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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd April 2013
Terrace Daily News
It was a spectacular day in many ways. The weather was perfect as were the people. A full 300 gathered together to demonstrate their collective disapproval of the prohibition laws against hemp; a medically and socially beneficial product.

Bob Erb, the local Terrace man who won $25 million dollars determined to make this happen. Erb ran as a candidate for mayor of Terrace many years ago and has been a long time advocate for the legalization of marihuana. He has always been a vocal and written supporter of the freedom and collective rights of the common man. Immediately after he collected his winnings he began a campaign to put legalization of the green weed on the public and political agenda.

April 20, more broadly known in the cannabis community as 4-20, is a world wide day for the public to gather and show their disapproval of the idiotic law against the possession, growing and smoking of the Herb. Bob Erb, more broadly known as Erb 4 Herb decided to make 2013 the first year for this celebration to happen in Terrace.

Many speak out against the use of the plant but Bob Erb is a model citizen and a smoker of the substance for his entire adult life, from dawn to dusk. His thinking is clear and without any signs of impairment. In fact he is able to function at a higher level consistently than most people who are stone cold sober. Articulate, organized and focused are words which describe Bob Erb. Socially progressive is another one of his fine attributes.

Bob Erb has donated to hundreds of causes in Terrace and the region. More to his socially progressive thinking, when he sees someone who is not smiling he tries to determine why. He always begins with a compliment. In one encounter we watched him state, “You are such a beautiful woman why are you hiding your smile?” When he discovered her teeth were an issue he immediately went to the Dentist and started an account to have her teeth fixed.

Dr. Neninger has confirmed how Bob Erb has filed many community members into his office.

Thank you Bob Erb for everything you have done for the people of Terrace and the surrounding area. And thank you Bob, on behalf of all those who enjoy the relaxing and medically beneficial attributes of Cannabis, for organizing and hosting the event on Saturday, April 20, 2013, in Terrace.

For those who wish to learn more about the products currently available, products which are environmentally and socially better than those made from Crude oil (which most are), check out Deviant Fibres in the Lazelle Mini Mall near Cafenara and the local politicians offices.

And speaking of local politicians, Robin Austin came out and spoke in favour of the message Bob Erb was delivering along with two local Municipal councillors, Stacey Tyers and James Cordeiro. All others were noticeably absent. It is curious to consider how so many business owners and politicians considered right wing speak harshly about the intoxication problems in the community (along with the difficulties the local RCMP have in maintaining the issues) that they do not take the time to support an effort to show a better way.

Click here to watch a video compilation of the gathering.

Click here to read more including a composition by Bob Erb himself.
Bob Erb hoists the new Canadian flag at the Terrace Court house as the event began.
Bob Erb hoists the new Canadian flag at the Terrace Court house as the event began.
Local candidate in the upcoming election, Robin Austin came out to support those gathered.
Local candidate in the upcoming election, Robin Austin came out to support those gathered.
At exactly 20 minutes after 4 on April 20 (4:20 4/20) John Akpada watches as Bob lit up in a gesture of civil disobedience.    This after a minute of silence for those suffering from the unjust laws.
At exactly 20 minutes after 4 on April 20 (4:20 4/20) John Akpada watches as Bob lit up in a gesture of civil disobedience. This after a minute of silence for those suffering from the unjust laws.
Please do not confuse us with them
Comment by Brian on 24th April 2013
Hello. I am a very frequent viewer of your web site. I quite enjoy it. I've never been that bothered by the anonymous comments. but today it hit a little closer to home. someone commented on Bob Erb's smoke in on Saturday and used the anonymous name of "spottedhorse". the unfortunate thing is my wife and I have a business with the same name. so, without much imagination, it would be easy to wrongfully connect the two together, when I assure you they are not the same person. maybe not a big deal to most but I assume that you could see the potential problem. I hope that you go back to no anonymous comments again....thanks for your time. I apologize if the persons name is actually Spottedhorse.
About time!
Comment by trin7 on 22nd April 2013
I have recently started using medicinal marijuana to attempt getting off of prescription pain killers. I am now a criminal - I can go to the liquor store and buy a huge amount of booze but I can't legally carry a joint or a lollypot. It's about time to change this ridiculous law - I'm tired of hearing how bad pot is by someone who is holding a beer, slurring words!!
Before any other assumptions.
Comment by Samantha on 22nd April 2013
and no, before any more assumptions. not one of them was smoking weed.
City Council
Comment by Samantha on 22nd April 2013
I saw both councillor Stacey Tyers and councillor James Cordero in attendance. There may have been others I didn't see. Again, assumptions.
Why governments want you to drink alcohol
Comment by david dickinson on 22nd April 2013
About Mr. Erb: "His thinking is clear and without any signs of impairment."

That's exactly why governments do not want to legalize pot. Every drinker who switches to pot represents another citizen who is able to think for him or herself and challenge the government. The biggest threat to totalitarianism is cannabis cafes, where people debate political issues. Government leaders would much prefer that their citizens drink alcohol in bars, which are not known to produce dissidents and radical thinking. A few hundred years ago, a similar shift occurred in France when coffee first hit the scene. Now citizens, released from the alcohol fog, could organize and take action against an unjust government. And so they did. It was known as the French Revolution.
Comment by Terry on 22nd April 2013
Horse have you forgotten that lying two faced puke Campbell and his Harper sale tax grab . He and his socreds ( liberals) cronies plotted with harper . Won an election . Then stabbed us all in the back . And as payback for his treachery lives the life of a prince with two pensions and a huge pay check in London England all on the backs of the tax payer . It must have taken a great deal of courage for Robin Austin to show up at one of the largest gathering that I've seen in terrace . Also he seems to be the only local politician that represents ALL the people of his riding regardless of their views . You are a true statesman Robin . The rest of them are only playing at it . Shame on city council and the wannabe Skeena riding MLAs . You could have at least pretended that you want to represent every one .
Comment by Samantha on 22nd April 2013
It's interesting you make the assumption that Robin Austin advocated for pot use simply from being there and speaking. You obviously hadn't attended because that was not even remotely the message he was sending.

Maybe, you should have been there to hear the speeches before assuming?
robin austin and pot money
Comment by spottedhorse on 22nd April 2013
robin we have enough social issues around substance use and self medication issues in all should no better than to stand outside the court house where all the children are seeing you advocating for the use of pot..........winning and election used to be about being an honest and trusting person but i see you now as a man that is following the contributions of erb..........i guess all your integrity went up in smoke now.