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NEWS RELEASE · 28th April 2013
Today, the BC NDP revealed its Top 12 list of BC Liberal candidates whose past and present behaviour should not disqualify them from being on the ballot as a BC Liberal candidate. Here they are:

John Yap, Richmond-Steveston. He was forced out of cabinet over the ethnic voter scandal, where the Premier’s office hatched a plan to use public resources to try and win ethnic votes in the provincial election. A review found serious breaches of the public service’s code of conduct. But we are not calling for his resignation.

Eric Foster, Vernon-Monashee. He was forced to pay back $67,000 after the Auditor General criticized him for questionable office renovations, and then led the charge to fire the Auditor General. But we are not calling for his resignation.

Mike de Jong, Abbotsford West. He made the public pay $6 million in legal bills for Dave Basi and Bob Virk, former BC Liberal ministerial aides who pleaded guilty to breach of trust in the BC Rail bidding scandal. But we are not calling for his resignation.

Shirley Bond, Prince George-Valemount. One of her caucus colleagues called for her resignation after she was accused of getting involved in an independent bid process for the Prince George Wood Innovation and Design Centre. Kash Heed called for her resignation, but we are not.

Terry Lake, Kamloops-North Thompson. He’s defending the discredited Pacific Carbon Trust. The Auditor General concluded it wastes millions of dollars it collects from schools, hospitals and other public sector bodies. But we are not calling for his resignation.

Rich Coleman, Fort Langley-Aldergrove. His sale of protected forest land for development was criticized by the Auditor General, who found that Coleman “did not do enough to ensure that due regard was given to the public interest” and that he opened the door to possible conflicts of interest and insider trading by government staff. But we are not calling for his resignation.

Sam Sullivan, Vancouver-False Creek. He once provided money to illegal drug users to buy drugs. But we are not calling for his resignation.

Marc Dalton, Maple Ridge-Mission. He was forced to apologize for homophobic comments suggesting homosexuality is an “improper and high-risk behaviour.” But we are not calling for his resignation.

Greg Kyllo, Shuswap. His company pleaded guilty to breaking federal law and was fined $375,000 for logging and clearing seven hectares of protected delta land to make way for development. But we are not calling for his resignation.

Mary Polak, Langley. As chair of the Surrey School Board, she tried to ban three books depicting same-sex parents, a decision the Supreme Court of Canada tossed out. But we are not calling for her resignation.

Linda Reid, Richmond East. Earlier in the campaign, her promoted website address linked to hardcore pornography. But we are not calling for her resignation.

Jane Thornthwaite, North Vancouver-Seymour. She failed a roadside breathalyzer test and pleaded guilty to a Motor Vehicle Act violation of driving without due care and attention. But we are not calling for her resignation.

The BC NDP is running a positive campaign, so we won’t be calling for the resignations of any of these BC Liberal candidates. Not calling for your opponents’ resignations to distract from your own record; that’s change for the better.
As I see it
Comment by Catherine on 1st May 2013
Why is it that the media et al hold the NDP to a higher standard than the Liberals? Could it be paid media and internet trolls? And yet Christy Clark throws the same old dried out cow pies (and lots of it) hoping that it will stick.

I am not a supporter of either party - What I do see is a public being manipulated into a frenzy and demanding a blood bath! Where's the integrity in half truths and mud slinging?

If we BC'ers are willing condone the Liberal attacks, why isn't the other side allowed to defend itself?
Comment by James Ippel on 30th April 2013
And they promiced there would be no attack ads. This smacks of negative comments/attack ads by pointing out the sins of the opposition.
Must be alright for the Left though, heh.

So far, any attack ads have been directed at only one NDP. The one who rides the Sky Train for free, the one who re-writes a memo, etc. Maybe the Libs should look at the rest of the left candidates. I am sure they could dig up lots of dirt.
those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it!
Comment by Catherine on 30th April 2013
I think this article does show how the NDP are serious about keeping the commitment of integrity. They are simply reminding us of some of the corrupt behavior of these candidates - yes leave their names on the ballots so people will remember. If you switch in a new candidate people will forget the corruption that's been committed.

The liberals took a statement from 2009 by the NDP candidate in the interior and spun it to the public in order to create dissent to oust a candidate that was putting their own at risk of losing.

The old saying - those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it!

Are you willing to forget past deeds of these candidates? Is is ok to vote against your conscience or constituents for your paycheque or bonus?? Sean Holman's documentary "Whipped" highlights why these members get such gold plated salaries and pensions and it's not because they're the brightest of talent!

In an age of universal deceit - telling the truth is dangerous!

Yes, and...
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 29th April 2013
I thought the same thing, Maggiejo! And I'm so surprised they didn't include Christie Clark's driving through a red light the other (early) morning. But of course, they don't want her to resign either!
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 29th April 2013
So in efforts for the NDP to 'claim' they are hosting a negative-free campaign...they decide to disclose the oppositions' sins one by one; by then saying the NDP is not requesting they step down?! After already disclosing their tarnishing sins?! I can say...."I'm a good person and I don't mean to gossip....but did you hear about so and so?"
Jane Thornwait should resign
Comment by david dickinson on 29th April 2013
I'm disappointed the NDP would let Jane Thornwait off the hook so easily. Or, for that matter, all the Liberals who failed to resign in face of Gordon Campbell's drinking and driving conviction.

No mention of how under the BC Liberals, BC experienced an increase in alcohol consumption three times the national average. No mention of the 40% increase in death from cirrhosis of the liver in British Columbia under Gordon Campbell's leadership. No mention of how, nationally, drinking and driving is on the increase under the federal Conservatives after 25 years of consecutive decline.

It appears all the established political parties are pro-alcohol (and, by implication, against public safety). How can there be a debate on the social and medical harms of alcohol when all the candidates of every political stripe are drinkers?

Where is the BC Marijuana Party when we need it?
Comment by Gary Edwards on 28th April 2013