyone in.
I get the impression we will be voting people out.
talk about disrespectful?
Comment by Steve Smyth on 14th April 2013
The girl?

quote " In a gesture of rude opportunism the girl nominated to be the Liberal Candidate"

The girl? Really Merv? how condescending, from someone who blathers on about matriarchal societies, I would expect better. Or is that all just talk to get readers?
More then signs to worry about!
Comment by trin7 on 14th April 2013
I just hope that people seeing the Liberal signs, take time to remember that the Liberal party will sell us out to Alberta for the right price. If you are against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline then you say NO the Liberals and YES to the NDP who are fighting this dangerous project!
Where and when election signs may be placed
Comment by Elections BC on 14th April 2013
From pages 14 & 15 of the Guide for Financial Agents Appointed Under the Election Act.

Where and when election signs may be placed [sections 228.1, 234]

Important safety note: Placing or erecting election signs by digging or driving stakes into the ground can pose a safety hazard to sign installers and to underground infrastructure (i.e. gas lines and other utilities). Before placing election signs, you may wish to contact BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 to determine if there are risks in your area. This service is free of charge and is not associated with Elections BC.

The timing and placement of election signs are regulated by the Election Act, by local municipalities, and for signs on provincial highways, by the Transportation Act
To be certain, election signs may not be placed in or within 100 metres of the building where a District Electoral Office is located, or in or within 100 metres of a building where a voting place is located while advance or general voting is being conducted.

Election signs may be placed as follows:

Public property: contact your municipality to determine if there are by-laws for where and when election signs can be placed on municipal public property.

Private property: election signs may be placed or removed at the discretion of the property owner, subject to municipal or other by-laws.

Rental or strata property: election signs must be allowed to be placed on the premises to which a renterís tenancy agreement relates, and must be allowed on the premises of an owner or tenantís strata unit. However, landlords or strata corporations and their agents may set reasonable limits on the sizes and types of election signs which are permitted, and may restrict placement in common areas.

Provincial highways: the Ministry of Transportationís election sign policy provides that election signs:

- must only be installed after the election is called, and must be removed the next working day after General Voting Day

Signs not removed by the owners on the next working day following the election will be removed by maintenance contractors. Maintenance contractors will invoice the owner of the signs for the cost of removal.

- must be further from the road than standard traffic signs, and must not obstruct, simulate or be attached to any traffic control device (e.g. signs, posts, polls) must not be placed on bridges, overpasses, tunnels or other highway structures

While you're at it....
Comment by Janice Robinson on 14th April 2013
The town of Terrace and Kitsumkalum Village are littered with the government's pro-treaty progaganda. Leaflets posted every where on poles, walls, and laying around on the ground.

Could Gerald Wesley and Alec Bolton get one of their children out there to clean this all up with as much enthusiasm as when they littered the town with it all?

Just pay them the same rate as you paid them to run around stapling and taping it all up.

I am sure even Carol LeClerc will clean up her mess when their vote is finished...
250 615 3970
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 13th April 2013
I left message on machine 250 615 3970 for Kyle Drummond (District Manager of Highways in Terrace) enquiring about people posting signs on their roadways for advertising purposes.

I left my phone # for a response to explain if citizens are permitted to post signs on the roadways or not.

Stay tuned....
Cut the CRAP
Comment by James Ippel on 13th April 2013
Really Merv, what are you going to call it when your NDP friends start putting signs all over the place-environmental enhanchment???
Maggiejo-I have observed in past elections that all Candidates have made sure that for the MOST part their elections signs have been removed from public view within two or three days of the election. I give them credit for this. I am referring to signs placed on Highway right of way.
Perhaps you should be more observant before critisizing the placement of signs and the maintenace thereof. Get used to the fact that all political parties place signs where they think they will do the most good. As an avid observer I have found that "all" political parties have endeavoured to remove their signs as quickly as possible after the election.
As an afterthought-where in the Hell does pollution enter into the equation?
We have an inanimate object(a road sign) placed roadside which produces no Carbons and some Rocket Scientist calls it POLLUTION????
Elections BC
Comment by Karen on 13th April 2013
Election signs are not supposed to be erected until the election has been called, in this case on April 16th. But, during former election years candidates have jumped the gun and when people complained to Elections BC they were informed that the government agency was not concerned and would do nothing to uphold the law. Hence, candidates can flout the law with no repercussion.

Some of Robin Austin's signs were put out today in order to level the playing field. All I can say is, please exercise your right to vote.
For clarity Re: regulations for posting
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 13th April 2013
The Sande Overpass and the Highway 37/16 junction are considered Provincial Highways as per the Ministry of Transportation. This means these signs are breeching Provincial laws, something the BC Liberals seem to have a penchant for performing. Carol will fit in just fine.

And as for a writ being 'dropped', Christy doesn't have to do that either, she is the Premier and can do what ever she wants to do, not that delaying the election would win her any more popularity, but yes, she can delay it. Laws are only for law abiders.
Good for you
Comment by Dave B on 13th April 2013
As the person distributing Doug Donaldson (NDP Stikine) signs here in Telegraph Creek we at least wait until the writ is dropped. Whether there are "rules" or not - it seems a common courtesy that everyone start out on a "level" footing, although there is nothing, and hasn't been for a very long time, "level" when it comes to the BC Liberal Party.
I for one am not happy about my tax dollars, that could have gone to education or health, being spent for the past several months to promote a defunct regime.
Election writ needed?
Comment by maureen on 13th April 2013
Just a question of clarification: When the provincial gov. has legislated an speicific election date as was done several years ago, does a writ have to be dropped? Seems to me since it is a staute of 'law' the election is already 'called' rather than as 'snap' election as per failure to pass a budget or whathave you. Just wondering -
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 13th April 2013
I agree with Merv about the 'pollution'. Those signs look so awful plastered everywhere where they are rarely maintained when they are vandalized...NOR picked up in prompt form post-election. Isn't there an 'unsightly' clause in our Terrace Bylaws? Are Citizens even allowed to post signs on City Property? I have yet to see an election sign posted on our overpass for Class Valedictorian in 'election' style. Perhaps the adults could learn from the children to rely on voters to make an educated vote without having visual aides forced upon them.

We're hosting ~800 Mining delegates in Terrace in a mere few weeks and they have to see THAT cluttered mess?!

Perhaps we can leave residents to post signs on their lawns instead and leave it at that; rather than 'polluting' the City we are trying so hard to keep tidy - IE; April 21/13 Garbathon