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P.S.A.'S · 22nd April 2013
Terrace Daily News
It is a curiosity how photographs which show the young man, now charged and in hospital for the Boston Marathon bombing, leaving the scene after the bomb detonations still wearing the backpack he came with ARE NOT WIDELY MADE PUBLIC. More curious is how none of the media favoured by the general public discuss this anomaly.

There are many who claim the twin towers of the New York City catastrophe was a false flag event; an event designed to ferment hostility in a gullible public for engagement in the Iraq/Afghanistan war.

This event can and likely will be exposed in greater detail for the manner in which the control and production of the news, the use of the tragedy, to restrict even more freedoms. Canada is being targeted as well with these staged and manufactured ‘News’ events for nefarious purposes.

We do not have the ability to analyze and investigate all the issues but those who do seem to come up with interesting details. Also interesting is how the news in Canada today is about a 'Made in Canada' terrorist plot. Will we have more liberties taken away?

Watch a video production by clicking here of the proof of Blackwater military personnel wearing the same backpacks as the accused bombers and then leaving the scene without the backpack while the accused is still wearing his.

Direct from the source site

Blackwater Agent's Backpack Matches
the Exploded One, Whereas, the Accused
19-Year-Old Was Photographed Leaving the Scene Wearing His Backpack

Alexandra Bruce
April 20, 2013

This video shows photographic evidence of how a certain "Craft" a.k.a. Blackwater Agent was caught on film prior to the Boston explosions wearing a black backpack with a distinctive white label, not seen on the numerous other black backpacks that were photographed at the scene - this same label detail was found on the exploded backpack which had contained the IED and matches perfectly with the one this agent had been wearing.

Furthermore, this same agent was photographed by another camera running from the scene *without* the backpack he'd been previously photographed wearing.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old, Dzhokhar Tsaraev, excoriated by the mainstream media as the surviving mastermind of the Boston Bombings left the scene of the massacre still wearing his backpack. His family maintains that he and his brother were framed for this bloody attack.

Note the white square and features of the remains from the bomb backpack match the one the Blackwater operative is no longer wearing.
Note the white square and features of the remains from the bomb backpack match the one the Blackwater operative is no longer wearing.
OK people - WAKE UP
Comment by F Breker on 26th April 2013
I am attaching a story from the April 25 province.
The RCMP in PG shut down a neighborhood of "about 100 homes" in order to lay their hands on an alleged criminal. Or, was this a pretext to soften us all up for more Boston style lock down events as they shut down an entire metro area. This is extreme overkill people - these are tactics befitting Nazis and pol pot regimes, now being exercised in our province! A wise individual once said " If you give up freedom for security - you will have neither" And if you do; you deserve neither. So, read this - go back to la la land at your peril..
News Report was changed
Comment by It's Curious on 22nd April 2013
I was watching the news as the 19-yr old was found and it was reported that, even though the ambulance was standing by, the suspect was unhurt enough to be taken away in the back of a police car. They panned the area to show the emergency vehicle was still parked nearby. Since then, I've only heard reports that he was seriously injured and taken away in the ambulance. Why the change; was it just an error made by the reporter? And why, as reported at the time, was there a slight time-delay in their transmission of the news reports to the public? All that aside, if they were only scapegoats it doesn't explain why the brothers were on the run and in possession of other explosives.