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COMMENTARY · 2nd May 2013
Merv Ritchie
How conflicted is Carol Leclerc? Well if anyone in the Terrace region watched the approval process regarding Chances Casino they would have been exposed to psychopathic behaviour. And from all accounts trust and consistency is lacking in everything the Skeena Liberals do, unless one considers the dishonesty consistent.

One of Terraces finest citizens, Rich McDaniel, spearheaded and had implemented (while a City Councillor) a bylaw forbidding any Video Lottery Terminals within City limits. He knew the potential hazards to family life, the harm usually suffered by the children of the soon to be poverty stricken parents who succumb to the mesmerizing, addictive effects of these gaming machines.

Sadly Rich McDaniel passed away while still holding his seat on Terrace Council. David Pernarowski (now mayor) won McDaniels seat in a by-election and was financed in his election bid by the local bingo palace principals. That was when Chances was suddenly added as an agenda debate at City Council. The problem was the issue could not even be debated as the bylaw to forbid gaming machines took precedence.

The crux of the issue came down to one simple decision. To discuss the application the McDaniel bylaw would have to be voted down. There was another major hotel complex which wanted to purchase land from the City near the Sande Overpass and build a major hotel and gambling enterprise just like the one on the junction of Highway 16 and 97 in Prince George. They too needed a gaming licence to complete this proposal but only one would be allowed in the City of Terrace.

Councillor Brad Pollard argued he would like the opportunity to discuss and investigate the two proposals and as a Councillor and a member of Council they could not officially even debate the issue as it was against the bylaw already in place.

He voted to remove the bylaw so such a debate could take place.

Carol Leclerc on the other hand argued against removing the bylaw arguing McDaniel was correct in his assertion the gaming machines were bad for society. She voted against removing the bylaw.

The Council was split 3 to 4 in favour of removing the by-law. Now they could discuss the competing proposals.

However, immediately following this vote to remove McDaniels anti-gaming machine by-law, Council was presented with the Chances Gaming application for the Lucky Dollar Bingo Palace.

Pollard reasonably argued now that the bylaw is gone he would like to take the time and opportunity to investigate all the potential options, now that they legally could. He voted against the application for Chances.

LeClerc however demonstrated her complete inability to connect the dots revealing her willingness to compromise her own integrity. She argued how great a guy the owner was and thought if anyone should get the licence, he should. He is a great guy, to be sure, but this smacks of political patronage, something the Liberal Party of BC excels at. Leclerc would fit in well.

Pollard never got the opportunity to debate the potential new Hotel Complex as Leclerc nixed the entire venture in the bud by doing an about face on gaming. First she didnít want it and then less than ten minutes later it was all okay. If this thinking is okay by you then by all means vote for her. Iíll vote for someone I can trust to be consistent, whether I like the policies or not. What I canít take is a psycho.

Read about the March 13, 2008 Council debate and the arguments put forward by clicking here This- above all else - is a must read on Carol Leclerc

But wait, thereís more! Leclercís campaign manager once again for the Liberals, is Lael McKeown, another well known business personality. Not so well known, is she was forced to resign as the Liberal Association President due to a financing scandal exposed by the Tyee in April 2005. Read about it HERE. Yes that was when Roger Harris was the candidate, the same guy who was VP of Enbridge Northern Gateway and is now President of the Kalum Quarry, tricking the Indians out of their lands. (These guys just don't quit!)

And yet, sadly, even more - Chances was exposed by Sean Holman for funding the Liberal Party in a backdoor money funnelling scheme. Read the report HERE And then it was covered by the Tyee. Read about it HERE The owner openly admitted how he personally paid money to the Liberals and got reimbursed by the Casino. It hid the fact that Casinos were funding the Liberal Party. This is all the same game of corruption the Mafia was well known for across the United States. Today it is happening in BC and Carol Leclerc, wittingly or unwittingly is complicit.

Maybe some have yet to read about the mob infiltration of BC back in the late 1980's

So, it comes as no surprise to us we received the same idiotic representation of trust within the Liberal ranks with this email message and News Release from the NDP Campaign Office.


Some Kitimat or Terrace commuters might wonder why they only see one political parties plastic signs on the highway between Kitimat and Terrace.

At the start of the provincial election the Robin Austin NDP campaign contacted the other candidates with a proposal. To refrain from the use of small plastic lawn signs on highway 37 between Kitimat and Terrace.

The small plastic lawn signs often end up on the side of the road, by wind, vehicle traffic, etc. People don't like them. The Environment does not like them.

The proposal was made Thursday April 18th. The Conservatives agreed. The Liberals did not respond.

On Monday April 22st, over 30 plastic lawn signs were planed between Kitimat and Terrace.

When the Liberal's were contacted to determine if they did not agree with the proposal, they explained the signs were put up by an overzealous volunteer, and did agree that the proposal was a good idea.

On Tuesday April 23rd the Liberal's campaign manager agreed (see email below).

They said they needed some time, but "We are tracking all signs and will have them all removed"

The NDP and Conservatives have patiently waited, hoping the Liberals would keep their promise.

The email of today (Thursday May 2 11am) below shows they have not... and will not.... keep their commitment to the environment. The same commitment the other candidates have made.

While this election will not be won or lost by lawn signs along a highway, this story does say something about leadership and keeping promises. Both critical things the Liberal's have shown by this example they lack in Skeena.

Skeena NDP will keep its pledge to the environment and this agreement.

Tue 23/04/2013 8:55 PM Gord Lechner wrote:

Hi Val

Nice to meet you tonight at the PTI meeting

Just to confirm my understanding:

There will be agreement to refrain from using plastic lawn signs along the highway 37 route between kitimat and terrace

Large wooden 4x4 signs ok

The current lawn signs along the 37 route will be removed and used for other purposes, within 24 to 36 hours

Perhaps highway 16 east and west can follow the same protocol?

Municipal boundaries 'fair game', For lack of a better word

Any observances outside of these parameters will be brought to each others attention.

Fyi, I have spoken to Mr Broussau (sp?) On Friday. He is in agreement. I will confirm.

Thanks Val

Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Gord Lechner wrote:

Hi Val.

I will need some sort of conformation of this agreement below.

I am getting calls that signs are still up, and some very anxious people wanting to counter them.

It would be very unfortunate if this plan does not work out.

Can you give me an idea of your groups plans.


Thursday, April 25, 2013 01:33 PM Val Gauvin wrote

Hi Gord,

We have met and have agreed not to post any additional small (2x2) signs on the highways (16 & 37) However, our volunteer time is limited and we will not be able to commit to have the existing signs removed in the next week. We are tracking all signs and will have them all removed.


Thu 02/05/2013 11:01 AM Val Gauvin wrote:

Hi Gord,

Further to your conversation with Lynn last night. Our agreement was that we would not put out more signs on the highways which we have honored and that we would try and remove the ones that were up. After meeting with our team we have decided that our efforts are better spent moving the campaign forward and we will be taking the signs down after the election.

You are welcome to do what you choose with your signs.


Val Gauvin