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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd April 2013
Stacey Tyers
Like them or hate them, they are placed legally. Tampering stealing vandalizing of election signs is an offense.

It is incredibly frustrating for the teams of volunteers working hard for their candidates and it costs a lot of money to replace them.

Several people have been spotted so far, what I am asking is that if anyone sees anyone tampering with ANY party's signs, send me the photos. I will send it to their teams to make sure it isn't their own crews fixing it etc... before forwarding to the authorities.

So snap a photo and email it to Stacey.tyers,,,

Why signs in the first place?
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 23rd April 2013
Why do we need signs in the first place?

Aren't we voters to make a researched 'educated' vote; rather than picking a candidate simply out of how many signs we remember seeing for a particular candidate?

The entire process of 'signage' is kind of demeaningly insulting in a way that Candidates bank on the visual aides to 'assist' voters in making their voting selection according to what they have seen and not what they have 'researched'.

Do the candidates REALLY think I will vote for them just because they have a sign on every block during a short commute to town and back?

FYI....not all voters are that stupid.
Comment by barryeng on 23rd April 2013
It is suspicious when more than 50 NDP signs "disappear, but no Liberal or Conservative signs. In this case, it has not been young vandals who have been seen removing signs, but older people who should know better.

there also seems to be some collusion somewhere. Twice now someone has complained officially about signs, and The NDP has immediately remove theirs , only to find that the Liberal and Conservative signs remain where they were.

I did not expect a clean campaign this time, but fair is fair, and the same rules should apply to everyone.
Comment by James Ippel on 22nd April 2013
A pretty damning libalous statement on your part blaming the Liberals for sign thefts.
If you have proof of this, report it to the appropriate authorities and let them deal with it.
Each party has the right to place signs, and no one should tamper with them but it does happen. For you to openly blame the theft of NDP signs on the Liberals is really low.
Personnally, I think you owe the Liberals an apology, unless of course you have proof.
Respectfully submitted,
So immature!
Comment by Karen on 22nd April 2013
It seems that an awful lot more NDP signs are disappearing during this election campaign than other election years. I suppose we can chaulked it up to the Liberals having nothing of significance to campaign on and so they must resort to such low tactics as attack ads and sign theft. Two of the perps that were seen stealing the signs were not kids either!