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CONTRIBUTION · 2nd May 2013
WC Natives News

Canada will be raiding bank accounts to take people’s money. Just like the way the Corporation of Canada passed a statute making itself the trustee of our ever growing $70.5 trillion Indian Trust Fund.

The wealth of Canadians, all created by genocide and theft of our natural resources, will be plundered by the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada, the bankers.

It’s in the new budget, “Economic Action Path 2013”.

It will be a bail-in regime condoned by the IMF and the World Bank, for banks in Canada “to big to fail”. This was planned before the Cyprus bank’s run on people’s accounts, which was a test run. The Indian Trust Fund, the largest savings account in the world that has been robbed, is the first example of savings theft.

The public turned away when we demanded our savings. Now they’re coming after your trust fund.

Banks will be designed to fail.

The law will allow private bank accounts to be pilfered by “systematically important banks”.

The genocide system created these banks. Banks will now be able to take extreme risks and lose deposits to save themselves. These are their assets and are permanent losses. Politicians favor taking up to 80% of deposits so they don’t have to raise taxes.

Parents may even be expected to support their children in the military to enforce the new bail-in regime. Harper said Canada was a “benign dictatorship”.

Now this bill is making it overt.

Checks may not be cashed. Direct deposits only. Withdrawals of $5,000 to $200,000 will be reviewed by a committee. Special approval will be needed to withdraw.

Only limited amounts can be taken out of the country.

When the SHTF, community trust coops are currently safer. Watch out when the bank gives you a pen or a toaster to soften you up. New World Order bankers are desperately trying to cling to their corrupt global base. Pilfering people’s bank accounts can’t put their ship right.

Their ship is on the high seas with a full sail and no rudder. It will end up on the rocks. Be careful when you’re invited into the bank vault where the torture chamber is hidden.

They’ve already filched our savings out of our Indian Trust Funds. Now they’re coming after yours.

Welcome to the reservation!


Comment by Paul Repstock on 4th May 2013
That is right Cynthia!
All of these government changes to our Laws are weapons, and eventually they will be used. It is the nature of government to control and suppress citizens. Assuming the right to take our money is one way to do this.

We must all begin to work together to strengthen our own communities. That is our best defence against total enslavement.
If you do not believe this, take a carefull look at Greece. The entire country is being sold by the politicians.
No one is going to believe this until it happens to them....
Comment by Cynthia Wunderlich (Nelson) on 3rd May 2013
Then it will be too late...In one way, I can't wait to hear the mainstream society curse and moan how they have been unjustly robbed and oppressed! My dream job is driving the Karma Bus!