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NEWS RELEASE · 5th May 2013
The BC Liberal “Fact-Free BC” campaign today is promising that if they’re elected they’ll make parents wait until 2024 before receiving any help with the high costs of education.

FACT: The BC Liberal plan is a one-time $1,200 RESP grant that would be available to qualifying families starting in 2024.

FACT: The BC NDP plan helps students and children now, and doesn’t force parents to wait until 2024.

FACT: The BC NDP would repurpose resources from the BC Liberal plan to increase the number of childcare spaces and to save BC families $2,000 per year on childcare starting now, not in 2024.

FACT: To help post-secondary education students, the BC NDP will introduce needs-based grants available to qualifying students, not just once, but each and every year of study. And not in 2024 - Now !

The choice in this campaign has never been clearer: more of the same from the BC Liberals means parents wait until 2024 to get help. Change for the better means BC parents get help now.
carrots and wabbits
Comment by Catherine on 6th May 2013
They don't think - That's the point - if you believe the magic wabbits you might get a carrot but not fill in the blanks. Sounds like blackmail and smells like bullshit.
Carrot on a verrry long stick
Comment by Karen on 6th May 2013
2024?! Wow, that carrot is guarranteed not to last given BC will experience at least 3 elections by then. What are the Liberals thinking?