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REPORTING · 26th April 2013
Merv Ritchie
An outstanding show of mining and exploration entrepreneurs and stock promoters filled the Hotels, Motels, business centers and the Terrace Sportsplex this past three days. Minerals North as an organization and conference began 25 years earlier in Terrace and Terrace held it once again to honor the 25th anniversary. The Keynote Speaker to begin the final day was Canucks Alumni, Trevor Linden.

Lindens message was not lost on any of those paying attention. He spoke about teamwork and leadership. His experience at being suddenly put into the position of captain of the Vancouver Canucks after always being a younger player never having to consider, let alone desire to be a leader, provided him with a unique perspective on leadership. His life experiences with various players in the National Hockey League also gave him a unique insight on teamwork.

He used his life experiences at winning and losing, which the Canucks experienced regularly, to describe the emotional reactions and impacts from all perspectives.

No writing can describe the impact and intensity of the delivery presented today in Terrace BC by Trevor Linden. The best way to get the full impact of his message is to hear it yourself.

Following this presentation many guest speakers used his comments to illustrate their message as well. It was obvious his keynote address had a serious impact on all the minerals North Delegates.

We must inform our readers the filming of Trevor Linden was in contrary to contract obligations with Minerals North. We have since deleted the video in its entirety. One will have to discover where he is speaking again. He is a great motivational speaker.
Terrace BC No longer Tsimshian - Kitselas - Kitsumkalum Land
Comment by KITSUMKALUM FIRST NATION on 30th April 2013
A witness said a Kitselas Treaty AIP leader welcomed Minerals North to there Kitselas Traditional Territory such as Terrace Arena.

The truth Kitselas Treaty Leader signed an AIP for the Final Agreement to surrender Terrace BC traditional land belonging to Kitselas and Kitsumkalum traditional land jurisdiction.

The AIP in KITSUMKALUM TREATY. Said that Kitsumkalum will not own traditional land in their traditional boundaries. Meeting after meeting people asked is Terrace BC included in the Treaty Land. The specific designated land plan for Kitselas and Kitsumkalum. Gerald Wesley Kitsumkalum Treaty Leader said no. We learned from Kitselas that Terrace BC is not in the Treaty land package either. There Treaty land is not Terrace BC.

So start telling the truth to your membership, its not your traditional land, you voted yes & surrender your traditional land.

When it comes to Aboriginal Day in George Little Park. The Chiefs are going to say " Thank You British Columbia Canada for letting us host our ceremonial business on your sovereign land.

The Gitksan - Nisgaa Nations, many others can host delegate business in this area, do not even can recognize Kitsumkalum or Kitselas because its not your Treaty land. You don't own your traditional right in this region on that land, you voted to surrender it.

Don't believe me read your Treaty Deal.

Kitsumkalum First Nation

Team work and Leadership requires consentual players...
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 26th April 2013
All this talk about teamwork, consent, good faith and social responsibility is just If the mineral companies really want to set up house then they should negotiate with the right people, not hide behind councils, treaty teams, RCMP and chiefs that act on their own without the support of the whole community.

Trevor Lindon should come and spend some time hunting and fishing in our great vast uninhibited, unceded territories with our elders before he supports advertising mining.

We would never come to Vancouver and suppose to tell him how to run his hockey is called respect.

Nothing against the player himself but his PR person should do some research before putting him in front of something that will destroy a land that he has never experienced or lived and loved.