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Murray Porter will be performing!
P.S.A.'S · 15th May 2013
Melanie Smoke
1 Day to ROCK THE NORTH BENEFIT 2013! Get your tickets NOW N SAVE $5! Mercedes Beans- Hazelton, Bulkley Valley Credit Union- Hazelton, Dawn 2 Dusk- Smithers, Ulla Popken- Smithers.

Find us on FB.


Mothers Day LOONIE Auction winners are:
Diane Shanoss- Shower Gel Collection
Richard Morgan- Martini Set
Lori Brown- Lavender Set
Brian Mcleod- Planter/ paint set
Leah Marshall- Candy bowl n movie
Leah Marshall- Blue ray movie
Tiffany Denny- Geraco T-Shirt
Charmaine Williams- Shower gel set
Tara Wms- Bike Gloves
Trish Hockman- Flower Vase
Dianne Shanoss- Eye Candy tshirt
Theresa Brown- SFME Print
Lori Brown- SFME Print
Lorraine Moore- Barbs Bodacious Boutique Cert.
Diane Shanoss - hemp bracelet
Leah Marshall- Pashmina shawl
Ebony Gawa- Gitxsan Togues
Bonita Danes- First aid kit n 2 water bottles
Tiffany Denny- New Hazelton district gift bag
Diane Shanoss - 10 fitness passes
Melanie Green- ROI theator 2 movie passes

Thank you to all who donated these items and to those who purchases auction tickets. :)



12PM- 1PM Ksan Performing Arts – Grand opening
Honoring our Elders (entrance and seat them)

1 PM-1:30 Welcome to the Territory – Norm Moore

Open by- Melanie Smoke (moment of silence for the deceased)

1: 30- 2PM Diamond Willow Boys- Alf Brady

2PM- 2:30 Jared Nikal – Youth Musician

2:30- 3PM Justin Russell – Youth


3PM- 4PM Headliner- THE RACKET

4PM- 4:30 Story/Flute- JIM POITRAS

4:30- 5PM First Nations Dance Group


6PM-6:30 Keynote- RAECHELLE WILSON - Cancer Talk

6:30-7pm Axes of Ego- Steve Kern

7PM- 7:30 April Koning

7:30- 8 PM Keynote- MERV RITCHIE – Environment


9PM Closing Comments –Melanie Smoke


12PM- 1PM First Nations Dance performers

1 PM-1:30 Ray Edgar

1: 30- 2PM Carmen Witwer

2PM- 2:30 Chicken Creek

2:30- 3PM


4PM- 4:30 Keynote- SWCC SHANNON MCPHAIL - Environment

4:30- 5PM Flute/ Story JIM POITRAS


6PM-6:30 Keynote- DAMIEN GILLIS CSC-Environment

6:30-7pm Skyla Lattie

7PM- 7:30 John Alexander

7:30- 8PM


9PM Closing Comments –Melanie Smoke

*THANK YOU to all the musicians, artists, businesses, non - profit organizations, all our volunteers and all of you who have made it here today for believing in our vision and dream to make Rock the North Benefit a reality. Pancreatic Cancer Canada, the Salvation Army Food Bank in Hazelton BC, The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition appreciates your much needed support.

The Rock the North Benefit Jam 2013 - Volunteer Staff

The story behind the creation of the Rock the North Benefit Jam 2013.

I have wanted to create something big for the north that raises awareness to Health and Wellness and Environmental issues for a few years now. Since I moved back to the north almost 5 years ago, my husband and I have been active in our community in creating events that bring people together. I have organized Craft Fairs, Artisan Markets, Loonie-Toonie Auctions, Aboriginal Day celebrations and we have participated in many environmental group rallies.

I have been dealing with my own pancreatic health issues during all this, which is why I wanted to get this project off the ground. I spent most of February and half of March with stomach illnesses. I was getting scared I might not be around to do this project. So I decided I would talk to some artists about my idea of this event.

To my surprise there were so many in support of the idea even willing to come and perform for free (providing I find transportation and lodging for them). At first there were a few extra groups added to the list of beneficiaries and then some people talked to me about shortening my list to the ones I felt most needed the support and the information that I felt needed to get out.

I chose Pancreatic Cancer Canada
for the main Health and Wellness beneficiary (50% will go to this cause) because that hits close to home for me. Pancreatic cancer is so lethal and is considered the "silent killer" because most people die before they are even diagnosed. Pancreatic Cancer was once a rare disease, but now stats show that is not the case. Pancreatic Cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in Canada and most people who develop pancreatic cancer do so without any predisposing risk factors. Perhaps the biggest risk factor is increasing age; it typically affects individuals older than 50. It can also appear in younger people, particularly individuals with a family history of the disease.

The other Health and Wellness beneficiary is The Hazelton Salvation Army food bank. This is because anytime I organized an event since 2009 (except for last year because I was in the hospital all summer and spent the rest of the time healing) I usually fund raised for this organization.

As part of my culture, it is important to take care of your community, especially your elders and the children. I honestly can not live my life and be happy while thinking about a child or elder in our own community having to face hunger or be malnourished.

The environmental portion will go to the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition -Hazelton because of their endless devotion and dedication for saving our Sacred Headwaters.

I talked to my friend Diane Pakka about the idea when I was approaching the artists on March 10th this year and she thought it was a great idea. Gerry Hummel jumped on board and created a design for prints and t' shirts to help raise money to host the event. Then I brought it to SWCC who jumped on board right away. We put the word out for volunteers and now we have a very hard working group of volunteers working on this project. We are working daily with bottle drives, raffles, BBQ's etc to raise money for the event.

Our vision is for this to be an annual fund raising event for Health and Wellness and Environmental causes. Each year 50% will go to Pancreatic Cancer Canada and we will choose 1 or 2 other beneficiaries. We are in the process of getting our paper work in place to form an actual non profit society or organization.

We all feel that this event will prove to be a positive family event that will inspire, empower and motivate our youth, which is so important in a community because they are our future. So we need to set by example and as role models to demonstrate what can be accomplished once you set a goal and work at it.

Since this is a 100% volunteer and sponsored event we do need a lot more sponsorship donations and volunteers to make this a success. The reason we are fund raising is to pay for transportation and lodging for our headliners and keynote speakers. We only have 4 weeks left to raise all the money we need to get everyone here. We have 5 artists covered return from Vancouver BC so far and need many others. We apologize for the short time frame we are working with; next year we will be ahead. So anything you can do or think of that will help is welcome.

Be sure to keep and eye out for our fund raising events and DO NOT MISS:

At the Ksan Campground in Hazelton BC
May 18th & 19th, 2013
12 noon - 9pm

Find us on:
Contact Tiffany Smith 250 309 2685 if you would like to donate your talent. We are looking for FN dance groups to join us as well.
Contact Me ,,, 778 202 8455 if you have a donation, want to book a vendor spot, or need more information.

Many businesses , artists, and people are pulling together and donating to this event . We are very grateful to you all for your generosity and compassion to these causes!

*Darlene Green and Lena Melanie have both personally donated $100.00 each and challenge anyone who is employed to meet or beat their donation. Thank you Darlene n Lena :)

*Cathy Sims donated her Air Miles for one artists return trip from Vancouver BC. That helps a lot thank you Cathy
Many talented Speakers and Performers!
Many talented Speakers and Performers!