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NEWS RELEASE · 5th May 2013
Christy Clark Ducking the Tough Questions in Vancouver-Point Grey

With just days to go until election day, Christy Clark continues to duck debates in her home riding of Vancouver-Point Grey and deny voters the chance to pose her tough questions about key riding issues.

Since Ms. Clark is in Vancouver-Point Grey today, maybe she can answer some of the questions voters have been asking the various stand-ins she’s been sending to local debates.

• Why has she failed to say where she stands on Kinder Morgan’s plans to dramatically expand oil tanker traffic and put our beaches and coast at risk?

• Why has she failed to take a stand on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline?

• Why has she failed to deliver on the ban on cosmetic pesticides like she said she would during the Vancouver-Point Grey byelection?

• Why did she fail to work with all interested parties, across party lines, to fight to keep the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base open?

• Why has she failed to support the internationally-recognized Therapeutics Initiative at UBC, which helps to protect British Columbians and keep drug prices low?

• Why are there ongoing questions about BC Liberal campaign volunteers making it difficult for UBC students to vote?

• Why has she failed to attend a single debate in the by-election or this election?

The BC Liberals don’t deserve to be rewarded for their record of taking Vancouver-Point Grey residents for granted. It’s time for a change.
I'm usually at Timmy's downtown...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 8th May 2013
...most mid-mornings with the rest of the crew. Mind you once in a while we get into it there too.
Comment by James Ippel on 8th May 2013
You and I will have to get together sometime and over a cup of coffee we can discuss the RCMP Aux Police, and the dealings of Chief Supt. Murray Johnston.
I am sure you will find it interesting, along with some other facts.
I am not going to discuss these here, because in the words of Merv I am a Neandrathal-meaning I don't know sh!t from stink.
As for the rest of you anonymous posters-are you to scared to put your name where your mouth is??
By Merv's own word: comments must include name, address, etc., identity withheld by request only if release will cause personal harm. My question to you is: Do you have a questionable past that may incite someone to take you to task, knowing who you are? Just an honest question, most of us post our names and endure the insults thrown at us.
Maybe Merv should review his list of anonymous posters, and revamp it, or you should come clean and identify yourselves.
Ed - we didn't make this up
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 7th May 2013
Comment by ed braun on 7th May 2013
I don't understand what you mean by "no redskin zone". By redskin I presume you are referring to natives, and I see them downtown all the time.
Thanks Merv/others
Comment by James Ippel on 7th May 2013
You say we must remain polite, and no name calling, yet you can call me a Neandrathal because I stated my opinion and thoughts.
Have a good day.
Come on folks...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th May 2013 nice!
Thank You Merv
Comment by Flex on 6th May 2013
Oh how long I have waited to see someone tell off James Ippell.

He will now have a good cry and whine about this while all this time he would personally attack anyone who supports the NDP.

Lucky for us people like dinosaurs eventually die off and old hicks like James will fade away to the dust bin of history except in James case the only thing of his that might be seen in a museum is a list of his viewpoints and ideals that people will laugh at in the future and say gee did people really think like that.

David Eby and the 'Small Town Justice' report
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 6th May 2013
Terrace was singled out with a full 20 pages when all other communities barely got two pages. And this report on Terrace was a compilation of events and stories from dozens of people. We attended the events and assisted others who were abused to report to the BCCLA. Terrace is one of the most abusive communities in Canada. Not just by the RCMP but by almost every political organization. Even the Anti-Poverty association was targeted as were the Gay rights community. Indians are despised as are those who suffer from fetal alcohol.

Our new Mayor, the guy who started the "No Red Skin Zone" with the downtown patrol with former Inspector Eric Stubbs, created this blight on Terrace.

Eby simply reported on the reality, the truth. People like James wish to pretend the reality is a fantasy and like Christy Clark present a fantasy as a reality.

Read the report here;

As all politicians know people have no memories.

Terrace is still a community that belongs in the deep south, or the mid west in 1960. It is time to grow up and face a truth. Many people are evolved and most seem to be dinosaurs.

James appears to still be a Neanderthal.

Point grey nimby
Comment by Terry on 6th May 2013
Perhaps point grey is finally realizing that in the event of an oil spill . Their beaches would be ground zero and they would be breathing the fumes from the clean up chemicals and the oil left in the sand for decades to come . The prevailing winds and tides are not their friends and either is cristy crunch . The sewage out flow is bad enough . If they elect libs .they deserve everything they get. Like falling property values . David Eby has kinder Morgan on his side . Tar ,condensate , cristy or David and breathable air . Easy choice .
After shaking my head ...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 6th May 2013
... Jim, I found this quite easily. You could have done the same before making your comment. Maybe you should be angry with the RCMP brass who initiated the change.

"Part 2: The Auxiliary Police become a manpower threat.
During the mid 1990's, the extremely valuable public safety initiative of Auxiliary Policing suddenly evolved into a manpower threat for the police.
It began in 1996 when the BC Government advised BC RCMP Command that provincial funding for the BC Auxiliary Police Program would be downloaded to BC municipalities. Documents released through Freedom and Access to Information programs show that this prompted BC RCMP Command to develop a strategy to contain and control Auxiliary Policing. 
The RCMP feared that, left unchecked, BC municipalities would use the Auxiliary Police Program to transform the delivery of policing services in British Columbia to parallel the approach of BC’s Fire Departments - i.e. a core group of full time personnel supplemented by volunteers who would be called out as needed. BC RCMP Command believed that by disarming (and then redefining the role and duties of the Auxiliary Constable) under the guise of training/safety/liability issues, prior to the planned downloading of financial responsibility, they could prevent this transformation in the delivery of policing services from occurring.

These facts were originally documented in a July 1996 report to the RCMP’s Division Management Committee for British Columbia.  It said: “There exists an ever increasing demand from the detachments to sign on more and more auxiliary members. . . Rumblings are beginning to surface about allowing municipalities to fund the cost of their own auxiliary members. This should be resisted as it is feasible that our contract partners may opt to provide excessive numbers of auxiliary members in lieu of increased regular member establishment as a cost savings to the municipality. . . We run the risk of evolving into an organization that parallels most fire departments, i.e. a few fulltime employees supplemented by volunteers who are called out as needed.”

(Source: Division Executive Committee Submission, July 16, 1996, Title: Auxiliary Constables - Program Reorganization, Sponsoring Member: C/Supt. M. J. Johnston; OIC Operational Support Branch; page 4.) "

If Aux. RCMP could not carry handguns, they would not be in a position to replace RCMP constables. Do you think it might have been a way for the RCMP brass to ensure that did not happen? Do you think it might also have been a way to prevent Aux. RCMP to be exposed to violence involving firearms? Do you think maybe that is why this government never changed it back?

For Jim.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 6th May 2013
I commented on your statement that she was "the best person for the job". One needs to know the facts and Rafe has always been his own person much to the chagrin of politicians of all stripes.

As to support for the RCMP, I note that 12 years of this government has not reintroduced the practice of auxiliary police packing handguns. How did the BC Liberals vote on that when it came up? There must have been reason but you don't address it or simply don't agree with. Perhaps tell me why it has not been reintroduced .

As for David Eby, I don't know the man , except who he is and I don't even know what drives him. If he feels a needs to work to protect the civil rights of people, that in my book rates higher than someone who repeatedly lies about the provinces finances or who spends our money on advertising fluffy messages to the tune of $30 million in two years. Fact is I can't vote for either one, they won't be on the ballot.

I often give my head a shake in the sense that I read a little more. Sometimes I reach the conclusion that it is not I that needs to give my head a shake. Heavens I was only quoting Rafe who used to give the NDP a pretty good drubbing back in the 90's. Maybe somebody gave his head a shake?
Just for you Helmut
Comment by James Ippel on 6th May 2013
I do not question your findings, or maybe even your numbers, after all you are an expert with numbers having been a Math Teacher. I was commenting on the individual who is opposing Ms Clark in her riding. In my opinion he does not have a stellar reputation, and you conventiently sidestepped the issue I brought up. In my opinion Mr Eby and the BCCLU had an agenda, and that was to make the RCMP look bad. I will again state that he, and the Terrace Standard accepted the comments of one very vocal First Nations women and blew them out of proportion. Neither took the time to check the background of this individual, or check the credibility of comments rendered. Had either done so, I am sure that the things printed in the media would have been a whole lot different.
While on the subject, I must in all honesty, question your support of the RCMP. I go back to the time that the NDP Gov't took it upon themselves to disarm the RCMP Aux. Police. This group were there to "compliment" the officers of the RCMP, and by being armed, and extremely well trained were suddenly left without the ability to defend themselves. I distinctly remember talking to you about this subject and remember verbal support from you, but only that. I do not remember you coming out and supporting the Aux. Police on any media in the province. Just to refresh your memory on this subject, BC lost approximately 1,100 out of 1,500 volunteers within 2 weeks of this annoucement. 1,100 volunteers at an average of 200 volunteer hours a year is a lot of manyears.
I personnaly believe that the RCMP Aux Program has never recouvered to this day.
Have a good day.
David Eby
Comment by david dickinson on 6th May 2013
Without people like David Eby, our society would devolve into anarchy and random violence against the police would be the way complaints against the police are handled. David Eby represents the public interest and the rule of law. David Eby is my hero.
Just for Jim.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 6th May 2013
From the Tyee website here is a short excerpt from an article by Rafe Mair and I quote: "On the side of the Christy Clark bus are the words "Debt Free BC."

This could mean one of two things - we are now debt-free or we will be. Either way, this statement stands as the all-time whopper in B.C. history and that covers a hell of a lot of territory.

I do not rely on politically-oriented think tanks for my information, rather noted independent economist Erik Andersen. If you add the $70 Billion in direct debt projected in Clark's latest Budget to secret "taxpayer obligations" relating to private power contracts and public-private partnership (P3) infrastructure deals, you get - wait for it - over $170 BILLION, that's with a "B".

By that measure, what is important to know about the debt is that in 2001, when the Liberals took over, every man, woman and child owed a shade over $8,000. Today we each owe $40,000 - five times what we owed before this so-called business-oriented, fiscally careful bunch of cheats and hypocrites took over.

No matter how you crunch the numbers, the NDP governments in their decade look like misers and skinflints next to this bunch." end of quote. There is a lot more. Check it out.
Her own person.
Comment by James Ippel on 5th May 2013
In my opinion, anyone who would stoop so low as to vote for David Eby, is a candidate for a 30 day Physc Remand.
Remember how he slamdunked the RCMP in Terrace on his pathfinding mission a few years ago? In my opinion he based his findings largely on the evidence provided by one individual. Even the Terrace Standard printed this persons drivel. Had either of them done a background check on this individual, I am sure that they would have disregarded this persons rantings out of hand.
Now you want to vote for a person who did'nt get his facts straight when ge tried his best to crucify the RCMP? Give your head a shake.
Christy Clark may have her faults, but she is still the best Candidate for the JOB.
Because she is a harper lacky
Comment by Terry on 5th May 2013
If we turf her out . She'll be going to the senate or some other position like the lacky Campbell .