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NEWS RELEASE · 6th May 2013
BC Conservative Party
BC Conservatives condemn Clark Liberal Government paying First Nation to round up wild horses for auction at 'meat prices'

The BC Conservatives released a statement today, condemning the Christy Clark Liberal government for paying a Chilcotin First Nation $73,000, part of which was paid to round up and sell 14 wild horses for meat at auction.

"$73,000 is more than an average BC family brings home in a year, and yet the Clark Liberals have no problem throwing part of that money around just to round up 14 wild horses and sell them for meat," said John Cummins, Leader of the BC Conservatives. "It's outrageous, and frankly I think British Columbians are getting sick and tired of paying for one Liberal outrage after another."

The project was meant to be a moose-enhancement program, with the suggestion that the wild horses were infringing on the moose food supply and territory. However, research in the area shows that there is little competition between horses and moose for food. One local biologist stated he "did not observe any signs of significant habitat overlap and competition."

"I question why these horses had to be slaughtered, let alone used for food," said Cummins.

The BC Conservatives are the only party committed to getting BC back to basics by spending smarter, balancing the budget, and creating high paying jobs for British Columbians.
non issue
Comment by Catherine on 6th May 2013
Funny how liberals always view their deeds as non issues. Maybe for them they are. The rest of us quite frankly are sick of their deeds! BC Railgate, HST, Ethnic Gate, Woodygate, Bollywoodgate....see a pattern here??????
Whites or non-whites...
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 6th May 2013
Whether it be whites or non-whites....some one please explain to me that rounding up a mere 14 feral horses was worth an entire family's ANNUAL salary of $78,000 with two working parents in the mix.

Not even hog hunters on TV get that amt of cash rounding up feral hogs!

That's 12 months of work, people. You when our child is 7 years of age.. and we don't finish the job of bringing in the horses until they turn '8' twelve months later... while supposedly working on the same horse-rounding project all that time in efforts to round up a mere 14 horses?!

So let's see....14 feral horses. In efforts to earn the $78.000....the peeps spend ( we go)...month after month after month after month after month after month after month after month after month after month after month after month (is that 12 months yet, for peeps to deserve that annual salary?)

Get my drift?

Again....where is the horsemeat? I wouldn't mind tasting that myself.
How a non-issue becomes an issue
Comment by david dickinson on 6th May 2013
Well, surprise, surprise. John Cummins is outraged that First Nations are receiving govt money to round up wild horses. He wouldn't be complaining if non-natives were contracted to do this.
Comment by maggiejo johnson on 6th May 2013
If PART of the $73,000 was to be used to round up a mere 14 feral horses...then where did the 'other' part of the money go? As we all know...$73,000 is a year's worth of work for a typical family unit! Not sure how rounding up 14 feral horses could possibly cost an annual family's salary.

And then the horse meat was sold for meat? So...uh...where did the money go when the meat was sold? Was the meat all sold 'under the table' ???

And where the heck is the horse meat anyway? I wouldn't mind trying some myself!